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2024/2025 Mongolian recruitment firms for residents and foreigners! In the modern world, unemployment is a major issue, particularly for people who are going through a crisis and are unsure about their future course of action. The top Mongolian recruitment companies are here to help those who have lost their motivation rekindle their enthusiasm.

Using a recruitment agency’s assistance is a beneficial strategy to create connections and partnerships. They can help job seekers achieve the position they want, and they can assist business owners in choosing their next hire from a pool of applicants.

Check out our list of the top Mongolian recruitment agencies below for more assistance with your career. Are you curious about part-time work in Mongolia? Are you requesting information regarding whether or not recruiters’ fees are deducted from your pay? Or perhaps you want to know how much it would cost to hire a recruiter in Mongolia.

2024/2025 Mongolian recruitment firms for residents and foreigners

In Mongolia, there are several employment services that can assist job searchers in locating employment opportunities across many industries. Several instances include:

1. PwC Mongolia:

PwC is a multinational professional services company with a recruitment branch that focuses on finding applicants for positions in consulting, finance, and accounting.

2. EZ-HR Solutions.

A business that offers a comprehensive range of HR services, including as hiring, payroll, and training, is called EZ-HR Solutions.

3. Adecco Mongolia:

This company is a member of the global Adecco Group and provides staffing solutions for a range of markets, including finance, engineering, and healthcare.

4. KPMG Mongolia:

This multinational professional services company offers a recruitment branch that focuses on locating applicants for positions in consulting, finance, and accounting.

5. Deloitte Mongolia:

A different international provider of professional services, Deloitte offers a recruitment department that specializes in locating applicants for positions in consulting, finance, and accounting.

6. Talent Partners Mongolia

This company, Talent Partners Mongolia, focuses in hiring for the mining and construction sectors.

7. Pro-Staff LLC

Pro-Staff LLC is a business that focuses on mining and construction industry recruiting.

8. Mongolian Staffing Solutions

An organization that offers recruitment services for a variety of sectors, including IT, healthcare, and finance is called Mongolian Staffing Solutions.

9. JobNet:

A website that links job searchers and businesses in different sectors.

10. Top Job:

This company offers hiring services for a range of sectors, including healthcare, IT, and finance.

11. JobMongolia

JobMongolia is an online resource that enables job seekers to look for openings and submit their applications to businesses.

12. Manpower Mongolia

Manpower Mongolia is a division of the global Manpower Group and provides staffing solutions for a variety of sectors, including healthcare, IT, and finance.

13. MP Group:

This company offers hiring solutions for the banking, finance, and IT sectors.

14. JobNet Mongolia

JobNet Mongolia is an online resource that enables job seekers to look for openings and submit applications to businesses.

Common occupations in Mongolia

In Mongolia, some typical jobs include:

  • For many rural families, the major sources of income are agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • mining, especially of coal, gold, and copper.
  • construction as the economy and urbanization of the nation develop.
  • Mongolia is a popular tourist destination because of its stunning scenery and nomadic culture.
  • In metropolitan regions, the importance of services like retail and hotel is rising as well.
  • government, education, healthcare, and other public sector occupations.
  • both production and trading.

Do employers deduct recruiters’ fees from your pay?

Recruiters are often compensated by the employer, not by the job applicant. For some services, such resume writing or career counselling, recruiters may charge the candidate a fee. These costs are normally made clear up front and are distinct from any pay from the employer. It’s also important to remember that there are several types of recruiters; some are salaried workers, others are paid on commission, and yet others operate independently.

Jobs for English speakers in Mongolia

English-speaking job opportunities in Mongolia include:

  • teaching English because English language education is highly sought-after in schools and institutions.
  • There is a demand for English-speaking tour guides and hotel workers due to the large number of tourists who visit Mongolia who speak the language.
  • Business, including foreign trade and investment, are growing more significant in Mongolia, and many industries use English as their primary language of commerce.
  • mining, as there are numerous foreign mining companies operating in Mongolia and they need workers that can speak English.
  • English is the predominant language of communication in diplomatic and NGO roles.
  • both interpretation and translation.
  • positions in sales and marketing for multinational corporations.

It’s important to note that the availability of such positions will depend on the state of the labor market at the time, the applicant’s background, and credentials.

Mongolian part-time employment

Depending on your abilities and qualifications, Mongolia offers a range of part-time career options. Several instances include:

  • Data entry and administrative support: Many businesses in Mongolia require part-time administrative assistants and support staff.
  • Online employment: Due to the pandemic, online employment has grown in popularity. You can now find a variety of part-time positions online, including online tutoring, graphic design, content writing, web development, and more.
  • Retail and sales: Part-time sales representatives with flexible hours are needed by numerous shops and companies in Mongolia.
  • Customer service: A number of businesses in Mongolia are looking for part-time employees that can work a flexible schedule.
  • Tutoring: You can work as a part-time tutor or coach if you speak a foreign language fluently or possess a certain talent or body of information.

How much does hiring a recruiter cost in Mongolia?

The price of hiring a recruiter in Mongolia is difficult to predict because it depends on the particular services provided, the kind of recruiter, and the state of the labor market. While some recruiters may bill a flat fee, others might bill a percentage of the candidate’s first-year pay.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there are several kinds of recruiters and headhunters; some are paid on commission, while others are paid on a salary, and yet others work independently. To choose the ideal alternative for your needs, it would be great to do some research and compare the prices and services provided by various recruiters in Mongolia.


Do you discuss your salary with recruiters?

Most of the time, job applicants discuss compensation directly with the company rather than a recruiter. However, recruiters frequently have helpful information to share regarding salary expectations and bargaining tactics. Some recruiters are knowledgeable about the labor market and can offer information on the usual salary ranges for a particular occupation and industry.

During pay negotiations, recruiters may also serve as a liaison between the candidates and the company, giving information to the candidate about their skills and experience as well as the employer’s offer of compensation. Recruitment agencies may occasionally be able to bargain on behalf of candidates, although this is not always the case and depends on the terms of the contract between the employer and the agency.

You must be prepared to talk about your credentials, experience, and what you can add to the position because pay negotiations are a two-way process. Be sincere, open, and courteous when dealing with the employer, and make an effort to comprehend their viewpoint.

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