Teaching jobs in Antigua and Barbuda 2024 | Current jobs opportunities

Are you thinking about securing a teaching job in Antigua and Barbuda? Seeking a chance to broaden your experiences in a stunning Caribbean setting? In 2024, Antigua and Barbuda could be the right destination for you. For educators at any level, this twin-island nation offers a distinctive and rewarding environment with its immaculate beaches, lively culture, and friendly society.

Due to the nation’s ongoing investments in its educational system, Antigua and Barbuda is experiencing an increase in demand for competent instructors. There are many roles available, ranging from elementary school instructors to university professors, regardless of your experience level. Many different options suit different hobbies and specialties.

Teaching in this Caribbean paradise is more than just a profession; it’s an adventure in life and learning, with attractive salaries, friendly work settings, and the opportunity to meaningfully impact students’ lives. Take the first step toward an exciting new chapter in your teaching career by reading on to learn about the job opportunities that are now available in Antigua and Barbuda for the year 2024.

Education System in Antigua and Barbuda

The education system in Antigua and Barbuda follows a structure similar to that of many other Commonwealth nations. It comprises primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of education, with both public and private institutions playing pivotal roles in shaping the academic landscape.

2024 jobs for teachers in Antigua and Barbuda

If you’re interested in teaching jobs in Antigua and Barbuda for 2024, here’s a snapshot of what’s available:

1. Higher Education Positions:

There are remote positions open for various roles in higher education, which could be ideal if you’re looking to work from a distance.

2. IT/Computer Science Teacher:

Island Academy International in Antigua is seeking an IT/Computer Science teacher starting August 14th, 2024. This role offers a competitive salary for the Caribbean region and requires a relevant degree and teaching qualification.

3. General Teaching Jobs:

There are teaching positions across different subjects and levels, including both in-person and remote roles, suitable for a range of educational professionals.

4. TEFL Positions:

TEFL positions are available with benefits such as health insurance and paid leave, which could be a great option if you’re interested in teaching English as a foreign language.

5. Remote Teaching Roles:

In addition to traditional classroom roles, there are remote teaching jobs that involve training employees within specific industries or designing curricula.

6. Senior Business Development Strategist:

This remote position is available for those with expertise in economic and business development, particularly in the educational sector.

7. Adjunct Faculty in Addiction Counseling:

An online Christian university is seeking adjunct faculty to teach addiction counseling. This is a remote role suitable for professionals in counselor education.

8. Full-Time Research Analyst:

Spark Admissions is looking for a full-time research analyst to work remotely in admissions and enrollment.

9. Technical Project Portfolio Manager:

Western Governors University has a remote opening for a Technical Project Portfolio Manager, ideal for those with network/system administration skills.

10. Course Developer/Subject Matter Expert:

The Chicago School is seeking a remote course developer and adjunct faculty member for general education courses, including introductions to sociology and psychology.

Demand for Teachers in 2024

As the population of Antigua and Barbuda grows and the focus on education intensifies, there’s an increasing demand for skilled and dedicated educators across all levels of schooling. Whether it’s primary, secondary, or specialized education, the need for qualified teachers remains constant.

Qualifications and Requirements for teaching jobs in Antigua and Barbuda 

Academic Credentials

Applicants for teaching jobs in Antigua and Barbuda must possess relevant academic qualifications, including a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education or a related field. Specialized certifications or endorsements may be required for certain subject areas.


While experience requirements vary depending on the position and institution, candidates with prior teaching experience, both domestically and internationally, are often preferred. Demonstrated expertise in pedagogy, classroom management, and student engagement is highly valued.

Teaching Opportunities in Public Schools

Public schools in Antigua and Barbuda serve as the backbone of the education system, catering to a diverse student population. Teaching positions in public schools offer stability and the opportunity to make a significant impact on the local community.

Teaching Opportunities in Private Schools

Private schools, although fewer, provide alternative teaching opportunities for educators. These institutions often offer smaller class sizes, specialized programs, and unique teaching methodologies, attracting educators who value innovation and flexibility.

Benefits of Teaching in Antigua and Barbuda

Teaching in Antigua and Barbuda offers numerous benefits beyond the classroom. From competitive salary packages to opportunities for professional development and career advancement, educators can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding experience in this tropical paradise.

Challenges Faced by Teachers

Despite the allure of teaching in Antigua and Barbuda, educators may encounter challenges unique to the region. These could include adapting to cultural differences, navigating bureaucratic processes, and addressing socio-economic disparities among students.

Career Growth and Development

Opportunities for Advancement

Teaching careers in Antigua and Barbuda offer avenues for professional growth and advancement. Educators can pursue leadership roles, undertake advanced studies, or engage in community outreach initiatives to broaden their impact.

Professional Development

Continuous professional development is encouraged to stay abreast of educational trends and best practices. Teachers have access to workshops, conferences, and mentorship programs aimed at enhancing teaching effectiveness and student outcomes.

Salary and Compensation Packages

Salaries for teachers in Antigua and Barbuda vary depending on factors such as qualifications, experience, and the type of institution. Additionally, compensation packages may include benefits such as housing allowances, health insurance, and professional development opportunities.

Living and Working in Antigua and Barbuda


Living in Antigua and Barbuda offers a unique blend of tropical beauty, cultural vibrancy, and relaxed island living. Educators can enjoy a high quality of life, with opportunities for outdoor recreation, cultural immersion, and socializing.

Cost of Living

While the cost of living in Antigua and Barbuda may vary depending on lifestyle choices and location, it is generally moderate compared to other Caribbean destinations. Housing, utilities, and groceries are affordable, making it an attractive destination for expatriate educators.

International Schools and Teaching Abroad Programs

For educators seeking a broader cultural experience, international schools and teaching abroad programs in Antigua and Barbuda provide avenues for professional growth and personal enrichment. These opportunities offer exposure to diverse student demographics and curriculum frameworks.


Are teaching positions in Antigua and Barbuda open to international applicants?

Yes, teaching positions in Antigua and Barbuda are open to qualified international applicants who meet the necessary qualifications and requirements.

What are the typical contract lengths for teaching jobs in Antigua and Barbuda?

Contract lengths for teaching jobs in Antigua and Barbuda may vary depending on the school and position. Contracts typically range from one to three years, with the possibility of renewal.

Is housing provided for teachers relocating to Antigua and Barbuda?

Some schools in Antigua and Barbuda may offer housing allowances or assistance with finding accommodation for teachers relocating to the islands.


Are there opportunities for career advancement within the education sector in Antigua and Barbuda?

Yes, there are opportunities for career advancement within the education sector in Antigua and Barbuda. Teachers can pursue leadership roles, specialized training, and higher academic qualifications to progress in their careers.

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