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Visa sponsorship jobs in Croatia foreigners 2024/2025! Do you intend to work in Panama as a foreign employee? Croatia has a strong market economy with a large service sector and a stable currency (the kuna). Croatia, often known as the Republic of Croatia, is a nation in Southeast and Central Europe. It has a common Adriatic Sea coastline.

You can live and work in Croatia without a visa if you are from an EU nation. If you are applying from outside the EU, you will need a visa. In order to obtain one, you typically require a work offer and sponsorship from a firm.

The visa sponsorship jobs in Croatia for foreigners, the recruitment agencies in Croatia, how a foreigner gets employment in Croatia, the top reasons to Work in Croatia, and a whole lot more will be covered in this article.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Croatia foreigners 2024

Below are the visa sponsorship jobs in Croatia for foreigners :

  • IT Support Specialist
  • Junior Trader
  • Production Operator Subassemblies
  • Product Manager
  • Growth Product Manager
  • Senior Marketing Strategist
  • Senior Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Product Designer
  • Agile Program Manager
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Senior Growth Product Manager
  • Engineering Manager, Data Engineering Team
  • Senior Director of Product Management
  • Senior Software Engineer in Test
  • Senior Director of SEO
  • Senior SEM Manager

How to Get a Job in Croatia

You must first determine whether you qualify for a Croatian work visa; further details are provided below. You may search for employment locally or online, but it’s a good idea to register with recruiting firms.

English-speaking employees are hired by some local businesses and overseas recruiters. There are a ton of seasonal jobs, temporary jobs, and long-term professions accessible. Farms, agriculture, summer camps, language schools, hotels, vacation resorts, and employment with travel and tourist companies are all common seasonal professions in Croatia.

Your workers will require both a work permit and a residence permit if they intend to work in Croatia. Since Croatia is a member of the EU, the majority of Europeans are able to live and work there without a visa. Your workers will need to apply for a work permit at their neighborhood Republic of Croatia diplomatic mission if they are from outside the EU.

The majority of Croatian work and residency licenses have a 12-month duration. However, if candidates need to continue working in Croatia, they can extend their work visa at least 60 days before it expires. Croatia is a member of the EU Blue Card network, which is beneficial to citizens of third countries because the Blue Card is only good for two years.

While the most typical option for workers to receive a work visa in Croatia is through a work and residence permit combination, individuals may also be qualified for a job registration certificate. These diplomas are frequently given to advisors, artists, writers, and clergymen.

Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Croatia

Previously, Croatia had a quota system for work and residency permits, thus applicants could only be granted a work permit if the nation’s quota was being met. As of January 1, 2021, the quota system is no longer in effect. Employers are required to first get in touch with Croatia’s employment service (HZZ) for a labor market assessment to see if there are any unemployed Croatian nationals qualified for the position under the new Foreigners Act, which governs the entry, stay, and employment of non-EU nationals in Croatia. The company may then move through with filing for a work and residence visa for a foreign national if the research does not turn up any eligible candidates.

All candidates must provide the following documentation:

  • their passport photocopy.
  • the size of a passport.
  • evidence of their independence while living in Croatia.
  • proof of health coverage.
  • an agreement for employment.
  • evidence of academic credentials and abilities.
  • evidence of the registration of their business.

A bachelor’s degree or five years of senior professional experience is required of workers seeking an EU Blue Card if they are from a nation outside the EU. Additionally, candidates must have a confirmed job offer or an existing employment contract. The Blue Card application process is frequently expedited by member states, making it quicker than the standard procedure for work and residency permits.

Application Process

The method for applying for a work visa to Croatia relies on the particular visa type and the policies of the regional embassy. For instance, some embassies operate on a “first-come, first-served” basis and don’t require appointments.

An applicant must visit the administrative police station nearest to their domicile in Croatia or the Croatian embassy or consulate in their home country to begin the procedure. They must next submit an application along with all of the aforementioned paperwork. The person must pay 870 kunas for the permit’s issuance, a separate biometric residence permit, and administrative costs when the work and residence permit is authorized. Once all payments have been paid, Croatia will order the residency permit, which the employee may pick up at the police station after 21 days.

More Key Points

EU Blue Card holders are allowed to travel to Croatia with their family, including their spouse, kids, and other dependents. However, those with a standard work and residency visa must make arrangements for their family members to visit Croatia. A copy of a valid travel document, proof of relationship, evidence of sufficient funds, and proof of enough health insurance should all be shown during this procedure, which should be done at the local consulate.

Top Reasons to Work in Croatia

Do you aspire to work and reside in Croatia? You may have fallen in love with the country on a vacation there, or you may just be seeking a place to relocate to with a high standard of life and affordable living expenses. Croatia is a tiny, beautiful nation with a sizable tourist sector.

Croatia is one of the most promising places in Europe to find employment, and an increasing number of foreigners are looking to relocate there. Particularly when compared to other adjacent nations like Austria and Italy, this country is quite safe and has a low cost of living.

How may a foreigner get employment in Croatia?

In the Republic of Croatia, foreign nationals may look for employment:

  • Through the Croatian Employment Service (HZZ), with the assistance of Employment Advisers, or via the website “Labour Exchange,”
  • By way of employment mediation organizations,
  •  on the internet.
  • advertising that is printed in the news media.

Working in Croatia FAQ

Language: The official language of Croatia is Croatian. Learning at least the fundamental words and phrases will greatly improve your work opportunities and make life in Croatia simpler if you don’t speak any of the languages.

Money: The Croatian kuna is the country’s unit of currency. Although competitive, salaries in this country are still lower than those in Western Europe. Your pay actually relies on your function and the business.

Best Places to Get Employment

There are numerous areas you might visit in the nation, but the greatest places to get employment are the bigger towns, cities, and tourist sites, such as Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar, and Dubrovnik. Some seasonal and agricultural jobs may be located in relatively distant parts of the nation.


Summer Jobs in Croatia

In Croatia, are you seeking temporary employment? Jobs are available in a variety of fields, including education, teaching, sports, tourism, hospitality, and more. Employers in the area frequently hire foreign workers in the summer to work at summer camps, teach English, or in the travel and tourism sector.

Professional Jobs in Croatia

Tourism, energy, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, engineering, and maritime are some of Croatia’s key businesses. The primary industry in the nation, with thousands of employees and a 20% GDP contribution, is tourism. Larger cities like Zagreb are home to the majority of multinational corporations.

Recruitment Agencies in Croatia; Top Agencies

It is essential to speak with one of the Croatian recruiting firms if you want to work in a developed nation like Croatia. These organizations are also available if you need staffing.

If you want to work in a decent place with a high salary, Croatia is a wonderful alternative. IT and non-IT job searchers can choose from a variety of areas at Croatian recruitment firms.

With the development of technology, individuals from many nations have become closer. Croatia, an EU member, has opened up a variety of positions and chances for both foreigners and its own inhabitants.

Some of the top Croatian recruitment agencies are listed below.

  • Derka
  • Mediator Group
  • Electus DGS D.O.O
  • Info art. d.o.o
  • Humble Hunters
  • Professor d. O. O.
  • Trenkwalder Privremeno Zaposljavanje
  • AA Euro Group
  • Selectio

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