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Looking for a side hustle while you are still in school? Are you a student and you have a business idea that you want to turn into something great? We have compiled a list of top best profitable small business ideas for students.

If you have been thinking about what kind of business you can start as a student, there are different ways to earn money while schooling in any university. These side businesses for university students are profitable and very lucrative for beginners or entrepreneurs to delve into

There are several kinds of small businesses you can start as a student in college, polytechnic or any in university. Most of these business ideas involve little or no capital to set them up. With this small business idea, you can be a successful student entrepreneur.

Best Business to start as a student

Being a student is not an excuse for not starting your own business. It will surprise you to know that many successful entrepreneurs and top investors started as students. They all started from the scratch.

The list below shows the top best small business for students:

  • DELIVERY SERVICE: With the way the world is fast-paced and it’s technology changing, delivery service turns out to great business ideas for students. It is easiest to implement and requires minimal investment. Start your delivery service that caters to client various needs like drop or pick-up, doing grocery shopping or even getting food delivered at home.
  • EVENT PLANNER: Do you know that you can become an event planner even as a student? You can market your skills as an event promoter and capitalize on it.  Event promoter is a sensible business idea for college students that can be started with moderate capital investment.
  • JEWELLERY MAKER: Jewellery making is one of the best startup business for college students. You can start your business with simple designs that are wearable and fashionable, made without using expensive metals like gold and silver.
  • ONLINE COACHING SERVICE: Are you good as a student in any field of study? There’s always a favourite subject you know even at your fingertips. You can earn cool cash by giving tuitions on a subject that you have mastered? Online coaching service turns out to be one of the lucrative business ideas for students that is equally satisfying.
  • Animation and video creation: Are you into short animated movies or videos? With YouTube and other social media video sites, you can get some of the most profitable business ideas for students. As a university students, you can produce your own low-cost feature films or create advertisements for established brands.
  • CONTENT CREATION: Almost all online businesses needs good and original content for  their businesses. These  contents are needed to promote products, create a brochure and build a customer base. Students can easily start their career as content creators without any investment.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Social media management is one of the best business ideas for students. Most top companies do not have the time to manage their business on social media platforms and are always on a lookout for outsourcing the job for them. As a social media manager, you need to manage your client’s social media networks and implement strategies to boost sales.
  • WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: Do you know that companies, needs a strong online presence because it is extremely crucial for survival. Most of the companies do not have the time or resources to develop their websites in-house. You can become a website designer and developer or a freelance web designer by creating interesting logo designs for doing complete website revamps.


Tips for starting a business as a student

Do not let procrastination steal your dream of owing your own business. With these guidelines, you can grow your business even as a studen. Follow these tips to be on track:

  • Avoid anything illegal
  • Don’t compromise anyone’s safety to make a buck
  • While making some cash and pursuing your dream business, do not forget your books
  • Check anything rules your uni or student insurance provider might have about running a business
  • You’ll need to complete a self-assessment tax return each year
  • Check whether you need a licence, insurance or qualification to put any of your ideas into action before you move forward

We trust that this information on the best business for students has been useful to you, please do well to someone who needs it.

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