Recruitment Agencies in Libya 2023/2024 for Foreigners & Citizens | See Available job Agencies

As a foreign expat seeking job opportunities in Libya, then knowing about Recruitment agencies in Libya is what you need. The Libya Recruitment Agencies provided the ideal platform to help accelerate your job hunt in Libya.

Located in North Africa, Libya is known for its mineral and Petroleum production. Border by the Mediterranean sea and Egypt, it stands as one of the choicest sites for tourists and foreigners due to its magnificent view.

Libya also has the smallest population and a high GDP, its economy is considered stable and the dreamland of most foreigners seeking a working opportunity in Libya, especially in the Oil Sector.

Recruitment Agencies in Libya make it easier to get secured jobs with lucrative benefits as an international ex-pat, foreigner even as a local citizen living in Libya.

On this page, we will be taking a journey through the Top recruiting agencies in Libya for citizens and foreigners and all you need to know about jobs available for foreigners and citizens in Libya. Let’s get started!

2023 Libya Top Recruiting Agencies 

Are you a residence of Libya or perphaps you are a foreigner seeking greener pastures in  Libya? Goodnews! Here are best recruiting agencies in Libya

  • RTC1 Recruitment Agencies, Libya
  • Sapphire Recruitment Consultant Jobs,Libya
  • Micheal Recruiting Agencies,Libya
  • Dewan Consultant Services,Libya
  • Alert International Recruitment Services,Libya
  • The Bridge Associates, Libya
  • Tripoli Manpower Recruitment Agency
  • HEMFA Libya ,Tripoli.
  • LIBYAN Jobs Company
  • Saipem Libyan Branch
  • UNICEF Libya,Janzur, Libya.
  • UNHCR Office in Tripoli
  • Parallel Columns Company for Oil Services
  • Libyan News Agency( LANA)


Jobs in Libya- how easy is it to find?

Jobs in Libya especially in the Oil Sector are not hard to secure as long as you have your visa as an international ex-pat.

In addition, having a special skill set and experience will also be an added advantage to you as a nonresidence or even local citizens looking for job opportunities in Libya.

What Job can a Foreigner get in Libya?

Libya major revenue lies with in the petroleum industry as it makes up majority of their GDP growth and revenue. Hence Recruitment job opportunities for most foreigners lies within these sector. As an International expats seeking to reside in Libya and earn more,having a skill set and a degree within the oil sector will be a great choice and step in making your dream a reality.

5 Top websites with the Best Recruitment Jobs in Libya.

Securing your dream job can get a bit frustrating and tiring. Not to worry,here are the most popular job recruiting sites to get the best 2023 Libya recruiting agencies

  • Bayt
  • Fuzu
  • LinkedIn
  • Expat
  • Monster
  • Ajarn

What Jobs are in Demand in Libya?

In Libya, you can find some exciting job opportunities with some mouth-watering pay, especially as a foreigner with a good skill set.

Different Industries and Companies in Libya present you with platforms at a different levels to boost your career especially if you are a Corrosion Engineer in Libya, Area Director, Operations Manager, Security Adviser, etc

How much is the monthly salary in Libya?

Libya has. Very stable and progressive economy. Its minimum wage per employee is approximately 450 Libyan Dinars per month which is $325 when converted to dollars.

This is quite attractive, especially for most of its surrounding countries where employees are paid less than that.

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