Recruitment Agencies in Germany for foreigners 2023/2024 | See to Job Agencies Here

Looking for the current Recruitment Agencies in Germany? Germany is dream destination of most immigrants to Germany. When searching for a job or making plans to relocate to Germany people often make inquiries about recruitment agencies in Germany for foreigners. Even if you’re a foreigner (Not EU citizen) you can live and work in Germany provided you meet the eligible criteria.

When considering choosing Germany as a perfect destination there are often questions like; How can a foreigner get a job in Germany? Can I get a job in Germany without speaking German? What is blue card in Germany?

Germany has the largest economy in Germany, making it a favorite choice for people seeking jobs in Germany. Recent studies says that many New jobs are opening in Germany and there will be at least 3million workers shortage in Germany by 2030.

Another study says that Germany will depend on immigrants from non German countries to meet the demand of skill shortage. These make Germany a good destination for foreigners seeking employment abroad but, to do this you will need the services of a recruitment agency.

In this article we’ll provide information on recruitment agencies in Germany for foreigners. This will mainly focus on Top recruitment agencies in Germany for English speakers and other nationals. We’ll also explain how can a foreigner get a job in Germany.

Latest Job Agencies in Germany

What is a Recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is an intermediate organization or body between job seekers and Employers, they’re external firms that are paid by an employer to find the suitable candidate for a particular vacant positions in their company or organization.

This Agencies help the employer find the best candidate for the role and at the time help the Job seekers to locate a Job faster.

Germany being the largest economy in Germany has hundreds of these recruitment agencies.

How can a foreigner get a job in Germany?

A foreigner can get a job in Germany by following the steps below

  • Check your chances: you need to evaluate your chances of getting a job in Germany; are your skills/ profession highly demanded in Germany? For instance healthcare workers (doctors and nurses) have a higher chance of getting a job in Germany.
  • You need to get your qualifications recognized in Germany. It is necessary that your vocational or educational qualifications From your home country are recognized in Germany.
  • Look for a job by applying for jobs in any of the recruitment agencies in Germany for foreigners, this is the simplest way of getting a job in Germany. You can also Carrying out search on federal Employment Agency
  • Write an application
  • Apply for a visa for non-EU citizens


Top recruitment Agencies in Germany for foreigners

1. International Recruitment

IRC is based in Munich. IRC is made of top professional staff who make job search easy also, they have a coaching academy which is divided into two major categories coaching for private individuals and corporate customers.

Contact details

  • Address: Munich Germany, Lowengrube 1080333 Muchen 80333, DE
  • Phone Number: +498999018490
  • email:

2. Kelly service

Kelly Services has grown to become one of the top recruitment agency in Germany and one of the best in the world.The most unique thing about Kelly services is the categorization of jobs into the different sectors they fall into, their locations, and contract types.

It has different branches in different cities in Germany and you can find out more information on job specialization area on their website.

Contact Details

Phone Number: 0403680700

3. Approach people Recruitment

It is one of the best international recruitment agency located in different EU countries like UK, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Switzerland. Approach people have different areas of specialization ranging from digital/IT, sales. marketing, and finance. The German office is located in Berlin

Contact Details

Phone Number: +4930221533200
Address : 4th Floor, Gontardstraße 11, 10178 Berlin, Germany

4.Stanton chase

This is one of the most popular international recruitment agency. Stanton chase is located in several countries on different continents including Africa.

Contact details

Phone Number: +0049211954980
Address : Stanton Chase Düsseldorf GmbH
Emanuel-Leutze-Strasse 17
D 40547, Düsseldorf

5. Connect job
This recruitment agency is mainly for those interested in working in the shipping industry in Germany. They have a board where available job vacancies are posted for interested applicants to apply.

Contact Detail

Phone Number: +493818017313
Address : Schwaansche St
18069 Rostock

6. Euro London

Euro London is a worldwide recruitment agency and they have various locations in countries like London, Paris, and Frankfurt. Euro London posts different jobs available in countries like Uk, France, Scotland, and other Germanyan countries.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +4989232395 80

7. Antal International Gmb
It is an international recruitment agency that has branches in Germany including Germany. Those interested in using Antal can create an account to find out more about their services.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +4969976750
Address : Hanauer Landstraße 148/148a, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

8. Robert Walter
Robert Walters recruitment group currently operates in 31 countries including Germany. The agency is base in America, to Access their vacancies you need to create an account on their website.

Contact Details

  • Address: Fürstenwall 172
  • 40217 Düsseldorf
  • Germany
  • Email:

If there is any more questions regarding the Recruitment Agencies in Germany for foreigners, kindly use the comment sections below.

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