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Are you looking for best recruitment agencies in Italy? Recruitment agencies are very important and useful for job seekers who just travelled to Italy and are not familiar with the environment but want to settle and work in Italy.

Most migrants to Italy often ask questions like; can I work in Italy without Italian? How can a foreigner get a job in Italy?

Italy is a very beautiful country with its beautiful capital Rome which houses the Vatican and a lot of landmark arts. This country can we access through land, sea or air, it is a dream destination to many immigrants to Europe who are looking for jobs.

This article will provide information about top recruitment agencies in Italy. It will also explain how a foreigner can get jobs without speaking Italian.

What is a recruitment agency

A recruitment agency is a firm that is paid to find suitable workers for other companies or organization. They’re often task by the employer to find the best candidate to fit in to any vacant positions in their company or organization.

In Italy they’re many of this recruitment agencies and they play a useful role in placing foreigners into jobs opportunities.

Can I work in Italy without Italian?

If you want to settle and work in Italy I would suggest you try to learn the basics of Italian language.

In Italy 93% of the population are native speakers out of which only 10% to 15% speak English so it’s highly recommended to learn the language to do a job in Italy and to manage the day to day activities. To avoid being dependent on somebody for the translation always.

The chances of getting a job in Italy without a local language completely depends on what kind of work you are comfortable doing.

If you are looking for jobs in the corporate sector and jobs that bring you good recognition career wise and money it’s definitely difficult as the recruiter demands you have the Language skill in order to communicate with you and your colleagues.

Without basic Italian it is difficult to find a job in Italy. So I would advise you to learn the language as its requirement to survive in the country and try to stay in Metropolitan cities like Rome, Milan, Torino as many people speak English and have higher chances to find part time jobs.


Tips to get a job in Italy as a foreigner

  • Research your opportunities: keep your mind open to all job opportunities in Italy. Your own self set standards shouldn’t follow.
  • Build a network by attending Meetings relevant to your field or profession. It will be easier get a job if you have a good professional network.
  • Start applying for jobs online. To do this you have to do proper research to find jobs suitable for your educational skills and abilities.
  • Apply to recruitment agencies. One of the easiest way to get a job is by applying through recruitment agencies. This agency help find a suitable job for you according to your capability.
  • Start learning the basics of Italian language. You will find more opportunities if you’re able to speak Italian.

Top recruitment agencies in Italy for foreigners

The list below consists of mostly of top International recruitment agencies. These agencies have great reviews from their users making them a good choice for foreigners seeking jobs in Italy.

1. Antal International
Antal International is a recruitment agency that specializes in the search and selection of middle and senior management profiles for their client companies. For more insight visit their site

Contact Details

Piazzale Cadorna, Milan Italy
Phone: +39028060601

2. Amrop
Amrop Italy is one of the leading leadership consulting firm in Italy. This firm provide professional services management assessment, Coaching, and HR consulting. Industries they specialize in include: Consumer & Retail, Digital, Energy & Infrastructure, Financial Services, Industrial Services, Life Sciences, and Professional Services.

Contact Details

Address: Corso Venezia 37 Milan, Italy
Phone number: +39068070858

3. Hays Italy
Hays is an international recruitment agency and they specialize on temporary and permanent employment. Sectors they specialize in include: Banking & Insurance, Construction & Property, Accounting & Finance, Digital & New media, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Marketing, Oil & Gas, Operations & Supply Chain, Retail, Sales, Tax & Legal.

Contact Details

Address: Corso Italia,13 Milano, 20122
Phone number: 02888931

4. Gi Group
Gi Group is a recruitment agency that specializes in the following areas: Temporary, permanent, and professional staffing work, Research and selection, executive search, outsourcing, formation, relocation support, and HR Consulting.

Contact Details

Address: Piazza IV Novembre, 5 20124 Milan
Phone: 02444111

5. Manpower Italy
It is an American recruitment agency and they offer several services like research, temporary, and permanent employment, and consulting services. They have 21 locations in Italy and their areas of specialization include Pharma, Logistics, and Office.

6. Michael Page Italy
Michael Page is one of the top recruitment agencies in the world. Their areas of specialization include Banking & Financial Services, Digital & New media, Engineering & Manufacturing, Fashion, Finance & Accounting,n Resources, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Information Resources, Information Technology, Insurance, Marketing, Oil & Gas, Procurement & Supply chain, Property & Construction, Sales, Retail, Tax & Legal.

Contact Details

Address: Galleria Passarella 2
20122 Milano MI
Phone number: 0039028068001

7. Randstad Italy
Randstad is a recruitment agency that provides numerous services to both their clients and job seekers. Their areas of specialization include finance & administration, retail, office, construction, logistics, banking & insurance, hospitality, tech and food, medical, and pharma.

8. Adecco Italy
Adecco is one of the best recruitment agencies in the world. They focus on areas like commercial, sales, and marketing, medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific, production, industry, and logistics, legal, financial, insurance, banking, HR, purchasing, secretariat, and call center

9. Adami Associates
Adami Associates is a recruitment agency that specializes in the search and selection of qualified personnel in Italy. Their areas of focus include banking & finance, chemical, and pharmaceutical field, construction, legal, and tax, logistics, transport, and shipping, luxury, and fashion, sales, and marketing, oil and gas

Many people have fallen for scams from people pretending to be recruitment agencies in Italy. A recruitment agency will not ask you for money or any of your financial details like; information about your credit card or whatever. They’re paid by the employer already. Before you apply to recruitment agency make sure you do proper research on their credibility.

If there is any more questions regarding the Recruitment Agencies in Italy for foreigners, kindly use the comment sections below.

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