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Searching for Recruitment Agencies in Georgia for foreigners and citizens? Finding a qualified applicant or employee to fill a position open for an organization or business is known as recruitment services. further aids in finding excellent candidates for critical open positions. Additionally, it benefits businesses by assisting a company with its hiring and staffing requirements.

By compiling a database of target roles and registered companies and offering candidate profiles and updates, recruitment services serve as a connecting bridge between a candidate and a hiring firm or organization.

The environment created by Georgia’s recruitment services is one that inspires people to perform at the top of their game, respect, mentor, and support coworkers at all times, and form effective alliances with customers or clients to open doors.

This article aims to explore a number of topics, including the List of Georgia’s Top Employment Agencies, what you should avoid doing during the hiring process, the difference between internal and external sources of recruiting, and much more.

List of Georgia’s Top Employment Agencies.

Here is a list of Georgia’s Top Employment Agencies.

1. Remedy Intelligent Staffing.

Remedy Intelligent Staffing has been providing recruitment services for 50 years and is familiar with national professional staffing companies. ability to place applicants in positions where they will prosper. EmployBridge, the largest industrial staffing firm in the country with more than 490 sites, is the parent business of Remedy Intelligent, a franchise.


Services’ scope.

  • leading-edge knowledge in on-site services.
  • Risk Control.
  • people resources.
  • Employment law and training.
  • Temporary staffing for both short and lengthy periods.
  • a low-skilled industrial position.
  • office work.
  • skilled work.

2. Apollo Technical Engineered Talent Solutions

The company was founded in 2010. Apollo Technical Agency provides skilled and highly qualified IT experts and engineers with a focused, cost-effective path to their ideal position. One of the best-recruiting firms in the IT industry, Apollo Technical Agency connects top companies with candidates for contract and temporary positions with permanent employment. and is committed to building lasting relationships with customers and working hard and ethically to meet the career objectives of IT and engineering candidates.

Apollo Technical, a provider of recruitment services in Georgia, works hard to earn the title of top IT and engineering job recruiter.

Contact details:

  • Phone Number:- 404.474.4571
  • Website:-
  • Email

Service scope.

  • Aviation & Space.
  • architectural companies
  • Robotics and automation.
  • Automotive.
  • structural and civil engineering companies.
  • Chemical.
  • centers for data.
  • Electronics/IoT.
  • Utility & Energy.
  • Finance.
  • Healthcare Network systems and IT.
  • Products for the industry.
  • Internet/E-Commerce.
  • Manufacturing.
  • handling of materials.
  • medical equipment
  • MEP Engineering Companies
  • OEMs.

3. Puzzle.

With more than 10 years of experience, Puzzle is a professional in IT Recruitment, Onshore, and Nearshore Staffing. The main goal of Puzzle is to become the brand ambassador of your company and to find the ideal candidate for your job requirements across all markets and business sizes in a cost-effective manner, from the startup to the corporate level. Puzzles offer outsourcing staffing solutions.

Founded in 2021, it works hard to find the greatest personnel for the demands of the company.

Contact details:

  • Phone Number:-470-839-4600
  • Website:-

Services scope 

  • Direct Hire
  • Staffing
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Informational Technology
  • Customer Services

4. Insight Global

The agency is also known as a people-centered organization. The agency’s main motto is to help in achieving your biggest, boldest ambitions, and Insight Global won’t stop until you achieve your goal. Insight Global was founded in the year 2001 as an entrepreneurial startup. Since then, it has never looked back and has grown rapidly. Website:-

The services’ scope.

  • Personnel services.
  • Managed Solutions.
  • Consulting on culture.
  • Inclusion, equity, and diversity.
  • Public Sector Services.
  • monetary services
  • Services for health care.

5. Lucas Group

In 1970, Lucas Group was established. Lucas Group is said to aid military members in making the transition from the venerable end of their military duty to the non-military workplace. Lucas Group succeeded in hiring the greatest executive recruiters in the industry because it is a member of the Korn Ferry team, which strengthens executive search, recruitment process outsourcing, and professional search. Website:-

The services’ scope.

  • recruiting for military transition.
  • Conferences on Military Hiring
  • Soldiers looking for work.
  • Conferences and Events Staffing.
  • Success Stories in Hiring.

The distinction between internal and external sources of recruitment.

The difference between internal and external sources of recruitment is that candidates are hired from within the company or organization in the former, which may include promotions, transfers, etc., while freshers are typically hired from outside sources in the latter, which may include campus placement, employment exchange, etc.

What Does “Poaching” Mean in the Context of Recruitment?

The term “poaching” refers to unlawful hunting, but “job poaching” is the practice of hiring a top employee from a rival company with a higher pay scale and incentives. Job poaching is not limited to only the software, technology, and programming industries, but also occurs in other industries to attract top talent.

Do recruiters receive payment for each applicant?

The engagement fee, which is received by a recruiter before locating a candidate, is half of their total compensation. The remaining compensation is given once the candidate has been hired. Depending on the client and the degree of the position, a recruiter’s compensation can vary greatly.

What Is the Typical Fee for Recruitment?

Typical hiring costs fall between 15 and 25 percent of an employee’s first-year compensation. For instance, if a candidate is hired by a company and earns $75,000, the company would pay the agency $15,000 for the placement if the agency charges 20% at the time of hiring.

What ought you to avoid doing throughout recruitment?

In order to maintain a just and impartial selection procedure, there are a number of factors that should be avoided during the recruitment process:

  1. Excluding candidates on the basis of their disability, age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic.
  2. Asking an applicant about their personal life or medical history during an interview when such information is inappropriate or irrelevant.
  3. Creating arbitrary or unrealistic requirements for the role, or failing to provide a clear job description or prerequisites.
  4. Not allowing all applicants or interviewees the same chance to be considered for the position.
  5. Failing to give applicants the feedback or communications they were promised.
  6. Not properly confirming the veracity of a candidate’s résumé or other materials for a job application.
  7. Making an employment offer to an applicant without first conducting a complete background investigation
  8. And not providing enough training or supervision to staff members engaged in the hiring process.

Organizations can make sure that their hiring procedure is impartial, open, and in line with their beliefs and standards by adhering to these rules.


The Recruitment Process has steps that must be followed.

The steps to do in order to hire a fantastic or suitable staff

  • Know what you need.
  • Write the position description.
  • Documenting.
  • Job Application sorting
  • Set up an interview.
  • Recruit.\sOnboarding.

If the candidate does not match the desired skills and requirements, it would result in deficient candidates to fill the open position. The candidates should fit in the organization and should understand the core values and culture of the company to improve the company.

The hiring and selection process takes a long time to choose the right candidate for a right vacant position of an organization or a firm in fulfilling the requirements of an organization.


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