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Are you looking for information on the visa sponsorship jobs in China for foreigners? Then you’ve arrived at the right place for your search. Chinese Jobs with visa Sponsorship are one of the top paying ones at the moment.

Obtaining a visa to allow you to relocate to China may be a difficult procedure, and your credentials or skill set will be mostly assessed by whether it meets any of China’s talent shortages. More Chinese Visa Sponsorship jobs details are made available below.

While considering working in China and seeking a job there, there are a few things you should consider about work sponsorship and visas.

In this article, you will get to know the visa sponsorship jobs in China for foreigners, how to get a foreign work visa in China, how to find a job in China, and much more.

There are  lots of Chinese Visa Sponsorship jobs out there and published in different platforms like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, indeed etc for skilled and unskilled workers which is equally made available here for interested candidates.

Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in China for foreigners 2024

A “Z” Visa from a Chinese embassy or consulate is essential if you want to operate lawfully in China. The only valid work visa is the Z visa. To receive a Z visa, you must be sponsored by your employer.

They are usually valid for a year and may be renewed in China with the proper application documents. The Z visa is available in single-entry and multiple-entry configurations.

Before committing to a position, some potential employees enter China on tourist visas.

If you do this, you will need to secure the proper sponsorship paperwork to obtain a Z visa; nevertheless, you may have to leave the nation in order to be in China on a Z visa.

Here is the list of the visa sponsorship jobs in china:

  • Administrative Business Partner: Anthropic, San Francisco, CA, $140,000 – $190,000 a year – Full-time. Visit the company website to apply
  • Mandarin Teaching Assistant: NIHAO Chinese 1.8out of 5 Culver City, CA $17.50 – $19.00 an hour.
  • Visit the company website to apply
  • Warehouse Worker: HF Foods Group Inc.
    Renton, WA. Full-time. Visit the company website to apply
  • Bilingual Office Assistant: Sunny Lending, 3.0out of 5, 438 North Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, Full-time. Visit the company website to apply
  • General science Teacher
  • Customer service
  • Passenger service Agent
  • Business Teachers
  • Client Advisor
  • Data operations associate
  • Primary English Teacher
  • Home care workers
  • Purchasing officer
  • Trading assistant, export and operations
  • Personal Banking consultant
  • Foreign PE Teacher

How to Find Visa work in China for Foreigners

The initial stage in this procedure is to look for work. You cannot lawfully work in China for an extended period of time if you do not have a job.

Having said that, many individuals work online, teach English part-time, or do anything else while on a tourist visa.

It is permissible to enter China on a tourist visa and seek for a job. You may need to return to your native country and apply for a visa there.

The Cost of a Work Visa

A Chinese visa costs between $100 and $200 for US passport holders, and is usually less for other nations. The courier service I mentioned earlier costs between $100 and $200. Keep your receipts in order to persuade your corporation to pay for these costs.

How do I get a work visa?

After you obtain a full-time employment in China, you will need to arrange a work visa with your employer. This approach may be more difficult because to Covid-19 travel limitations. If you require a work visa to enter China, check with the Chinese consulate in your country, your hiring manager, or your recruiter.

The visa types:

  • Z-visas are provided to foreigners traveling to China for a paid employment offer or to perform commercial entertainment in China; they are the best visas for full-time work with a Chinese firm.
  • F-visas are granted to foreign citizens who are invited to China for a visit, research, lecture, business, exchanges in science, technology, or culture, or advanced study for a period of no more than six months.
  • M Visas are provided to persons traveling to China for commercial or trade purposes (i.e. attending trade fairs, visiting factories, and other short-term business trips).
  • L-visas (Tourist) are only valid for tourist purposes and should not be utilized for employment or internships.
  • X-visas (Student), particularly long-term ones, are the best visas for internships.
  • S-visas are for internships in high-tech fields.

In certain circumstances, the prospective employer will pledge to assist with obtaining the Z visa in China. During this procedure, the employer will remove your passport, leaving you without one for an extended period of time.

The time it takes to receive a Z visa in China varies according to area. In Beijing, the procedure takes around five business days. You can inquire with the local Public Security Bureau about the typical processing time for a Z visa application in different areas. Visit the Visa portal at

Do I need to know Chinese to work for a Chinese company?

Certainly not! Language skills in Chinese may not be required for the work. However, understanding Chinese might be quite beneficial in your job hunt. Hiring managers will notice that you are devoted to and understand the local markets, and the fact that you can communicate with Chinese colleagues and business partners is a HUGE plus to them.

If your Chinese is pretty excellent, you may also apply for work in Chinese-speaking companies, thereby tripling your options for a new career.

To summarize, understanding Chinese can help you qualify for more jobs, impress recruiters, and develop your career. If at all possible, we recommend striving for at least basic Chinese abilities!


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