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Are you are healthcare professional? Are you looking for a new opportunity in a beautiful and mountainous country with a high standard of living? Andorra, a small principality nestled in the Pyrenees, offers a unique blend of Catalan culture, stunning landscapes, and a highly efficient healthcare system.

As a healthcare professional, you know the importance of delivering quality care to patients. Andorra’s healthcare system, managed by the Andorran Health Care Service (SAAS) and regulated by the Andorran Social Security Fund (CASS), is considered one of the best in the world. With a growing demand for specialized skills, Andorra offers a range of job opportunities for healthcare professionals, from general practitioners to specialist doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and dentists.

In this article, we’ll explore the job opportunities available in Andorra’s healthcare sector, the qualifications and documents needed to work in the country, average salaries, and the working conditions for healthcare professionals. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, or allied health professional, Andorra offers a unique opportunity to advance your career while enjoying a high quality of life.

Demand for Healthcare Professionals in Andorra

The demand for healthcare professionals in Andorra is influenced by several factors. The Andorran healthcare system, managed by the Andorran Health Care Service (SAAS) and regulated by the Andorran Social Security Fund (CASS), is considered one of the best in the world. This high standard of care requires a competent and efficient workforce.

As healthcare continues to evolve, there is a growing demand for professionals with specialized skills. Areas such as geriatrics, mental health, and chronic disease management are expected to require healthcare professionals who possess comprehensive knowledge and expertise.

Moreover, the introduction of the Referring Physician in Andorra, aimed at improving access, efficiency, and coordination of medical care, indicates a potential demand for general practitioners or pediatricians

Jobs in healthcare in Andorra

Andorra has a highly efficient healthcare system, known as one of the best in the world. The system is managed by the Andorran Health Care Service (SAAS) and regulated by the Andorran Social Security Fund (CASS):

  1. General Practitioner (GP): GPs are primary care doctors who provide medical advice and treatment for a wide range of health issues.
  2. Specialist Doctors: There are specialists in many fields practicing throughout the country.
  3. Nurse: Nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare system. They provide care for patients and assist doctors in various medical procedures.
  4. Physiotherapist: Physiotherapy services are covered up to 75% by CASS, indicating a demand for physiotherapists.
  5. Dentist: Dental treatments have higher subsidies than neighboring countries, suggesting a need for dental professionals.

What kinds of qualifications are necessary to work in healthcare in Andorra?

To work in healthcare jobs in Andorra, foreign individuals must meet certain requirements12345. Here are the key qualifications and documents needed:

1. Residence Permit:

A valid residence permit is required to work legally in Andorra.

2. Employment Contract:

A valid employment contract with a company based in Andorra is crucial.

3. Academic Title Proof:

Proof of the applicant’s academic title, such as a diploma, is necessary.

4. Curriculum Vitae (CV):

The applicant must provide a copy of their CV detailing their professional experience.

5. Legal Documents:

The following documents are required:

  • Original and photocopy of your valid passport.
  • Certificate of criminal records (police report) of your country of origin, no longer than 3 months old.
  • Document showing proof of accommodation.
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable).

6. Medical Examination Certificate:

A certificate of medical examination and its corresponding consent is required.

Andorra’s healthcare job salaries

The salaries for healthcare jobs in Andorra can vary significantly based on the role, qualifications, and experience of the individual. Here are some average monthly salaries for healthcare roles in Andorra:

  1. Doctors: Doctors in Andorra can earn between €4,300 and €6,300 per month.
  2. Nurses: Nurses typically earn between €2,800 and €4,300 per month, depending on their level of specialization and experience.
  3. Nursing Average Salaries: A person working in Nursing in Andorra typically earns around €3,660. Salaries range from €2,420 (lowest average) to €7,040 (highest average).

Are English-speaking healthcare professionals in demand in Andorra?

Yes, English-speaking healthcare professionals are in demand in Andorra. The country’s healthcare system is highly developed and offers a wide range of services. Many healthcare professionals in Andorra speak at least some level of English. However, being a small country, not all healthcare services are available locally. In such cases, patients often travel to Barcelona or Toulouse for treatment.

Moreover, there is a global shortage of healthcare workers, and this trend is expected to continue into the future. A professionally qualified healthcare worker is always in demand, and you can work from any country in the world, provided you meet certain requirements.

What are the working conditions for healthcare professionals in Andorra?

Healthcare in Andorra is public with a co-payment in terms of financing, but it is managed privately and publicly through agreements to which all health professionals can adhere. Here are some key points about the working conditions for healthcare professionals in Andorra:

  1. Healthcare System: The Andorran healthcare system is known as one of the best in the world. It is managed by the Andorran Health Care Service (SAAS) and regulated by the Andorran Social Security Fund (CASS).
  2. Coverage: More than 90% of Andorra inhabitants are protected by social security. CASS covers accidents in neighboring countries in France, Portugal, and Spain.
  3. Co-payment System: Healthcare in Andorra operates through a co-payment system with a full subsidy for the most disadvantaged. In most cases, CASS reimburses the unsubsidized amount with percentages applied.
  4. Referring Doctors: One of the novelties of the Andorran healthcare system is the referring family doctor, to improve access, efficiency, and coordination of medical care.
  5. Work-Life Balance: With a small but functional hospital to support the population and a generous social security system that covers up to 100% of medical expenses, the tiny Principality of Andorra manages to beat most major developed countries in access and treatment of healthcare and life expectancy


What are the licensing requirements for foreign healthcare workers?

Foreign healthcare workers who wish to work in Andorra must meet certain requirements. Here are the key steps and documents needed:

1. Residence Permit:

To work legally in Andorra, it is necessary to obtain a residence permit. This can be either permanent or temporary.

2. Work Offer:

There must be a quota available for the activity to be performed. A legally constituted Andorran company must offer work in a specific activity.

3. Domicile:

You must have a domicile in the Principality.

4. Documentation:

The following documents are required:

  • Application for immigration authorization for active residents.
  • Original and copy of valid passport.
  • Certificate of criminal record of the country of origin and residence in case of living in another country.
  • Affidavit of criminal record.
  • The document that accredits the lodging.
  • Document proving marital status.
  • Curriculum vitae accompanied by diplomas and other documentation that accredits the professional qualification required for the performance of a profession.

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