Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Bulgaria for Foreigners 2024/2025 |Check Skilled/Unskilled available jobs here

Jobs for Visa Sponsorship in Bulgaria in 2024 for foreigners! Are you looking for a Central American country where you can live and work? Do you require a job in Bulgaria to sponsor your visa? Bulgaria, like the majority of Eastern European countries, transitioned from a heavily state-controlled system to a market economy. Bulgaria is now a full member of the European Union, with a strong economy and job market for foreigners.

Bulgaria today enjoys a favorable position in the European Union, with cheap taxes and a skilled labor force. This particular circumstance draws a large number of multinational enterprises to establish in Bulgaria in order to cut expenses. These businesses typically seek qualified employees in a variety of fields that do not necessitate knowledge of Bulgarian or any other language other than English.

In this post, you will learn about visa sponsorship employment in Bulgaria , the many types of work visas in Bulgaria, the procedures for obtaining Bulgaria  Work Visas, getting a Job and a Work and Residence Permit in Bulgaria, and much more.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Bulgaria for Foreigners 2024

These are the available visa sponsorship jobs in Bulgaria for foreigners this year:

  • Product Manager
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Sr. Engineer Customer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Report Developer
  • Director of Engineering – Growth
  • Princ Engineer Quality
  • Principal Eng Design Enablmt PDK
  • Sr Analyst Real Estate Mgmt
  • Engineering Manager, Sales Ops Team
  • Sr IC Design Engineer
  • Brand Manager
  • MTS Business Analyst
  • Small Business Account Eecutive
  • Back- end Architect
  • Product Desiginer
  • Growth Product Manager
  • UX Researcher
  • Senior Growth Product Manager
  • Director of Marketing Operations
  • Sales Manager

Companies in Bulgaria that provide Sponsorship

Below are some of the companies that provide visa sponsorship in Bulgaria:

  • Toptal
  • Uber
  • SmartChoice international Limited
  • Agoda
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Payhawk
  • Espressif Systems
  • Freestar


What are common jobs in Bulgaria?

Metallurgy engineering, machine production, chemicals, and land and agriculture were formerly the most important sectors in Bulgaria. However, in recent years, the focus has switched to energy, tourism, transportation, information technology, food, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. These are the industries with the most job opportunities.

What is a reasonable pay in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria, the average monthly pay is 3,370 BGN (USD 1,900). That is, half of the employees make more than 3,370 BGN, while the other half earn less.

Getting a Job and a Work and Residence Permit in Bulgaria

Getting a job in Bulgaria is quite simple if you are proficient in any economic field with strong ties to technology. Because wages are cheaper than in Western Europe, there are many opportunities for skilled foreigners in various sectors.

EU Citizens: You do not require a work permit to start a new employment in Bulgaria if you are an EU citizen. Because the amount of bureaucracy is low, you will compete under the same conditions as EU nationals.

Non-EU Citizens: If you are a non-EU citizen, you will require a work permit in Bulgaria in most cases. Obtaining a work permit in Bulgaria is pretty simple, and your company will usually handle it. The fundamental reason for getting a work visa in Bulgaria is a written employment contract by both parties.

Bulgarian Work Visa Categories

For foreign nationals seeking entry into Bulgaria, a variety of visas are available. Bulgaria, as a member of the European Union (EU), permits nationals of other EU member states to work without the need for a visa or permit.

Bulgarian visas are available for the following foreign nationals:

  • Type A airport transit visas
  • Type C visas for short stays
  • Type D visas for long stays

Type D visas are required for foreign workers to get a Bulgarian work permit.

If any of your company’s employees need to travel to Bulgaria for a short period of time for a business trip or conference, they will almost certainly require a Type C visa.

Requirements for obtaining work visas for Bulgaria

The application for a work permit must be made by the foreign employee’s employer in Bulgaria. However, some of the necessary paperwork must also be submitted with the application by the employee. Required paperwork includes:

  • Three pictures from the applicant’s passport
  • a duplicate of the worker’s passport
  • a letter outlining the justification for the work permit request
  • a replica of the Bulgarian company registration certificate for the employer
  • The agreement for employment
  • documents attesting to the employee’s qualifications, including a diploma, any necessary certificates, and proof of prior employment
  • any other paperwork pertaining to the position
  • a completed application for a work permit

A long-stay visa will also be necessary for the employee. They will have to present the following paperwork in order to get one:

  • A duplicate of their passport’s first page
  • A color passport photo
  • Evidence of the purpose of the trip, such as a work permit
  • Evidence of health insurance
  • Proof of adequate financial resources
  • Providing evidence of housing in Bulgaria, such as a lease,
  • Police background investigation

Application Process

Due to the country’s strict immigration policies, it may be challenging to get a work permit in Bulgaria. Employers are required to apply for the visa on behalf of foreign employees, and they must demonstrate to the National Employment Agency that no job-seeking Bulgarian natives are qualified to fill the position.

When all the required paperwork is ready, the employer should submit the application to the National Employment Agency’s Employment Service Directorate. The agency will check the documents and send them to the executive director of the agency within three business days. The director must make a final choice regarding the granting of the work permit within a month.

Following the issuance of the permit, the employer in Bulgaria is required to register the employee with the regional employment office.

A Bulgarian work visa is only good for a year at a time, after which it may be renewed if the employment requirements have not changed.

The employee must apply for a Type D visa at the Bulgarian embassy or consulate in their nation after receiving a work permit. When applying for a Type D visa, applicants must also bring the documents listed in the previous section and show up in person for an interview. The employee can go to Bulgaria and start working after receiving their long-stay visa and work permit.

Best Websites to Find a Job in Bulgaria

The following are some of the top Bulgarian job search websites: The largest website for finding a job in Bulgaria is probably Although several are in English, the majority of offers are in Bulgarian. A wonderful resource for finding a job in Bulgaria is Although the site is primarily in Bulgarian, you can use English to search for keywords. The IT industry has a lot of English-language opportunities. Another excellent Bulgarian job site with an English edition is Corporate positions are plentiful in industries including IT, banking, and customer service. Many of them don’t require Bulgarian language proficiency.

European Job Mobility Portal: The European Union maintains the fantastic website European Job Mobility Portal, which is an excellent resource for finding work in Bulgaria and other EU member states.

Interesting Resources for Working and Living Abroad

Do you plan to relocate permanently or just temporarily to work and live abroad? The following are some online resources that you might find useful:

World Nomads: This business offers travel insurance in the majority of international locations. If you’re taking a lengthy trip, it might be a decent alternative. With a large selection of accommodations for all types of tourists, is the ideal option for locating lodging for your upcoming vacation.

Jetradar: The top website for flight comparisons is Jetradar.

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