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Visa Sponsorship jobs in Botswana for foreigners is very important here. Botswana is the perfect place for anyone looking for chances in Southern Africa because of its strong democracy and high levels of development. The nation has several flourishing businesses, including those in financial services, tourism, and mining.

Strong educational and medical systems are in place, however, it is essential to have adequate health insurance to provide a high level of protection. With low crime rates and solid transportation infrastructure, the nation is among the safest in all of Africa.

Are you a foreigner looking for Visa sponsorship employment in Botswana? Do you want to discover who are the best recruitment firms in Botswana? Do you wish to learn more about Bostwana’s work visa options and the application procedure? Then you should absolutely read this post.

Work visa types available in Botswana

All foreign workers in Botswana are required to have a work visa, commonly known as a work permit, in accordance with the Employment of the Non-Citizens Act. Employees must possess a current Botswana work permit or a certificate of exemption in order to be hired by an employer. All permits are examined by the Immigration Board, which subsequently assigns a suitable validity term. Employees typically renew their permits by starting the application procedure over again.

Visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners in Botswana 2024

The list of visa sponsorship employment for foreigners in Botswana is as follows:

  • Accounting Company Secretarial Representative
  • Stocks Assistant
  • IT Systems and Business Support Manager
  • System Analyst II – IRC229874
  • Project Management Administrator
  • Communication Consultants – Botswana
  • Environment and Safety Manager
  • FINTECH Specialist
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  • Chemotherapy Nurse

Top Botswana Recruitment Agencies

Would you want to contact Botswana’s employment agencies? Finding the ideal job that fits your credentials might be big assistance from staffing companies. Check out the following list of Botswana’s employment agencies.

1. Premiere

Being the first legally recognized employment agency in Botswana, Premiere takes pride in its market expertise. This enables them to negotiate reasonable compensation packages, stay current with changes to employment laws, and make sure that the appropriate individuals are placed in the proper jobs. Please make sure to check back regularly as they constantly update their job openings. Tel: (+267) 3952878

2. StaffWise

Staffwise is based in Gaborone and is primarily owned by citizens. They specialize in streamlining hiring procedures and making hiring and human resources departments more effective while collaborating with their clients to build a high turnaround outsourcing machine. Tel: +267 391 3996


Established in 1992, HRMC takes pride in being the most dependable source for professional and management candidates in Botswana. Their philosophy toward consumers is based on the idea that each individual is unique, and that this uniqueness must be reflected in whatever connections they have, whether they be with employers or job searchers.

4. Ado Green Recruitment

Their strengths and primary emphasis are in Africa as a recruiting firm that specializes in localization and skills shortages. They concentrate on the four subsectors of heavy industry in Africa: engineering, supply chain logistics, and procurement, power generation and renewable energy, and office, commercial, and human resources.


5. C.G.P. Consultants

Since June 1993, CGP Consultants (Pty) Ltd has been completely established in the Republic of Botswana and is owned entirely by Botswanan nationals. Services offered include hiring, training, developing human resources, behavioral profiling, developing personnel systems, and obtaining permissions.

Phone: +267 395 1147,  Fax: +267 390 0996, Web:


Conditions for Obtaining a Botswana Work Visa

While the Botswana government acknowledges the value of international talent, the application procedure has a lot of restrictions and is unclear at times, which makes it difficult for both companies and candidates. Employers must demonstrate:

  • evidence that you first sought to recruit Botswanan people.
  • Evidence of a job posting that included the qualifications for candidates, contact information, a minimum advertising timeframe, and a special application period for only inhabitants of Botswana.
  • Evidence shows the advertisement was published for at least 14 days and that, during that time, only nationals of Botswana were eligible to apply.
  • the advertisement’s youth, at most six months old.

Employees have certain needs of their own, such as:

  • An employment contract or appointment letter that contains a legitimate job offer.
  • a request for employment.
  • A CV.
  • Certified English translations of important certificates, such as birth, marriage, and school records.
  • medical records.
  • Authenticated copies of a passport.
  • Four photographs the size of a passport.
  • an appropriate labor document.

Depending on the job, the Immigration Board may have extra criteria. For instance, several positions need both particular documentation and registration with professional groups.

Process of Applying

Employees must submit their application and fee to an authorized official after completing an application and gathering the required paperwork. The officer will examine the application, provide a recommendation, and, if required, contact the candidate for an interview. The officer will submit the application to the regional immigrant’s selection board for review if they provide their approval. They may get together whenever they want to ask for further details. A program that prepares a Botswana resident to take the position of a foreign worker will also receive more attention.

From the time the application is initially submitted until the Botswana work visa is received, it generally takes around 30 working days. Your staff members have the right to appeal a judgment that rejects their application. The National Immigrants Selection Board will treat all appeals in accordance with this standard procedure. Many people think that the government uses appeals frequently to get additional income. It costs P1,500 to:

  • the initial application for a work visa.
  • extending a work permit.
  • a declaration of exemption.
  • obtaining a new work permit.

Significant Factors

As part of the application procedure for a working visa to Botswana, several vaccinations are advised. All passengers leaving or traveling through nations designated as yellow fever-infested zones are required to have documentation proving they had the yellow fever vaccination. The government also suggests that everyone receive a malaria vaccination.

Note that personal cheques are not accepted, and all visa costs are non-refundable. The Immigration Board will only accept notarized copies of the relevant papers.

What is the Botswana minimum wage?

In Botswana, the minimum wage has changed, and it took effect on January 1, 2022. The hourly minimum wage has gone up from P6.77 to P7.34.

In Botswana, how much do domestic employees earn?

In Botswana, a worker who works in cleaning and housekeeping generally makes around 4,260 BWP per month. The lowest average wage is 3,060 BWP, while the highest is 6,460 BWP (the highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). This is the typical monthly wage, which also includes housing, transportation, and other amenities.

Review of the Economy in Botswana

The Department of Mines is in charge of managing the world’s largest producer of diamonds, Botswana. The government owns 50% of Debswana, the world’s largest diamond mining corporation, and 62% of the nation’s exports—or around 40% of overall government revenue—come from the extraction of minerals. In addition to being mined, nickel, copper, and gold account for a sizable portion of exports.

Since gaining its independence in 1966, Botswana has gone from being one of the world’s poorest countries to a middle-income country, making it a success tale of freedom. The nation’s financial sector is well-regarded, and the Botswana Stock Exchange is regarded as one of Africa’s top stock exchanges in terms of performance.

Another important industry in Botswana is tourism, which accounts for 12% of the country’s GDP. People from all over the world travel to the Okavango Delta, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, and Chobe National Park to go on safari.

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