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2024 Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Bhutan! Are you trying to find a country in Southern Asia where you may live and work? Do you need a job in Bhutan that will sponsor your visa? Would you want to know about the newest visa sponsorship positions in Bhutan? If so, this is your opportunity.

Foreign nationals must get a work permit in order to begin employment in Bhutan. A work permit in Bhutan is only good for the specific sort of employment that is specified there. It cannot be used for another task, therefore.

You will get to know the visa sponsorship jobs in Bhutan, the type of work visa in Bhutan, the requirements to obtain Bhutan Work Visas, and a whole more in this post.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Bhutan 2024 for foreigners

Here is the list of the Visa sponsorship jobs in Bhutan

  • Operation/Senior Operation Associate
  • Import Executive
  • Press Agent/Spokesperson
  • Research Associate/Senior Associate
  • Pricing Manager
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Sr. Manager – Projects
  • Channel Business Manager
  • Policy and Training Associate
  • Sales and Service Administrator
  • Consulting Actuary
  • Manager – Data stage Lead
  • Assistant Manager – DataStage Developer
  • CV-Engineering
  • Generation Sales Manger
  • Information Technology Support Trainee
  • Senior IT Support Executive
  • Manager -L&D
  • Senior Software Project Manager

Types of Work Visas in Bhutan

Work permits and work visas are two distinct papers in Bhutan. For foreigners to work in the nation, both are necessary. A work permit is necessary for carrying out work within the country’s borders, but an employment visa is only required for those entering the country to work.

Because the government only gives work licenses for one year at a time, candidates must reapply every year in order to keep their position as legal employees. The holder of a work visa must leave the country for at least six months after three years in order to renew.

Requirements to Obtain Bhutan Work Visas

To acquire a confirmation for work, applicants must provide a number of documents with their permit application. Although it is not necessary, as an employer, you may decide to assist your employee with this process. A few necessities are:

  • A valid passport.
  • Approval from the Department of Labor.
  • A completed employer undertaking form.
  • A medical fitness certificate.
  • A signed declaration of compliance.

A list of all foreign workers you want to hire, along with your signature attesting to their hiring, must be included on the employer undertaking form. Along with your nonnational employee, you must sign the declaration of conformity. A government-certified medical official within the nation must issue the applicants with the medical fitness certificate.

Application Process

Your employee should apply for an employment entry visa online or at their local consulate before departing for Bhutan. An arrival-only entry visa is available to some nationals, including:

  • Indian nationals.
  • Nationals from Bangladesh and Maldives.
  • Thai and Swiss nationals holding Diplomatic passports.
  • Nonnationals with an SAARC visa exemption sticker.

A completed application form, a copy of a current passport, and approval from the Ministry of Labor are required in order to receive an employment visa. On behalf of your employee, as the employer, you must request approval from the Ministry of Labor.

The visa holder must submit biometric data to the Department of Immigration after entering the country on their job visa. The visa holder can submit an application for a work permit once they are given permission to cross the border. The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, which is part of the Department of Immigration, should receive all the required documentation along with the completed application form.


How much do teachers earn in Bhutan?

In Bhutan, the average monthly salary for a Teacher is roughly 29,600 BTN. Salaries range from 14,500 BTN (the lowest) to 46,200 BTN (the highest) (highest). This is the average monthly pay, which includes housing, transportation, and other perks. Teacher salaries vary greatly depending on experience, talents, gender, and location.

What is the average income in Bhutan?

The average daily income in Bhutan is Ngultrum (Nu) 40, or less than a dollar, with rural regions having an even lower average daily income of Nu 33. (77 cents). The poverty line is about Nu 748.10 (or $17.40 USD) per person each month, or $208.75 USD annually.

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