Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Honduras for foreigners 2024/2025 | See Skilled/Unskilled job Vacancies

Jobs in Honduras that sponsor visas for foreign nationals! Are you planning to live and work in Honduras this year? Do you need free sponsorship for your visa to work in Honduras as a foreigner? If you’re looking for this, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Expats are frequently granted entry into a country in order to look for work. Workers are frequently required to be sponsored by a company that has extended them a formal job offer. The employer certifies that the employee will work for them, allowing them to work legally in that country.

You will discover in this article visa Sponsorship jobs in Honduras for foreigners, how to look for a job in Honduras as a foreigner, requirements for Honduras Work Visa, visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in Honduras, and a whole more.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Honduras for foreigners 2024

Expats going to Honduras for employment may discover career prospects due to a shortage of trained labor. Vacancies in administration, IT, and hospitality are constantly listed on a variety of websites as well as on the platforms of recruiting firms.

It is preferable to be fluent in Spanish, however positions in education and teaching English as a foreign language are also available. It’s an excellent idea to network when seeking for job, just like it is in most other locations. Before going, you might use services like LinkedIn to develop contacts with key Hondurans.

Here are some Visa sponsorship jobs in Honduras:

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Manager(RidgelineRemote Group)
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Secretaria, Recepcionista
  • Trade Exectuive
  • English Teacher
  • Senior Registration Assistant
  • Travel Advisor
  • Customer Success Specialist
  • Appointment Setter
  • Client Operations Specialist
  • Analista de Marketing
  • Analyst, Customer Care I
  • Sales Executive UTT – Canal Moderno
  • WPE Assistant – Cortés – Honduras
  • Project Manager, Honduras
  • Coordinador de Eficiencia Comercial

Visa Sponsorship Recruitment Agencies in Honduras

Recruitment agencies are independent businesses that assist employers in finding skilled individuals. Employers entrust them with the responsibility of seeking applicants for available positions inside their companies in order to save time and money while also gaining access to a bigger candidate pool that a direct marketing and corporate network cannot.

Here are some Visa sponsorship Recruitment agencies in Honduras:

  • Tecoloco
  • Candina group
  • Asociación Hondureña de Maquiladores
  • Manpower Honduras


Is it easy to get a job in Honduras as a foreigner?

Work visas or permits in Honduras are granted based on the duration and type of a foreigner’s work assignment. Some persons can enter the nation for 90 days without a work authorization and engage in unpaid activities. However, before traveling, it is important to consult with the government to determine the requirement.

Some visa-exempt citizens may enter the country and stay for up to 60 days. For business travels, nationals of foreign nations may require a Consular Visa or a Consulted Visa.

The majority of your employees will require a Special Stay Permit in conjunction with a Work Contract or a Temporary Residence Work Permit. The Special Stay Permit is valid for a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years. Employees must apply for temporary residency to stay after their visa expires.

Requirements to Obtain Honduras Work Visas

To obtain a Honduras work visa, your staff must meet a number of standards, including:

  • A current passport
  • Police clearance documents from both their home country and their country of origin
  • A medical certificate issued during the previous six months of the application
  • A duplicate of all passport pages
  • Four passport photographs
  • Honduran police clearance certificates given by the Dirección General de Investigación Criminal
  • Payment of the cost for the residency card
  • Registration costs must be paid.

Applicants must also comply with Honduras’ immunization standards. For example, all tourists arriving in Honduras from yellow fever-infected areas must obtain a yellow fever vaccination certificate within six days. Because the World Health Organization (WHO) updated its cholera vaccination criteria in 1973, applicants are no longer required to have a cholera vaccination certificate. However, cholera instances were reported in 1996 and 1999, so it’s advisable to get the most up-to-date information before visiting the nation. In Honduras, typhoid and malaria are also possible problems, particularly in rural regions.

Application Process

The procedure of acquiring a work permit in Honduras is separated into five major steps:

  • Getting into Honduras
  • Obtaining clearance for an employment contract as well as a statement of compliance application from the Labor Ministry
  • Obtaining temporary residency authorization
  • Registration, a resident card application, and fingerprinting are all required.
  • Obtaining and collecting a residence card

It typically takes one to two weeks to obtain a work permit and enter Honduras. The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs normally takes at least one to two days and up to ten days to approve the application. You and your staff should plan on waiting five to sixteen months for the full procedure to be completed.

How to look for a job in Honduras as a foreigner

  • Using job search websites to find employment
  • Seeking assistance from relatives and friends in finding a job in Honduras as a foreigner
  • Looking for a job in Honduras through the local press
  • Working for a Honduran university
  • Taking part at job fairs
  • Making up your own job

What are the most common jobs in Honduras?

They are maintenance employees, basic laborers, and handlers in industry. Another quarter of occupations are in services and market sales, with crafts accounting for 16%. Only around a third of all occupations in Honduras are in better skilled, higher-paying sectors in agriculture, industry, or services.

Visa Sponsorship, while beneficial, has a drawback. One of these is the possibility that employers would push the employee harder than usual, resulting in burnout. Companies invest a lot of money to sponsor people to come to the nation. As a result, when the person returns to work, their first priority is to recoup the money spent.

Feel free to post any inquiries concerning Visa sponsorship employment in Honduras in the comments area below. We can gladly assist you in locating the ideal opportunity for you.

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