Top cities in Solomon Islands | 2023 major cities

Searching for the Top cities in Solomon Islands? Have you ever wondered what it is like to visit the Solomon Islands, a country of over 900 islands in the Pacific Ocean? What are the best places to explore, experience, and enjoy in this diverse and fascinating destination? How can you plan your trip to make the most of your time and budget?

Based on their attractions, cultures, histories, and accessibility, the best cities in the Solomon Islands for 2023 will be presented to you in this article. In the Solomon Islands, you may find something to fit your tastes, be it an exciting jungle trip, a leisurely beach vacation, or an immersion into local culture.

The Solomon Islands are located in the south-west Pacific Ocean, approximately 2,000 kms to the northeast of Australia. They have a total area of 29,000 square kilometers and a population of approximately 700,000. The capital and largest city is Honiara, on Guadalcanal Island, which was the site of a major battle during World War II3. The country is divided into nine main island groups, each with its own unique features and attractions. Here are the top cities in Solomon Islands 2023 that you should not miss.