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Jobs with visa sponsorship in Ireland for foreigners in 2024/2025! When seeking work outside of your home country, the procedure of obtaining a visa to that nation is an important element to consider. Finding a job that will give employment with Ireland visa sponsorship as an added benefit is always a smart place to start.

Finding a job through Visa Sponsorship is one of the simplest methods to enter Ireland without having to deal with the hassles of applying for work visas and the like. The positions with Visa sponsorships posted on these websites are skilled, and with the assistance of a reputable recruiting firm, you may locate one that matches your skill set.

This article lists the best occupations in Ireland with visa sponsorship, as well as how to receive sponsorship to work in Ireland, the many forms of working permits in Ireland, and much more.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Ireland for foreigners 2024

The following are the current visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners in Ireland

  • Project Manager-International
  • Director of Design
  • IT Operations Specialist
  • Junior Business Analyst
  • Business Change Manager
  • Site Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Site Manager-International
  • Site Agent
  • Partner Administrative Assistant
  • Financial Accountant/Newly Qualified/Finalist
  • Project Engineer
  • Graduate Software Engineer
  • Health and Saftey Officer
  • Procurement Analyst
  • Civil Engineer
  • Human Resources Generalist

How to get sponsorship to work in Ireland

To obtain sponsorship to work in Ireland, apply for a position with an organization that provides sponsorship to non-EEA nationals. You can apply for an employment permit after you receive a formal work offer. After that, you may apply for a work visa, and if accepted, you can come to Ireland to work.

The first thing to remember is that not everyone will require sponsorship to work in Ireland. If you are a British or European Union citizen, you will be allowed to work in the UK without the requirement for sponsorship.

Individuals from non-EEA nations may require sponsorship (outside the UK, EU, and Switzerland). Individuals who intend to work in Ireland must apply for a work visa.

Employment permit types in Ireland

In Ireland, there are nine distinct categories of employment permits. The Critical Skills Employment Permit, the General Employment Permit, and Dependent Partner Employment Permits are among the most common ways.

The following employment permits are available in Ireland:

  • Critical Skills Employment
  • Dependent/Partner/Spouse Employment
  • Intra-Company Transfer Employment
  • General Employment
  • Contract for Services Employment,
  • Reactivation Employment
  • Internship Employment
  • Sport and Cultural Employment
  •  Exchange Agreement Employment

It is advised that you apply for the category that best fits your specific circumstances in order to increase your chances of success. You should be aware that the criteria for an employment visa vary greatly depending on the category.


How to apply in Ireland for a work visa

You must first have a written employment offer from a qualified company if you want to be sponsored to work in Ireland.

The next step is to apply for your permit via the Employment Permits Online System (EPOS) application website.

The following details must be provided by you:

  • passport information.
  • Information about the employer or sponsoring entity.
  • Additional information about the candidate.
  • information about jobs.
  • information about compensation.
  • other pertinent information

You must submit the necessary paperwork and pay the applicable application cost. At least 12 weeks before the anticipated start date of the job, an application for an employment permit must be made.

Additionally, the online application must be finished within 28 days in order to avoid being erased from the EPOS system.

Immigration permission to work in Ireland

The following are two of the most prevalent methods for obtaining work sponsorship.

Critical Skills Employment Permit

The Critical Skills Employment Permit visa category was created for highly qualified applicants who want to come to Ireland to work in critical occupations that have been identified as being in short supply in the Irish employment market.

IT professionals, engineers, scientists, health professionals, researchers, and statisticians are examples of roles in this area.

Employers are not obliged to conduct a Labour Market Needs Test for these occupations due to a skills shortage.

Another advantage of this permission is that it facilitates a very simple family reunion for dependent family members. Then, eligible family members will be permitted to work.

General Employment Visa

The General Employment Visa is intended for all jobs that are not on the key skills occupation list or the list of ineligible occupations.

Except in certain instances, the post must pay at least €30,000 in most cases. Employers must be registered with the Revenue Commissioner and the Companies Registration Office in their respective jurisdictions.

Before sponsoring a non-EEA worker, companies must usually complete a Labour Market Needs Test to confirm that the position cannot be filled by current applicants in Ireland.

In addition, the person seeking the visa must successfully demonstrate that they have the necessary credentials, abilities, and experience level for the position.

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  1. Hi I see that Ireland has many job vacancies accross all job descriptions and my country has high unemployment. Can we have a collaboration to fill those positions

  2. I am interested in coming to work in Ireland as an administrative assistant in one of your primary schools to impart in your learners new innovation that can boost their morale and that of staff in your establishment. I have wealth of experience in primary school setting and can work with little or no supervision after been trained in your school s’ policy

  3. Good day Sir/Madam
    I am looking for a job in Ireland as a health care assistant or care giver. Please let me know any job. I have 18 years experience in healthcare department in Saudi Arabia

    Best Regards
    Saima Yaqoob

  4. Greetings
    My name is Zanele Marry Mthimunye from South Africa, I’m 31years old a postgraduate from Tshwane University of Technology holding a National Diploma in Entrepreneurship and now doing my Bcom in Business Management with the University of South Africa. I’m looking for employment in Ireland, anything in the field of Business I can even settle for a cashier post. I have 5 years experience working as a Teller at South African Post Office so I’m good when it comes to customer service.

  5. Good day.

    I am currently working in the Automotive industry as a Product Engineer – Body Construction at Volkswagen Group South Africa. I have 25 years service and have had the opportunity to work in different departments in the company. I have lead cross functional teams and have been part of a team which launched numerous new projects successfully.

    I have studied Business Management, Project Management and Office Drawing Practices.

    I have also completed courses in Management such as –
    – Problem Solving for Production Environment Institute
    – Developing Productive working Relationships
    – Total Quality Management
    – Managing Changes and Improvements
    – Managing Health and Safety
    – Developing Team Members Skills.

    I am looking for a new challenge in any vacancy suitable to my experience.

  6. Good evening sir/madam Iam looking for in Ireland ajob as an elderly care giver or assistant .I have a 3yr experience been working in Oman and want to join the care team in Ireland I would be so greatful if you considered my request

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