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Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand for foreigners and citizens 2024/2025! Recruitment firms are crucial in connecting job seekers and businesses while also collaborating with qualified recruiters. The job market in New Zealand is booming, and many professionals switch positions every two to five years, which keeps these firms busy.

Despite the country’s robust job market, New Zealand is one of the most sought-after locations for foreign workers, making positions there extremely competitive. If you want to be given an interview, you must differentiate yourself from other candidates.

You must constantly be responsive at every stage of the job-hunting process because these recruitment agencies in New Zealand are crucial in pitching job seekers to businesses.

This article lists New Zealand’s top professional, skilled, and semi-skilled employment firms. We also discussed the advantages of these organizations and how to make the most of their assistance.

How Do Recruitment Firms Operate?

Recruiters work for both the applicant and the hiring organization. The steps are as follows:

  • An employment agency is contacted by a recruiting organization (the employer) to inform them of a position that needs to be filled.
  • The hiring company then designates an agent to handle the employer’s needs and find applicants for the opening. The agent uses their agency’s database to discover candidates, in addition to posting the position on websites like Seek and Trade Me Jobs and running print ads.
  • The agency then evaluates the applicant’s qualifications and quality before sending a shortlist to the company.
  • After reviewing the shortlist, the employer compiles a list of prospects for interviews. The recruiter then schedules and organizes the interviews. Additionally, the recruiter arranges for a second and third interview.
  • The employer then chooses a qualified applicant. The successful applicant is notified by the recruiter, who also haggles over the compensation and benefits. The recruiter receives payment from the employer for their services, which is typically a percentage of the annual income.

During this procedure, there is a lot of communication between a recruiter and an employer. The recruiter will make sure you make the shortlists for the positions you’re interested in if you get along well with them and show them that you have a great attitude.

Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand for foreigners and citizens 2024/2025

In New Zealand, you can discover the following recruitment firms for both foreigners and locals.

1. Robert Walters

Robert Walters is a world-renowned specialist professional recruitment consultancy that locates the top specialists for its clients. It was established in London in 1985.

This company hires workers for full-time, part-time, and temporary positions.

Accounting, risk and compliance, IT, legal, human resources, sales, marketing, and communication are specialist fields. Supply chain management, secretarial services, and business support

2. Hays New Zealand

This is a multinational employment agency that is well-established in New Zealand that provides temporary, contract, and permanent employment opportunities.

Specialty sectors include accounting and finance, architecture, banking and construction contact centers, energy, engineering, executive, facilities management, human resources, insurance, information technology, law, logistics, oil & gas, policy & strategy. Sales, Trades & Labor, Property, Resources & Mining, and Procurement.

3. OneStaff

The top industrial recruitment firm in New Zealand is OneStaff. They provide industrial recruitment services for employment that are temporary, contract, or permanent.

Accounting, building, engineering, hospitality, trades & services, manufacturing, and transportation are specialist fields.

4. AWF

Since its founding in 1988, AWF has grown to be New Zealand’s top employer of blue-collar workers.

Specialized fields include fishing, forestry, and agriculture. engineering, manufacturing & operations, mining, trades & services, transportation & logistics, and automotive.

5. CoverStaff Recruitment.

Construction, manufacturing, FMCG, office, warehousing, and logistics are just a few of the industries in which Coverstaff hires.

South Auckland, West Auckland, and the North Shore all host CoverStaff offices.

6. Greenstone Recruitment.

Since its establishment in 2006, Greenstone Recruitment has helped organizations find trustworthy, high-caliber individuals.

Agriculture and engineering & trade are two areas of expertise.

7. Adecco New Zealand

The largest staffing company in the world, Adecco has more than 5,200 locations and more than 32,000 passionate full-time employees worldwide.

Work with Adecco to connect with the greatest talent and opportunities.

Specialized fields: engineering and technical, sales and marketing, manufacturing and operations, office, civil & construction, contact centers & customer service, accounting & finance, and executive.

8. Madison

The top recruiter in New Zealand is Madison Madison. Accordant Group member since its founding in 1998. (the largest recruitment firm in New Zealand and the only recruiter listed on the NZX).

Accounting and finance, corporate support and administration, customer service and contact centers, human resources, and marketing are specialist fields.

9. Persol Kelly

One of the top employment firms in New Zealand, Persol Kelly concentrates on ICT, management, government, and professional services.

10. Total Recruitment

This recruitment agency, which is 100% Kiwi-owned and controlled, provides a variety of staffing solutions, including temporary, permanent, and temporary-to-permanent positions.

It is an independent employment service that places considerable emphasis on creating enduring connections with both clients and candidates.

Pros and Cons of Using Recruiters vs. Applying on Your Own


  • CV support.
  • Time is saved by recruiters.
  • Free of charge.
  • More than one recruiter is possible.
  • Job application expedited.
  • assistance and advice for job interviews.
  • wage bargaining.
  • a representative who works for you to contact.
  • access only to certain jobs.
  • A job offer is not needed to be accepted.


  • If you use a recruitment agency, your salary can be less.
  • Some employers might not be a good fit for your background.


Important Guidelines for Recruiting Success in New Zealand.

1. Create a professional CV: Job applications can succeed or fail based on your resume.

2. Go to the recruitment agency: It won’t take more than 20 minutes to meet the recruiter in person, and it’s worth the time: Inform them about your qualifications and the positions you are seeking.

3. Pay attention to what these agencies advise: They might advise making changes to your CV, applying for relevant jobs, getting ready for an interview, etc. Whatever they say, you must pay attention because doing so will increase your likelihood of finding employment.

4. Be approachable: Employment agencies are driven by financial incentives and are compensated by placing people in jobs. Therefore, if you don’t answer your phone or return emails, you will lose importance. Even if you are qualified for the offered employment, you won’t have much luck if you put off or ignore calls.

You now know which New Zealand employment firms are the best. Look through the list to find a recruitment firm or agencies you can work with, and then begin the hiring process.

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