Most Popular Traded Gift Cards | See List of Popular Gift cards

Desiring to know which gift card is the most traded gift card with the highest rate? Don’t worry, we have you covered on this page as we will be providing adequate answers needed to realize your desire.

One predominant asked question you may ask as domains interested in gifts cards remains “does it have a high resale value and is it mostly traded? The answer to that question gives them an added advantage when buying and reselling gift cards and largely influences their profit margin.

So in these, articles, we have decided to explore the possibilities that Lie in most traded gift cards with the highest rates, sites you can use to trade your gift cards for Naira, Bitcoins, USDT, or Cedis, and all about it.

Most Traded Gift Cards with the Highest Rates.

1. iTunes Store Gift Card – This Gift Card has the highest rate in the gift card market and is a favorite for most traders. Presently, it has a value of over 35000-45000 Naira in worth when converted to Naira from the dollar.

2. Apple Store Gift Card- The Apple Store Gift Card is also a gift card with a high trade rate that is making waves in the Gift Card trading platform.

3. Goggle Play Gift Card-  it is quite popular and easy to sell as it is easy to redeem it at the google play store platform.

4. Sephora Gift Card-  this card is mostly used on the Sephora store platform to buy physical items from the Sephora Store.

5. Amazon Gift Card –  The Amazon gift card has become a household name and as such possesses a high resell value as one can get up to about 92% of the given value of an Amazon Gift card back when you decide to exchange for cash.

6. AMEX Gift Card-  The AMEX Gift Card is also called the American Express Gift Cards. It ranks amongst the highly sought-after gift cards employed by traders when reselling as it has a high resell rate.

7.eBay Gift Card-  The eBay Gift Card which is mostly used on the eBay site or platform for trading items is also on our list of most popular traded gift cards.

8. Target Gift Card- This gift card ranks amongst the most traded gift cards especially in the US, Canada, and some European countries as it is quite in popular demand, especially during holiday periods.

Other gifts cards include Nordstrom, steam gift cards, etc

Websites for Used for Buying and Selling Gift Cards.

Gifts Cards is not just limited to a gifting item as it has monetary value and can be traded on different platforms. Here are a few websites to aid your buying and selling of gift cards.

1. Prestmit

2. Patricia

3. Cardtonic


5. Bottomline, etc

Gift Card trading is becoming an accepted form of digital trading in which one could make money online.

We are glad to have provided all you need to know about Popular Gift Cards. Need more information? Kindly bookmark us for more.


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