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Visa sponsorship jobs in Brunei for foreigners 2023/2024! Do you intend to work and generate money in Asia? Are you a foreign national attempting to find employment abroad? Apply right away for Jobs In Brunei With Visa Sponsorship.

On the island of Borneo, in two separate portions, encircled by Malaysia and the South China Sea, sits the tiny republic of Brunei. Beaches and biodiverse rainforest, much of which is protected within reserves, are its most famous features.

With the appropriate paperwork, applying for an employment pass in Brunei may be a short procedure. However, before employment can start, businesses and overseas candidates must obtain the necessary approvals, which may be intimidating.

You will get to know the jobs in Brunei that sponsor visas for foreign nationals, the significance of job-sponsored visas, the conditions for getting Brunei Work Visas, and a whole lot more in this article.

Jobs in Brunei that sponsor visas for foreign nationals 2023/2024

In order to hire foreign nationals for labor or positions, a corporation or organization must sponsor their visas. They sponsor qualified foreigners who are living abroad. Any business or group may sponsor qualified foreign workers for employment.

The foreign worker’s assurance that he or she would remain in the country to work is accepted by the employer in Brunei. The employer must follow particular guidelines when sponsoring foreign nationals.

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Trade Finance Specialist
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Healthcare Account Manager
  • Product Operations Manager  
  • Consulting Analyst – Operations Transformation  
  • IT & Business Processes Automation Manager 
  • Consulting Analyst Program 
  • ProGrad – Software Developer  
  • Business Analyst
  • Junior Trader
  • Java Developer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Financial Controller
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Quality Administrator

Types of Work Visas in Brunei

For various purposes, Brunei offers a variety of work licenses and visas. The Business Visitor Visa (BVV) is a transit document that allows travelers to do business temporarily inside the nation. The BVV can be used by non-citizens for a variety of commercial functions, including meetings, contract discussions, and the purchasing and selling of items.

Members of APEC may visit Brunei for business purposes without a visiting visa if they have an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) authorized for Brunei.

People require an employment pass and a foreign worker license, or Lesen Pekerja Asing (LPA), for long-term employment and more involved tasks. Longer positions, such as technical work, project planning, and marketing, generally require employment passes. An individual must additionally apply for a Green Identity Card if they want to hold an employment pass for three months or longer.

A noncitizen must apply for a non-renewable Special Authorization Work Pass if they want to work in the oil, construction, or IT industries for shorter than a year (SAWP).

Conditions for Getting Brunei Work Visas

To apply for a work visa, applicants must present a variety of identity and legal papers, such as:

  • a passport and ID card in good standing.
  • documents required for the application procedure
  • a letter of application from you, the employer.
  • a copy of your employment permit.

Before your workers may apply for LPAs, you must receive clearance from specific government authorities. The application for an employment pass will then require the LPA.

Application Method

The application process for a work visa is lengthy and involves the LPA, an employment pass, and maybe an identity card. The permissions for an LPA will be the first step for applicants. You are accountable for gaining approval from Tabung Amanah Pekerja and confirmation from JobCentre Brunei (JCB) (TAP).

You should register with the Registry of Companies and Business Names as an employer and adhere to all employment policies for noncitizens. Then, it will be your workers’ responsibility to present papers like a current passport, authorization letters from the proper government departments, and a certificate of credentials.

The security deposit will be paid by either you or the employee, and you will get the LPA in two weeks. After the procedure is finished, your foreign employee can apply for an employment pass. They must submit the required paperwork for the job application and undergo the medical examination specified by the Ministry of Health.

Processing of employment passes typically takes five days. Once issued, the applicant’s pass is good for two years, and they are able to renew it as required. Workers must register with the national identity card system if they intend to work for more than three months.

Additional Crucial Points

Compared to other visas, the one required for foreign employees in the nation has a significantly shorter application period, and acceptance is frequently simple. However, as the Department of Labor and the Ministry of Home Affairs will conduct an inspection after the first permission, it is crucial to remember renewal dates and apply for an identification card.

Reason for hiring foreign workers

Companies occasionally employ foreign nationals due

  • To fill the post, they were unable to locate anyone in the nation.
  • The hiring decision may have been made because Brunei did not provide a skilled or suitable applicant for the post.


What is the significance of job-sponsored visas?

Anyone a foreign national who wishes to work in Brunei must look for employment that offers visa sponsorship. Any firm that hires a foreign worker will sponsor the employee. You won’t be able to work in the nation without a letter of sponsorship or job offer. The organization mails the crucial paperwork to the immigration agency. The sponsorship of the visa is significant because;

  • It will make it easier for you to get a Brunei work visa.
  • You must promise that you’ll work for their business or group.
  • One of the crucial papers needed for a work visa is the invitation letter or job offer letter.

In Brunei, there are positions available with visa sponsorship. You may apply for a variety of jobs in Brunei if you want to work there. You can migrate or stay in the nation for employment with the aid of visa sponsorship.

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