PRIVACY’s privacy policy is in its simplest format. It relates to its users that every bit of information they give here on this platform is of extreme importance. Here, users will get to know what type of information we collect and how that information is used and protected

What information do we collect and how? assures, users, that the information collected here is safe, important, and necessary. These data collected here include
Contact information: Users are asked to provide their email address and phone number so that they can access some services
Name and password

How the information is collected

Jobminda is transparent on what it uses the data of its users gotten here on this site. This information, it provides services to users efficiently. It also serves as a means of identification and a way of responding to questions and comments made

How information is stored and protected

Each user has a password to protect sensitive information relayed by the users. Jobminda puts its users first and does everything possible to give maximum protection

Use of cookies

Jobminda uses cookies to store information given by users. Google which is a third party uses cookies to present ads on and we have no control over ads issued by third parties. You can read more about it here – more general information on cookies, please read “What Are Cookies”.

Opt-out policy

It is the decision of every user to decide whether to opt out of any of our services

Company contact information

You can connect with us:

To get more information about services or this privacy policy, please contact us at or Use the Contact form provided on the contact page.