Highest Paid jobs in Australia 2023/2024 | Latest Vacancies – See List

There are quite a number of high-paying jobs in Australia that many graduates and even undergraduates are not aware of. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, you might have a change of career when you see these highest paid professions in Australia with their average salary.

Even without a degree, there are some highest paying jobs you can apply for and still get employed. Whether you want an in-office job in Australia that pays well or a remote job in Australia, we have a list of the latest high-demand professions in Australia both of foreigners and residents.

The Australian tax office has revealed Australia’s highest paid occupation with the average salary for each according to the Australian Bureau of statistics. From the list, you can decide which sector or profession you intend to go for.

Highest Paid jobs in Australia

List of top 20 highest paying jobs in Australia

In no particular order, the following are high demand professions you can find anywhere in Australia and their average salary:

  1. Anaesthetists: Average salary $192,816
  2. Finance Director: Average salary $166,068
  3. General surgeon: Average salary $160,000
  4. Chief executive officer: Average salary $155,631
  5. Senior information technology (IT) project Manager: Average salary $143,463
  6. Director of operations: Average salary $143,463
  7. Python Developer: Average salary $126,436
  8. Psychiatrist: Average salary $125,762
  9. Senior Lawyer: Average salary $124,759
  10. Wellbeing Manager: Average salary $123,510
  11. System Architect: Average salary $120,668
  12. Mining Engineer: Average salary $120,001
  13. Orthodontist: Average salary $111,903
  14. Cyber security Engineer: Average salary $95,000
  15. Data scientist: Average salary $92,450
  16. Commercial pilot: Average salary $91,713
  17. Surgeon: Average salary $394,303
  18. Consulting and strategy: Average salary $126,000
  19. Accounting company secretaries: Average salary $128,641
  20. Financial dealers: Average salary $261,008


What to consider when applying for a job in Australia

As a graduate or undergraduate, you should take the following criteria into consideration when applying for a profession in Australia:

  • Flexibility of the job
  • The culture of the company
  • The income you will receive
  • Some educational opportunities
  • Stability of the job

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