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Visa sponsorship jobs in United Arab Emirate (Dubai) for foreigners 2023! Are you a foreigner looking for employment in the United Arab Emirates that will sponsor your visa? Do you want to know how someone from outside the United Arab Emirates might get work there? So stop looking further; you have come to the right place.

In the United Arab Emirates, hiring is distinctive since most local teams recruit foreigners (expats), who need sponsorship for visas in order to live and work there. You should get aware of the local rules about employing expats in this part of the world.

In this post, you will learn about visa sponsorship jobs in the UAE for foreigners, how a foreigner can get a job in the UAE, what jobs are in demand in Dubai, and much more.

How can a foreigner get employment in the UAE?

In order to work in the UAE, all foreigners must possess a visa. Your company will have to sponsor you (or the free zone you will be working in). The Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratization will issue you a preliminary visa if you are traveling from outside (MoHRE)

List of Visa sponsorship jobs in UAE for foreigners 2023

Here is the list of the available Visa sponsorship jobs in UAE for foreigners:

  • Sales Promoter
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Developer
  • Admin Assistant
  • Financial Controller
  • Customer Service Executive
  • Strategy and Markets Insights Manager
  • Quality & Operation Manager
  • Junior Quantitative Analyst
  • Talent Acquisition Manger
  • C&M-Business Developer Manager
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Marketing & Sales Operation Manager
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Junior Analyst

Do I need a Work Permit to start a job in Dubai?

In Dubai, 18 is the minimum age for work. Foreign job searchers who are at least 18 years old and meet other requirements to work in Dubai are eligible for a work visa from Dubai. Your company applies for your work permit; they are also in charge of paying the money for your UAE work permit and for renewing it as needed.

You now have a comprehensive list of Dubai’s top positions in demand. While the emirate continues to be a highly desired location for those looking for improved employment prospects and professional progress, there are certain severe rules and norms that apply to foreigners working in Dubai. As long as you meet the requirements, you may work part-time in the UAE, even for some of the most sought-after positions in Dubai.


What Jobs in Dubai are in Demand?

  • Accounting and finance jobs
  • Social media and marketing specialists
  • Data-entry specialists or admin assistants
  • Jobs in Dubai’s legal sector
  • Digitalization and artificial intelligence jobs
  • Jobs in risk and security management
  • Engineers
  • Recruitment and HR jobs in Dubai

Work visas in the United Arab Emirates

In order to work in the UAE, all foreigners must possess a visa. Your company will have to sponsor you (or the free zone you will be working in).

The Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratization will issue you a preliminary visa if you are traveling from outside (MoHRE). After arriving in the UAE, you will have two months to finish procedures including health tests.

Your university degrees must be certified by the embassy of the UAE and the ministry of foreign affairs of your country of residence.

For those in specialized fields like teaching or nursing, passing qualification examinations and obtaining a letter of clearance from the appropriate regional competency authority may also be requirements.

How to Apply for a job in the United Arab Emirates

The recruiting procedure is quite comparable to that seen everywhere in the world in the UAE. You will submit a CV and cover letter, go through a few interviews—possibly starting with a phone interview with HR—before seeing the managers in person. Following a choice and employment offer, you can discuss the specifics of your contract. The entire procedure should take, on average, five weeks.

Can I receive a job sponsorship in Dubai?

You cannot accomplish it on your own. In Dubai, the systems for employment and residence are based on sponsorship.

The proper party to submit an application for an employee’s employment and residence visa is the employer. This implies that you must have found a job before submitting an application for your employment visa.

How does the UAE’s system of sponsorship work?

Regardless of whether the relevant business is located inside or outside of a Free Zone, the employer is the designated sponsor for a resident visa for an employee. Residency in Dubai or the UAE is momentary and often only lasts three (3) years, however it can be extended. Your passport’s face has the visa stamp.

According to UAE law, foreign nationals who are resident aliens must be sponsored in large part by UAE citizens (citizen).

A UAE national may hire a domestic worker as a direct private sponsor, or a UAE national may hire a business employee as an indirect private sponsor. Because a UAE resident is a partner, owner, or the primary shareholder of the sponsoring company, businesses are allowed to sponsor their employees.

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