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Recruitment Agencies in Tanzania for foerigners and citizens 2023/2024! The term “recruitment agency” simply designates a business that hires workers on behalf of companies. Delegating authority to recruiting agencies has grown quite popular in recent years due to the overwhelming volume of applications and duties held by human resource departments in many businesses.

Although not all candidates are in this situation, most job seekers face the challenge of being interviewed by a recruitment agency. All job seekers want to meet with employers directly. Given in native terms Recruitment firms serve as a go-between for individuals looking for work and businesses looking for potential employees to fill open positions.

It’s crucial to remember that many organizations concentrate on distinct areas, such as office staff, security, or technology This can help you decide which organization is most suited for the position you’re looking to apply for.

This post will cover a variety of topics, including why to engage a recruiter, a list of recruitment firms in Tanzania that are open to both foreigners and locals in 2023 and 2024, how to look for job openings there, and more.

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Why hire a recruiter

According to Stuart’s Books, hiring new employees requires a significant amount of time, and many businesses struggle to find the time to do it properly. An employer frequently has to review a large number of applications before he finds the ideal candidate for the position.

Recruitment is very much a numbers game. Although it may seem awful and impersonal, it is the way things are.

Recruitment firms meet a particular demand. Employers need the proper applicants for their open positions, but they sometimes lack the time to go out and discover these candidates themselves. They delegate this to recruiting companies so that the company can focus more of their time on conducting interviews with candidates.

Employing a recruitment agency will save your company time and money and be faster than hiring internally. To save employers time and effort, recruiters gather and evaluate CVs, examine references, and screen talented job applicants using the most effective interviewing techniques. Establish a connection with a staffing firm.

Recuritment Agencies in Tanzania for foreigners and citizens 2023/2024

See the list of recuriment agencies in Tanzania for foerigners and citizens 2023/2024 below:


Epvate & Fortune International Consulting (EFIC) is a professional services firm that offers services (training, facilitation, consulting, and management) in human capital, strategy, operations, digital, and project outsourcing. It is the multipurpose recruitment agency in East Africa and abroad.

2. Epic Br-Consultancy

An amazing Br consulting is an HR service provider with a base in Tanzania that helps client firms achieve their business goals by offering value-adding HR solutions.

3. Tanzania Cvpeople

This is the most well-known and modern recruitment firm, CVPeople Tanzania, which was started in 2014 on a shoestring budget as a branch of the international CVPeople franchise. Tanzanian company CVpeople offers talent and recruitment services.

4. Hr world ltd

HR World, a human resource management company that offers a full range of HR solutions with a commercial focus, is the primary Tanzanian recruitment agency. A multidisciplinary team of human resources experts makes up the core of HR World.

5. Kaparama Recruitment agency

The Tanzanian local business Kaparama Recruitment Limited is primarily focused on offering human resource services to various businesses in Tanzania. It hires workers at various levels in a variety of fields, including professional personnel, secretarial staff, and others.

6. Mabumbe is one of the most popular websites in Tanzania for finding information on jobs and other educational-related topics, but in addition to these services, it also offers recruitment services at various operational levels.

Other recuriment Agencies in Tanzania :

  • Ajira Zetu
  • Brighter Mondays
  • Business Employment Professionals
  • Business Online (T) Ltd
  • Career Options Africa Ltd
  • CV People Africa
  • Deloitte & Touche
  • Ekihya Ltd
  • Elite Careers Choices
  • Empower Ltd
  • Epic Business Resources Ltd
  • Exact Manpower Consulting
  • Genius Consultancy
  • Global Career Company
  • HR Solutions

Methods for Locating Job Openings in Tanzania

People these days are better at locating new employment prospects. Even if they are still a possibility, some of the more conventional approaches are no longer widely used and don’t always work as well as alternative methods. As technology advances, people are becoming more inventive and using new methods to learn about job openings. Gone are the days when people would circle job ads in the newspaper’s classified section.

Here are a few places you might start if you’re not sure where to turn to learn about opportunities.

1. Recruiting agencies

There is always expert assistance available if you are having problems obtaining a job. Some businesses, especially bigger ones, use recruiting agencies for hiring. These recruiters track down people to fill these openings or track down jobs for job seekers who require assistance in seeking employment. Find a recruiter who works in your sector and register with them so they can get in touch with you or recommend you if a good opportunity occurs.

2. Referrals

As an incentive to help with the recruiting process, some organizations pay employees a finders fee when they recommend a qualified candidate to the business. It’s a win-win situation if someone invites you to apply for a job opening and you get the job because you don’t have to seek for employment yourself and your referrer gets paid.

3. Company websites

Look for the “Career” section on the company’s official website if you are familiar with the organization and want to work there. Many businesses publish their open positions in this section, but if none are there, you can contact them and ask if they have any openings that aren’t listed.

4. Career websites

Companies frequently advertise their open positions on career websites like and They serve as the Google of the job market. These job search engines enable users to enter specific search criteria and only show job openings that match those criteria. Your search will be made more focused as a result.

5. Social networking

Once you have chosen a few businesses where you might be interested in working, see whether they have social media accounts and start following them. Businesses frequently post job openings on social media, and when they do, they appear directly in your newsfeed.

6. Networking

Many job openings aren’t actually publicized, so job seekers need to figure out how to get their foot in the door in order to learn about these openings. Finding these secret occupations and making yourself known to people in the field may both be done via networking with the proper people.

What profession is most in demand in Tanzania?

Between June 2020 and July 2021, skilled agricultural and fishery workers made up the majority of the employed population in Tanzania, accounting for close to 60% of all employment.


What is a respectable wage in Tanzania?

Tanzanian workers typically earn a gross salary between 503,374 TZS (minimum salary) and 2,124,696 TZS. This is the monthly salary in its entirety, including bonuses.

We advise frequent visits to the websites mentioned above if you are a job seeker because they offer a wealth of information about marketing for employment in Tanzania and East Africa in general. You can also check this website to receive daily job announcements from the public and commercial sectors in Tanzania.

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