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Looking for popular gift card in Sweden?Gift cards are becoming the most preferred method of sharing with loved ones since you don’t have to contemplate what exactly the recipient might need.

Gift Cards are very common in Sweden. Do you want to know the popular gift cards in Sweden? Before knowing the top gift cards in Sweden, what are gift cards and How do gift cards work?

Buying a gift card depends on what you want to use the gift card and purchase or where the recipient of the gift card likes to shop. The most interesting part about gift cards is that the recipient of the card can use it to pick exactly what he or she wants at the store, preventing cases of unwanted gifts..

In this article we’re going to explain all about gift cards in Sweden; what are gift cards? how does gift cards work in Sweden? What are the best gift cards in Sweden? Where can I buy a gift card in Sweden?

What is a gift card

A gift card is a prepaid card that can be used to make purchases and carry out other types of financial transactions. Gift cards can be open loop or closed loop, which can determine where and how the card can be used.

Gift cards often have a specified validity period, otherwise, it is valid for ten years in Sweden. In some cases, the store may extend the validity period, possibly for an additional fee. If the store ceases to exist, goes bankrupt or changes owners during the period of validity, the gift card may become invalid.

It can also be invalid when the customer is late in booking something and there are no free times before the validity period expires. The Swedish Consumer Agency recommends that you do not wait to use your gift cards and credit receipts.

How does gift card work

Gift cards work similarly to Prepaid Credit Cards. This is a good alternative way if you do not want to make purchases in the internet by Credit Card (if you do not want to share your Credit Card details). Especially if you are not sure how safe the current website is.

Gift cards normally has “Gift card code” or “Pin Code” or both. The same like with Credit Card you must enter these numbers correctly when you make payment for items. There will be special place where to enter “Gift card code”/”Pin code”.

For instance, if you do not want to use Credit Card at App Store, you can buy an Itunes gift card with e-currency or or cryptocurrency. After that you can use your Itunes gift card at App Store.


Best gift cards in Sweden

There are so many different types of gift cards in Sweden below are some of the best gift card you’ll find in Sweden


The commercial giant retailer has one of the best and most popular gift card around the world. Amazon sells almost all kinds of goods so it is impossible to get an Amazon gift card and lack what to buy. This makes the their gift card very versatile and most preferred.

Ahléns gift card

Åhléns is one of Sweden’s most well-known department store chains. contains lots of inspiring, fun, stylish and functional products in home, fashion, beauty and media – always with a clear focus on quality.

A gift card at Åhléns suits most people because there is so much choice preference to choose from in the shops. Regardless of whether you like to watch movies, decorate your home or shop for clothes that follow the latest trends, you can easily find something suitable at Åhléns. It can be used in any store across the country. The validity period is 2 years from the date of purchase

STYLEPIT gift card

STYLEPIT has the Nordic region’s largest selection of fashion clothing for men, women and children. There is a carefully selected range of clothing from the best and the most popular brands. With free shipping on purchases over SEK 399 and a full 50 days of open purchase, things can not go wrong at STYLEPIT.

In addition to a solid range of fashion, STYLEPIT also has beauty products from quality brands such as Biotherm, IsaDora and more. The gift cards are valid for a full five years.

Coolstuff gift card

Here you will find all kinds of cool, quirky, useful and odd gadgets. There is guaranteed to be something here even for the most spoiled! Give away a gift card at Coolstuff and let the lucky recipient choose cool stuff.
Coolstuff has gadgets in most categories, such as Home & Garden, Games & Games, Technology, Food & Drink, Hobbies & Leisure and a large amount of masquerade gadgets.

Bodystore gift card

Bodystore has everything your body could possibly need; health food, natural remedies, organic products, exercise food and exercise equipment and much more – all at a really good price and always free shipping! The gift cards at Bodystore are sent directly digitally and you can choose to print these yourself or send them on to your recipient directly.

Bokus gift card

It has has a large selection of books, everything from children’s books to student and fiction it is definitely a perfect gift for readers. At Bokus, the recipient of a gift card is guaranteed to find something suitable. The gift card is valid for one year

Itunes gift card

Itunes gift card is also available in Sweden. You can use an App Store & iTunes gift card for purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, or Apple TV app. Think of it as credit for virtual products. App Store & iTunes gift cards credit your Apple ID balance, so you can use them for movies, games, apps, books, music, and TV shows.

Where can I get a gift card in Sweden?

Gift Cards are sold in Retail stores or you can purchase them online From any desired retailer’s official website. The gift card will be emailed to you from there you can decide to send it directly to the recipient or print it out.

You can also get gift cards from a third party, like from other gift card sellers or from someone. To avoid being scammed it’s better to buy directly from the company or before buying from a third party you must do thorough research.

Do they sell gift cards in Sweden?

Yes of course. If you need a gift card you can just look for your desired gift card, some of which has become listed above and purchase and use them across the country.

Gift Cards becoming the best gift to everyone around the world is no different in Sweden. There are so many amazing gift card types in Sweden.

It is often important to Look for the best gift card in Sweden whenever you plan on purchasing one for yourself or someone else.


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