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Looking for some Recruitment Agencies in Eritrea for foreigners? Eritrea is a country located in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Sudan to the west, Ethiopia to the south, and Djibouti to the southeast. The official language is Tigrigna, and the capital and largest city is Asmara. Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993 after a long and bloody struggle. The country has a population of around 6 million people. The economy of Eritrea is based largely on agriculture and mining, and the government is a authoritarian one-party state.

Jobs for employment in Eritrea can be found through a number of international recruitment firms. While some of these organizations focus on certain areas, like oil and gas or construction, others might provide a wider range of job listings across several industries. Some businesses with operations in Eritrea also have internal hiring divisions that manage hiring for their organizations.

This page will cover a variety of topics, including Eritrean recruitment agencies for both residents and non – residents, where you can find a recruitment agency in Eritrea, the advantages of using one, a summary of the country’s economy, and much more.

Recruitment Agencies in Eritrea for foreigners and citizens 2024/2025

Following is a list of recruitment agencies in Eritrea.

  • Adexen Recruitment Agency
  • Expertise Recruitment
  • Approach People Recruitment
  • Recruit For Africa
  • MBR Recruitment
  • Agency Central Ltd.
  • Pearl Recruitment Group
  • Blue Lynx Employment BV
  • Africawork
  • FMR Agency

Benefits of Eritrean recruitment agencies.

Both employers and job seekers in Eritrea might profit from hiring agencies. By letting the agency handle the initial screening and selection of candidates and by having access to a broader pool of job searchers, firms can save time and resources. Additionally, the agency can assist with the documentation needed to hire personnel and salary negotiations.

A recruiting firm can help job searchers with the application and interview processes and give them access to positions that might not otherwise be listed. Additionally, agencies can assist job seekers with résumé preparation and interview preparation.

In summary, hiring managers and job seekers can both benefit from the effectiveness of recruitment agencies in locating qualified applicants and openings for employment.

Where in Eritrea can I find a recruitment agency

In large cities like Asmara and other towns in Eritrea, you can find recruitment firms.

They could have a real presence in the city with an office, or they might be online with a website or social media accounts.

You can also locate them online by searching for terms like “recruitment agency Eritrea” or “employment agency Eritrea,” or you can ask others in your network of contacts for advice.

It is significant to note that the work market in Eritrea is not as developed as in some other nations, making it challenging to locate many agencies, but there are some.

Working in Eritrea.

A lot of ambitious professionals are relocating to Africa in order to benefit from the enormous economic growth the region is currently experiencing. Particularly Eritrea has made significant progress and offers numerous promising economic opportunities for young people.

Economic overview of Eritrea.

After experiencing a severe economic downturn during the Eritrean-Ethiopian War, Eritrea is now recovering and had one of the fastest growing economies in the world in 2011. Although growth has recently slowed, the GDP increased by 2.1% in 2015 compared to 2014.

Gold mining in particular has attracted significant international investment and is one of the main jobs in the nation. Copper, granite, and marble are just a few of the important natural resources that abound in Eritrea and have drawn investment from countries like Australia, Canada, France, South Korea, and the US.

The six markets of China, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan receive the majority of the food, livestock, and textile exports that Eritrea produces.

What is Eritrea’s main occupation?

In Eritrea, around 80% of the population works in agriculture, with the remaining 20% employed in industry and services.

How much does one make in Eritrea?

There is no national minimum wage in Eritrea, however the public sector’s minimum wage is 360 Eritrean nakfa ($24) each month.


Eritrea’s Work Permits

To work in Eritrea, you need either a business visa or, if you intend to stay, an employment visa. To be granted an employment visa, you must first get a work permit from the Eritrean Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare (MLHW). You must be able to show a passport that is still good for at least another year, and your employer must give the MLHW evidence attesting to your credentials in terms of education and work history.

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