Visa Sponsorship jobs in Poland for foreigners 2023/2024 | See Skilled/Unskilled Job Vacancies

Do you want to know everything there is to know about visa sponsorship employment in Poland for foreigners and the requirements? If you’re a foreigner seeking visa sponsorship employment in Poland, you’ve come to the right spot.

To know more about Visa Sponsorship jobs in Poland for foreigners, stay tuned Because Poland is a member of the European Union, if your place of birth is not represented in the European Union parliament, you must get a work permit visa or a residence permit before you may live and work in Poland.

In this post, you will learn about the top ten most in-demand foreigner Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Poland, how to acquire work as a foreigner in Poland, how to discover a firm ready to sponsor your visa, along with many other relevant updates on Visa sponsorship jobs in Poland for foreigners.

There are several free and unskilled works in Poland that will permit Visa Sponsorships. If you are interested, kindly adhere to the guidelines provided below.

How to Find a Company Willing to Sponsor Your Visa

  • Searching for outstaffing firms in Poland on the internet
  • Through migrant workers’ acquaintances
  • Investigating Polish job boards
  • Checking classified ads in newspapers
  • Checking for Ukrainian firms that provide job opportunities in Poland

Does Poland Hire Foreign Workers?

According to statistics, the number of foreign employees looking for work in Poland is increasing year after year. Moreover half of the classified immigrants moved to Poland by 2020. This is because the Polish government has streamlined the system of foreign worker employment.

Companies that Hire Foreigners in Poland 2023

Here are some firms that employ foreigners in Poland:

  • Accenture.
  • Arla Global Shared Services.
  • Becton Dickinson Shared Service Centre.
  • Commerzbank – Digital Technology Centre in Poland.
  • HCL Poland.
  • Majorel.
  • PMI Service Center Europe.
  • PepsiCo Global Business Services
  • Smith + nephew
  • State street bank
  • VEO worldwide services
  • West wing
  • TTEC
  • UBS

Is it Easy to Find Work in Poland?

People can find employment in Poland, however it is much simpler to obtain work in Poland if you are already employed there.

However, if you are a foreigner who is not in Poland and are looking for a job or visa sponsorship positions in Poland, there are several websites and employment agencies that may assist you in finding a job online and then traveling to Poland.

Is Poland Now Issuing Work Permits?

A work permit is a decision made by the competent authority that allows a foreigner to lawfully stay in Poland and work under the terms specified in the license.

The Voivode, the local government leader of the territory, issues work licenses in Poland. The employer in a firm is responsible for providing the employee with a work permit before the person may begin working lawfully in Poland.


How to Secure a Job as a Foreigner in Poland

  • Maintain Legal Status: This entails possessing a valid residency permit. An illegal immigrant will have a tough time finding work in an official occupation in Poland.
  • Get a Work Permit: It will be illegal to work in Poland if you do not have a work permit, whether you are a resident or a non-resident.
  • Visa: You will require a work visa rather than a tourist or humanitarian visa.

Is citizenship granted in Poland?

  • The President of the Republic of Poland has the authority to award Polish citizenship.
  • Polish citizenship can be restored by the Minister of the Interior.
  • Naturalization is the process through which a foreigner residing in Poland can get Polish citizenship.

Top 10 High in Demand Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Poland

The most demanding visa sponsorship jobs in Poland:

  • Qualified blue-collar employees
  • Employees in the field of trade
  • Drivers
  • Technicians, storekeepers
  • Engineers
  • IT specialists
  • Accountants, economists
  • Human resources staff
  • Food industry
  • Logistics specialists, warehouse workers

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