Gift Cards Used in Nigeria | Uses & How to Redeem my Gift card in Nigeria

Gift Cards Used in Nigeria 2023, 2024 etc! Wondering about Gift Cards in Nigeria and How popular they are? Well! Search, no more. We have the right answer you need on this page.

With the emergence of technology and its rapid advancement, well the traditional means of payment have also evolved into a more digitally accepted medium of payment for goods and services. It is no surprise that Nigeria has also embraced this pattern and has integrated it into its system.

Today in Nigeria, the gifting of gift cards is gradually becoming normal. In this article, we will be talking about the list of gift cards and their uses, how to use gift cards in Nigeria, and all you need to know.


List of Gift Cards and their Uses

Here is a list of high rating gift cards and they include

  • iTunes Gift Card-  it is one gift card that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency and gives you about 83% of the face value.
  • Amazon Gift Card- can be used on the Amazon platform for content download, videos, songs, etc
  • Goggle Play Store Gift Card- can be used to buy apps, movies, games, reality shows, etc
  • Steam Gift Card- use on steam platform to get the software, wallet credit, games, any items available on steam
  • Razor Gold Gift Card- a gift card that has the highest rate value and is used quite often by gamers
  • American Express Gift Card-  it is used on any platform that accepts this gift card. It is called the AMEX card
  • Sephora Gift Card-  It is used on the Sephora platform to get mostly cosmetic products or any other items available for trade. It has a high resale value
  • Nordstrom Gift Card- used to buy brand items on the Nordstrom platform and it has a good resale value.
  • Best Buy Gift Card– can be used for trade of television, air conditioner, any available electrical appliance on the Best Buy platform.
  • eBay Gift Card- used to buy items available on the eBay site
  • Gamestop Gift Card- used to get games, videos, software, etc
  • MasterCard Gift Card-  it is very popular in Nigeria and it is used on the Amazon platform to acquire items on that platform


Where can I redeem my gift card in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, one of the best sites for redeeming gift cards is as over the years they are proven reliable and trustworthy

How to Redeem your Gift Card in Nigeria?

Confused about how to use the gift card in Nigeria? Well, here are some tips to help guide you

  • Visit a gift card redeeming website
  • Create an account
  • Enter the code on the gift card
  • Wait for some minutes(5-10mins max) for verification of your card
  • Then your wallet will be credited with the worth of the gift card you have

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