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Jobs in Equatorial Guinea with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners Looking for a place to live and work in Africa? Do you wish to work as a foreigner with a Visa in Equatorial Guinea? Do you want to be kept up to date on the most recent visa sponsorship opportunities in Equatorial Guinea? Then this is your opportunity.

Agriculture used to be the mainstay of Equatorial Guinea’s economy, but with the discovery of oil, this sector has expanded dramatically, and oil and gas exports now account for the vast majority of the country’s exports. The USA, France, and China are three of our top trading partners.

Check out the list of visa sponsorship jobs in Equatorial Guinea that we have supplied below without further ado. We also cover a wide range of topics, including the cost of living in Equatorial Guinea, the kinds of work visas that are offered there, and the procedures for obtaining one.

Work in Equatorial Guinea

The social and professional climate of Equatorial Guinea is demanding. The majority of positions requiring high levels of skill are found in the oil and gas industry. Anyone working there is encouraged to have insurance and access to private amenities because the country’s healthcare and education systems are underdeveloped.

The population generally has very low income levels, which limits social living and leads to a decline in social activities. Prior to receiving a job offer, relocation to Equatorial Guinea is not recommended.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Equatorial Guinea for foreigners 2024

Check out the list of Visa sponsorship jobs in Equatorial Guinea below:

  • Senior C# Cross Platform Software Engineer.
  • Offshore Operation Technician
  • Account Manager – Production Chemistry
  • Senior Web Engineer
  • Welding Engineer – QA / QC
  • I&E Competency Assessor
  • National Logistics Supervisor
  • Lead operator
  • Offshore Fitter \ Welder
  • Mechanical Competency Assessor
  • Contract HSE Technician
  • National Mechanical Technician

Work visa categories in Equatorial Guinea

Some nations, including the US, allow their citizens to visit Equatorial Guinea for up to 90 days without a visa. However, it’s possible that the  personnel may need to stay longer, which calls for a visa.

Depending on the demands of the applicant, the nation offers single- and multiple-entry categories of business, tourist, and labor visas. If an employees’ country of residence does not have an Equatorial Guinea diplomatic mission, they may also apply for a visa upon arrival.

The majority of workers will also require a work permit, which has a one-year validity with the option of renewal. If they only need to work for six months to a year with no more than 90-day visits at a time, they can choose a multiple-entry work visa. Additionally, a residence permit is required for anyone planning to stay in Equatorial Guinea for more than 90 days.

Employees may apply for one of numerous work licenses under Equatorial Guinea’s new immigration regulations, including:

BI: The initial work permit is good for any employer for a year.

BR: The BI work permit is renewed by the BR work permit, which has a two-year validity period.

C: When a BR permit is renewed, the holder receives a three-year C work permit.

A: This temporary work visa is available to temporary workers and is valid for six months with the possibility of renewal.

I: Workers in the informal sector who are self-employed or employed but not under a contract are eligible for the informal work permit. It has a one-year expiration date and a renewal option.

PCP: The PCP is a work authorization for independent contractors operating in Equatorial Guinea. It is available to contract employees and is good for three years.

PTA: The PTA is a work permit for those working in agriculture, whether they are employed or self-employed. It is three years long and renewable.

PP: Foreign nationals who meet the requirements in the nation may apply for this permanent work permit.

What You Need to Do to Get a Work Visa for Equatorial Guinea

There are different requirements for each visa in Equatorial Guinea. Having said that, the following are some frequent pieces of paperwork your staff may require:

  • visa application finished.
  • 1 passport-style photograph.
  • a copy of your vaccination record for yellow fever.
  • Passport that is good for six months after the trip is over.
  • One visa page that is blank in the passport.
  • a duplicate of the flight schedule.
  • If they are traveling for work, a business letter

Process for obtaining a work visa in Equatorial Guinea

A official letter sent to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security must be submitted with every application for a work visa. Your potential workers must enclose their application as well as the previously mentioned documentation. Within seven days of receiving the application, the ministry will respond with a yes or no.

You can normally handle the procedure of requesting a work permit as the employer. Documents demonstrating your business’s operations and detailing the services the foreign employee will render are required. Additionally, you must demonstrate that the employee satisfies the position’s specific requirements.

Significant Factors

Applicants may appeal a denial of their application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. If your employees are denied employment at that point in the administrative appeal process, they are unable to work for your Equatorial Guinea entity. The ministry’s decision is the last step in the process.

Recruitment agency in Equatorial Guinea

An employer who is hiring sends a job description to a recruitment firm. The hiring company then hunts for someone to fill that position.

Recruitment firms search for qualified candidates who fit the job description. A skilled worker has the necessary training, credentials, and experience to perform a specific job. Examples include nurses, accountants, chefs, builders, and truck drivers.

Recruitment firms focus on specific industries. These can include the healthcare, computing, engineering, nursing, accounting, catering, building, or other fields. If an agency is having trouble finding personnel, they might first call you.

You can hunt up a hiring company that can assist you in locating employment that fits your qualifications. On Google Maps or any other map tool, enter “recruitment agency near Malabo.” There is a list of reputable organizations you can get in touch with there. If you are not in Equatorial Guinea, you can look online for employment agencies in your neighborhood. They can aid you in locating employment in Equatorial Guinea.


How much does it cost to live in Equatorial Guinea?

Equatorial Guinea’s typical household spending is as follows in USD: For a single individual, $300 USD per month; for a couple, $800 USD per month; and for a family with two kids, $1200 USD per month will do.

How do individuals in Equatorial Guinea support themselves?

Equatorial Guinea has a predominantly agrarian economy despite the fact that petroleum accounts for the majority of its export earnings. Some cultivate crops for their own sustenance while clearing the ground by burning off other types of vegetation.

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