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Visa sponsorship jobs in Cape Verde for foreigners 2024/2025! There are many names for the Republic of Cabo Verde. It is sometimes referred to as Cape Verde or Cabo Verde. Whatever name you give this island country, it’s obvious that it provides a lot of chances for foreigners.

Unless you are a citizen of an ECOWAS country, you need a VISA to work in Cape Verde. Prior to applying, it is advised to find work there because your new company may frequently support your application.

 This website has a wealth of information, such as Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Cape Verde for Foreigners in 2024/2025, How to Get Sponsorship in Cape Verde, and the types of Work Visas in Cape Verde, and much more.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Cape Verde for foreigners 2024

For job seekers, Cape Verde is recognized as the ideal location. Although the nation of the archipelago has few large corporations, the lifestyle benefits are alluring. The tourism, healthcare, and education sectors all provide plenty of skilled employment opportunities.

In a lusophone country, you will need to speak Portuguese fluently in order to get employment. The country’s education and healthcare systems have improved as a result of its recent fast expansion.

  • Assistant Front Office Manager
  • Technicians
  • Junior Quantitative Analyst
  • Technical Assistant
  • Javascript Developer
  • Executive Sous Chef
  • Spa Manager

Types of Work Visas in Cape Verde

Like any other country, Cape Verde has specific procedures in place that foreign nationals must follow if they plan to visit. Citizens of several countries, including the United States, can travel to the country as tourists and stay for up to 30 days without a visa. Visa categories for longer stays include:

  • Visas for tourists: These visas allow the holder to stay in Cape Verde for up to 90 days, with a single extension option.
  • Visas for official, diplomatic, and courteous purposes: These visas permit repeated entry and a 30-day stay.
  • Transit visas: These visas enable visitors from other countries to pass through Cape Verde on route to another country. A transit visa is good for four days and can be extended once.
  • Temporary visas: This category of visa is available to foreign citizens who want to visit Cape Verde for a variety of reasons, including business travel, short-term employment, and other activities determined by immigration officials. There are both single-entry and multiple-entry visas.

Foreign nationals may also be granted a residency visa by Cape Verde under specific conditions, such as when they intend to work for a regional company.

Requirements to Obtain Cape Verde Work Visas

Foreign nationals must provide the following in order to get a resident and employment visa in Cabo Verde:

  • a current passport with a minimum of one blank page for the entrance stamp
  • a current passport photo a fully filled out application
  • a contract for employment with a Cape Verdean enterprise
  • evidence of lodging in Cape Verde
  • the cost of the visa

In order to get a complete and up-to-date list of visa requirements, applicants should get in touch with the nearest diplomatic mission. Visa requirements might differ from one embassy to another. A declaration of intent to depart Cape Verde once the employment contract expires or evidence of the applicant’s financial capability may be added requirements.

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Application Process

Foreign workers should find the closest Cape Verdean embassy or consulate to check the list of necessary papers before starting the visa application procedure. The next step is to compile the required documentation and finish the program.

Visa applications may be submitted in person at the embassy or by mail. The employee should wait for their visa to be approved in their country of residency after applying. Once the necessary authorities have given their approval, the employee may go to Cape Verde and start working.

Other Important Considerations

In many cases, visas in Cabo Verde are eligible for renewal if necessary. Employees should begin the renewal process before their visa expires so as to remain in the country without any issues.

How to get Sponsorship In Cape Verde

Look for Employers With Experience in Hiring Foreign Workers

Employers who have previously hired foreign employees are more inclined to do so than those who don’t have much background in the practice. Due to the complexity of immigration law, people might not even be aware of their alternatives. Some big businesses commit whole departments and in-house attorneys to hiring overseas labor.

A smaller firm, however, that has gone through the procedure before and done so effectively, could be interested in hiring foreign workers to satisfy their demands. Keep an eye out for companies promoting overseas. Additionally, review the business’s news releases or online biographies on recruiting foreign personnel.

Get in touch with Cape Verde Employers.

You need to contact employers that you think would be interested in hiring foreign employees after you’ve identified them. Utilize whatever contacts you may have and attempt to have the name of a particular individual at the employer to contact. There is no harm in sending your CV and an introduction letter even if there are no available positions. If a position has been advertised, pay close attention to the application instructions.

Make careful to study publications written in Cape Verde in the appropriate language and tone while you prepare your resume. You could even wish to have your CV reviewed and edited by a person from Cape Verde. Keep in mind that it will be up to you to convince the business that your abilities warrant the time and money it will need to invest in getting you a job in Cape Verde.

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