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Are you searching for the latest Teaching jobs in Djibouti in 2024? Are you looking for an exciting new opportunity in education? Have you considered the vibrant and diverse country of Djibouti as your next career destination? With its strategic location and growing international community, Djibouti offers a unique blend of cultures and experiences that could enrich your teaching career.

Teaching positions in Djibouti 2024 provide teachers a unique chance to enhance the country’s educational system while immersing themselves in its vibrant cultural diversity.  The small but dynamic nation of Djibouti in the Horn of Africa is actively looking for competent individuals to join its teaching staff.

Applying for teaching jobs in Djibouti has never been easier. With a range of positions available, from primary school teachers to specialized secondary educators, there’s a place for every passionate teacher. In this article, we’ll guide you through the latest job openings, application tips, and insights into living and working in Djibouti. So, are you ready to embark on a new adventure in teaching? Let’s explore what Djibouti has in store for you.

Latest Teaching jobs in Djibouti in 2024

Here are some current teaching job opportunities in Djibouti for 2024:

  1. Formation En Alternance at EDC (Education Development Center) – This is a contract position.
  2. Afar Linguist CAT II at Valiant Integrated Services – A full-time linguist position.
  3. French/Somali Linguist CAT II also at Valiant Integrated Services – Another full-time linguist opportunity
  4. Physics Teacher – A permanent position for a well-experienced, Western-trained physics teacher.
  5. PE Teacher – An opportunity for a Western-trained PE teacher to work in a permanent role.
  6. Middle School English Teacher – A vacancy for a Western-trained English teacher at the middle school level.
  7. School Counselor – A position for a well-experienced, western-trained school/careers counselor.
  8. Preschool Teacher – An opening for an experienced western-trained Early Years teacher.
  9. Lower Primary Teacher – A role for an experienced western-trained Elementary teacher.
  10. Head Of Elementary – A need for a well-experienced western-trained Head of Primary.

International school teaching jobs in Djibouti

Here’s a list of international school teaching jobs in Djibouti:

  1. Physics Teacher
  2. PE Teacher
  3. Middle School English Teacher
  4. School Counselor
  5. Preschool Teacher
  6. Lower Primary Teacher
  7. Head Of Elementary

Requirements for teaching in Djibouti

The requirements for teaching in Djibouti vary depending on the level of education:

  1. Primary School Teachers: They are required to finish secondary school, complete required coursework, complete a post-secondary qualification, pass both a written and interview stage assessment, and participate in work experience training.
  2. Secondary School Teachers: They are required to graduate from a tertiary education program, pass an interview stage assessment, and participate in work experience training.
  3. For International Schools: Teaching in Djibouti can be a rewarding move for international teachers. As a former French colony, much of the international education follows the French system, but there are a number of international schools that also include the International Baccalaureate program and US curriculum

Djibouti teaching jobs for ex-pats

If you’re an expat looking for teaching opportunities in Djibouti, here’s a snapshot of the current job market:

  1. Physics Teacher: Private international schools in Djibouti are seeking experienced western-trained Physics teachers. Positions are permanent and offer negotiable salaries based on experience and qualifications.
  2. PE Teacher: There are openings for western-trained PE teachers at private international schools. These roles are also permanent and offer competitive salaries.
  3. Middle School English Teacher: Experienced western-trained English teachers can find opportunities in middle schools within the private international school sector.
  4. School Counselor: Qualified western-trained school/careers counselors are in demand for permanent positions in Djibouti’s international schools.
  5. Preschool Teacher: Early Years teachers with western training are needed for immediate start in private international schools.
  6. Lower Primary Teacher: There are vacancies for experienced western-trained elementary teachers in lower primary levels.
  7. Head Of Elementary: Senior roles such as Head of Primary are available for well-experienced western-trained educators.
  8. School Principal: Top accredited schools in Djibouti are looking for candidates to fill the role of a whole school principal starting January.

These positions reflect a diverse range of opportunities for expats with the right qualifications and experience.

Salary expectations for teachers in Djibouti

The salary for teachers in Djibouti varies depending on the level of education and the institution. Here are some details:

  1. The estimated salary for a Teacher is DJF 152,000 per month in the Djibouti area.
  2. An English Teacher has a median pay of DJF 30,000.
  3. An Assistant Teacher at the International School of Djibouti earns DJF 88,500 per month.
  4. The average salary in the education system in Djibouti ranges from $480 to $1,090. A university teacher receives $1,090, a college teacher – $1,010, and a school teacher earns $870.
  5. A person working in Teaching / Education in Djibouti typically earns around 288,000 DJF. Salaries range from 140,000 DJF (lowest average) to 533,000 DJF (highest average)

Teaching English in Djibouti opportunities

Teaching English in Djibouti presents various opportunities for educators.

1. U.S. Embassy Programs:

The U.S. Embassy in Djibouti offers English Language Teaching Programs, including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for English for Media Literacy, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Journalism

2. Private Schools:

There are job postings for native English teachers with salaries ranging from $1,000 to $1,200 USD per month. These positions may include teaching Business, Conversational, and General English

3. Teach Away:

A platform called Teach Away lists teaching jobs in Djibouti, including opportunities with private schools, government programs, universities, and language colleges.

4. ESL Programs:

There’s a directory of English Language Schools and ESL programs in Djibouti, which could be a resource for finding job opportunities

Visa and work permit process for teachers in Djibouti

To work as a teacher in Djibouti, you’ll need to obtain an entry visa, a residence permit, and a work permit. The documents required for these permits include a copy of your employment contract with a Djiboutian company, a valid passport, a long-stay visa, four passport photos, and a copy of the Free Zone company license.

The application process typically starts with securing a job, which leads to the employment contract necessary for the visa application. It’s common for employers to apply for residence and work permits on behalf of their foreign employees.

Living conditions for teachers in Djibouti

Living conditions in Djibouti can be challenging due to economic and political instabilities, but the country offers opportunities for skilled migrant workers, including teachers. High-skilled migrant workers are employed in various sectors, such as education, healthcare, and international organizations. The capital, Djibouti City, is the main urban area where most amenities and services are concentrated.

Career growth for educators in Djibouti

Career growth for educators in Djibouti is supported by various international grants and programs aimed at improving the education system. There’s a focus on increasing access to basic education, improving teaching practices, and strengthening the management capacities of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training.

The government’s Vision 2035 plan outlines key aims for the education system, including rolling out inclusive education and expanding technical and vocational education and training (TVET) networks to enhance job prospects


What qualifications are required for Teaching jobs in Djibouti 2024?

To qualify for Teaching jobs in Djibouti 2024, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in education or a relevant field from an accredited institution.

Are there growth opportunities for educators in Djibouti?

Yes, Teaching jobs in Djibouti 2024 offer abundant avenues for career progression and professional development, including pursuing advanced degrees and engaging in research initiatives.

What benefits do Teaching positions in Djibouti offer?

Teaching positions in Djibouti come with attractive benefits, including competitive salaries, housing allowances, health insurance, and professional development opportunities.

How can I apply for Teaching jobs in Djibouti 2024?

Prospective applicants can apply for Teaching jobs in Djibouti 2024 by submitting a comprehensive application package and following the guidelines provided by educational institutions and government agencies.

What challenges may educators face in Djibouti?

Educators in Djibouti may encounter challenges such as language barriers, cultural differences, and resource constraints. However, with resilience and adaptability, these challenges can be overcome.

How important is community engagement for educators in Djibouti?

Community engagement is crucial for educators in Djibouti as it fosters strong bonds with students, families, and local stakeholders, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive learning environment.



For enthusiastic teachers looking to improve student lives and advance the country’s educational system, teaching positions in Djibouti 2024 provide a gratifying and lucrative career path. Teachers can make a significant impact on the future leaders and thinkers of Djibouti by valuing variety, encouraging creativity, and fostering cooperative collaborations.

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