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If you’re a healthcare professional looking for a new opportunity in a beautiful Caribbean island setting, Dominica offers a range of healthcare job opportunities. From nurses and medical laboratory technicians to pharmacists and physical therapists, there are various roles available in Dominica’s healthcare sector.

With a growing emphasis on primary care and community health, Dominica is an exciting place to contribute to the country’s healthcare development while gaining valuable international experience. As a healthcare professional in Dominica, you’ll join a dedicated team working to improve the health and well-being of the population.

With a range of healthcare facilities, including the main hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, and various clinics, there are opportunities to work in different settings and make a real difference.

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Current healthcare job opportunities in Dominica

Here are some current healthcare job opportunities in Dominica:

  1. Nurse – Permanent contract in Roseau.
  2. Medical Office Representative – Internal Medicine at Dignity Health Medical Group.
  3. Housekeeper – Environmental Services at Dominican Oaks.
  4. Registered Nurse – Providing patient care and support in various healthcare settings.
  5. Medical Laboratory Technician – Conducting tests and analyses in medical laboratories.
  6. Pharmacist – Dispensing medications and advising patients on drug therapies.
  7. Physical Therapist – Assisting patients with rehabilitation and physical recovery.
  8. Radiologic Technologist – Operating imaging equipment for diagnostic purposes.
  9. Medical Doctor – Offering primary or specialized medical services to patients.
  10. Healthcare Administrator – Managing operations within healthcare facilities.

What qualifications are required for healthcare jobs in Dominica?

Depending on the function and the company, different credentials may be needed for healthcare jobs in Dominica; nevertheless, the following general qualifications are frequently requested:

1. Educational Requirements:

A relevant degree in the healthcare field is typically required. For example, a Bachelor’s degree for technical roles such as Health Management & Information Systems.

2. Experience:

Previous experience in the healthcare sector can be crucial. Some positions may require a minimum number of years of experience, such as 5 years for certain technical officer roles.

3. Licenses and Certifications:

Depending on the job, you may need to be licensed or certified to practice in Dominica. This is especially true for clinical roles such as doctors, nurses, and therapists.

4. Skills:

Proficiency in health management systems, information technology related to healthcare, and an understanding of the local healthcare system are valuable.

5. Legal Requirements:

Foreigners legally residing in Dominica, like those with a work permit or permanent residency, are eligible to enroll in the public healthcare system. It’s important to ensure you have the right to work in Dominica.

Dominica’s most sought-after healthcare positions

Currently, Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) for the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) are among the most sought-after employment in Dominica’s healthcare industry. Additionally, there is an increasing emphasis on bolstering primary care through the hiring of a new cadre of community health workers. This is a component of the drive to attain universal health coverage and access by reshaping the health system to be more based on the needs of individuals and communities.

In addition, there’s a need for a variety of healthcare professionals to support primary health services, particularly in the wake of natural disasters like Hurricane Maria, which had a major impact on human resources for health and the operation of community health centers.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Dominica is probably not an exception to the general global trend of demand for healthcare roles like doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. For the most recent job openings and demands, it’s advised to check local job listing platforms and the Ministry of Health’s announcements.

What are the salary ranges for healthcare jobs in Dominica?

The position, experience, and credentials all affect the wage ranges for healthcare positions in Dominica. Here’s a broad rundown:

  • The average monthly salary for someone working in the health and medical field in Dominica is approximately 2,230 XCD.
  • Salaries can range from 470 XCD (lowest average) to 6,670 XCD (highest average, actual maximum salary may be higher).
  • For those in healthcare management, the average monthly salary is around 1,920 XCD, with a range from 470 XCD to 4,630 XCD.

Are there any specific hospitals or clinics hiring right now?

Here are a few Dominican healthcare institutions you may want to look into for job opportunities:

  1. Princess Margaret Hospital: This is the main hospital on the island, located in Roseau. It’s the major trauma facility in Dominica and has a range of medical services.
  2. Adams Healthcare Ltd.: A specialist healthcare provider that offers expert obstetrician and gynecologist care, located in Roseau.

How is the healthcare system in Dominica?

The healthcare system in Dominica has been undergoing significant transformation, especially after the impact of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Here are some key points about the healthcare system in Dominica:

1. Healthcare Facilities:

Dominica has one main hospital, the Princess Margaret Hospital, and another hospital along with various healthcare clinics to serve the population.

2. Access to Healthcare:

The country has a hospital bed density of 3.8 beds per 1,000 population and a physicians density of 1.59 physicians per 1,000 population. Access to improved drinking water sources and sanitation facilities is high, with over 95% of the urban population having access to improved drinking water sources.

3. Challenges for Specially-Abled People:

Access to medical services for disabled people can be challenging, with infrastructure not being very friendly for people with disabilities.

4. Health Statistics:

Life expectancy in Dominica is 74 years old, and the infant mortality rate is 32 per 1,000 births.

5. Health Systems Transformation:

With the support of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dominica is working towards a Health Systems Transformation to achieve Universal Health. This includes the implementation of a Hospital Authority, a Board of Directors, and a Chief Executive Officer for better governance and management of healthcare facilities.

Working Conditions

To protect the welfare of employees, a number of important pieces of legislation control the working conditions in healthcare employment in Dominica. The following are some crucial elements:

  • Health and Safety Standards: Dominica recognizes the importance of maintaining health and safety standards in the workplace. The Employment Safety Act is the cornerstone of Dominica’s health and safety legislation, outlining employer and employee responsibilities and establishing the right to refuse unsafe work.
  • Employer Obligations: Employers have a fundamental obligation to provide a safe and healthy working environment, which includes keeping work premises and equipment in a safe condition, developing safe systems of work, and providing adequate instruction, training, and supervision.
  • Employee Responsibilities: Employees must adhere to established safety rules and procedures, report any unsafe situations or potential hazards, and cooperate with their employer and safety representatives in health and safety matters.
  • Specific Regulations: There are provisions to address workplace sanitation, noise control, control of hazardous substances, and fire safety.

A Hospital Authority, a Board of Directors, and a Chief Executive Officer will be implemented to improve the governance and administration of healthcare institutions as part of the change that the Dominican Republic’s healthcare system is aiming toward to attain Universal Health.

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