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Are you looking for top recruitment agencies in Pakistan for foreigners? Pakistan is a developing country in Asia, if you’re considering traveling to Pakistan for a job opportunity, it is worth knowing the appropriate information about recruitment agencies in the country.

Is Pakistan good for work? How can you get a Job in Pakistan as a foreigner? Does Pakistan give citizenship to foreigners?

In this article you’re going to learn about Pakistan recruitment agencies for foreigners; how to get a job in Pakistan as a foreigner, and how to get Pakistan citizenship.

How to get a job in Pakistan as a foreigner from any Agency

As a foreign employee you need a work visa to live and work in Pakistan legally. They must have a job offer and meet certain requirements to apply for the visa. All work visas are granted for one year and are valid for multiple entries into Pakistan. employees can also extend the permit yearly after getting approval.

Requirements for Pakistan Work Visa
There are several requirements to get a work visa or permit in Pakistan. Some of the necessary documents include:

  • The employee’s passport
  • A photograph of the employee
  • Your company’s SECP registration letter
  • Recommendation letter by BOI/MOI, for an extension
  •  contact details
  • Undertaking on company letterhead
  • The employee’s cover letter
  • Covering letter on the company’s letterhead
  •  company’s profile
  • The employment agreement
  •  company’s FBR NTN certificate
    Before forwarding the forms to the embassy, the applicant will need to make four identical sets of their application, the first two pages of their passport, and four copies of the letter of guarantee that the applicant is employed with the company. They must fill out all forms in English regardless of their country of origin.
    This work visa might be sponsored by your recruitment agency if you applied for a job through an employment agency.

List of Top Recruitment agencies in Pakistan 2023

1.PRG Pakistan

PRG Pakistan is one of the largest medical billing companies in Pakistan. We are creating maximum employment opportunities in Pakistan.

  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 03320406961
  • PRG Pakistan industries
  • Healthcare Provision

Headquarters Location
8 Usman Block, Lahore, Punj

2.A.M international

Top rated Employment and Recruitment Agency in Pakistan. A.M International is an organization backed by 20 years of result-driven recruitment expertise in offshore manpower recruitment solutions and meeting the staffing needs of companies.


The Manpower Recruitment and Travel Agency was founded in 1992 and enjoys the privilege of being one of the oldest Agency of Pakistan

  • Address: D-8,Sector 5,Metroville-1, S.I.T.E.
  • City & Country: Karachi, Pakistan
  • Phone: 2136658976


Ali zafar recruiting agency is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Company is working in Human Resources, Employment Agencies business activities. If you have any questions, visit their website

  • Address: 10/704,Room #1-2,1st Floor, Mahboob Manzil,Liaquatabad
  • City & Country: Karachi, Pakistan
  • Phone: 214122090


One of the oldest and most respected executive search consulting agency in the Pakistan employing a team of experienced HR professionals who provide efficient and transparent human resource management

  • Address: Room 104,1st Floor,Uzma Arcade, Block 7,Main Clifton Road, Clifton
  • City & Country: Karachi, Pakistan
  • Phone: 215838591

Is Pakistan good for work?

The minimum wage for the unskilled workers in Pakistan is currently around Rs. 15,000 ($125) per month. These workers are those who lack technical training and expertise. Examples are maids, fast food or grocery workers, and janitors.

High skilled workers, on the other hand, have the average monthly wage of Rs. 41,100( $339). These workers have specialized training and a skill- set to perform their duties. For example, technicians, electricians, specialists, etc.

Compared to other neighboring countries, such as India and China, the wages in Pakistan remain relatively low.

Does Pakistan give nationality to foreigners?

After confirmation regarding Foreign Exchange worth Rs 5Million from the State Bank of Pakistan, an Immigrant Visa for Pakistan will be issued.

Pakistan Citizenship certificate will be issued after arrival in Pakistan, subject to security clearance/completion of all codal formalities. For more details check the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports
Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country, if you’re considering traveling to Pakistan to start a career then this article is for you.. it should help you learn How to get a job in Pakistan as a foreigner and also the Top recruitment agencies in Pakistan that cab ease your job search. Pakistan does give its nationality to foreigners but you have to meet the requirements as given above

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