Best credit card in HDFC – Top-rated HDFC credit card, Rewards and features

Credit cards are now a crucial component of managing one’s personal finances thanks to advancements in the financial industry. One of the top banks in India, HDFC Bank, offers a variety of credit cards to suit various monetary needs and way of life. Given that each HDFC credit card has a different set of special bonuses and features, selecting the best card might be challenging.

People can control their costs and accrue incentives using credit cards since they are handy and adaptable. A range of credit cards from HDFC Bank are available to suit various monetary requirements and way of life. The HDFC Bank has a credit card to suit every requirement, from low-fee cards that are perfect for users on a tight budget to premium cards that offer a variety of special perks.

The spending patterns, way of life, and financial objectives you have should all be taken into account while selecting an HDFC credit card. It’s critical to select a credit card that meets your unique demands because the bank offers credit cards with a range of interest rates, annual fees, reward points, and bonuses. The appropriate credit card for you is available from HDFC Bank, whether you’re looking for one that provides cash back, reward points, travel advantages, or special discounts.

If you’re searching for the best HDFC credit card, or want to learn about the rewards and features offered, eligibility criteria, fees, and charges, or what HDFC credit card is best for individuals with low incomes, then this article is a must-read for you.

HDFC’s top credit card.

A variety of credit cards are available from HDFC Bank to accommodate different consumer needs and spending habits. The following are a few of the top HDFC credit cards:

  1. The premium credit card HDFC Regalia First offers a variety of perks and reward points.
  2. A premium lifestyle credit card with special rewards and privileges is the HDFC Diners Club Black.
  3. The HDFC Moneyback Credit Card is a cashback card that offers benefits for regular purchases.
  4. The HDFC Millennia Credit Card is a lifestyle credit card that provides a number of advantages and savings on dining, shopping, travel, and entertainment.

To get optimum benefits, it is advised to assess one’s spending habits and needs before selecting a credit card.

Rewards and features of HDFC credit cards

Depending on the particular card, different HDFC credit cards provide different benefits and advantages. In addition to discounts on dining, shopping, travel, and entertainment, HDFC credit cards also frequently give cashback on purchases, reward points for every rupee spent, and additional reward points on specific transactions.

Features of credit cards from HDFC could include:

  1. Contactless transactions.
  2. emergency replacement of the card
  3. Card loss or theft is not subject to liability.
  4. Simple EMI options
  5. No fuel surcharge.
  6. Insurance includes things like purchase protection, travel insurance, etc.
  7. use internationally
  8. flexible alternatives for redeeming rewards points.
  9. access to airport lounges without charge

Can I acquire an HDFC credit card with a salary account?

Yes, you are eligible for an HDFC credit card if you have a salary account. Numerous credit cards are available from HDFC Bank that are tailored to the needs of salaried workers. You must have an HDFC Bank or other bank salary account in order to be eligible for an HDFC credit card. You should also be able to afford the minimum income level required by HDFC Bank for the credit card you’re looking for. If you meet the requirements, you can apply for an HDFC credit card in person at an HDFC Bank location, online, or by getting in touch with customer support.

HDFC credit cards’ eligibility requirements

Depending on the card, different HDFC credit cards have different qualifying requirements. The following details are often needed by HDFC Bank to assess your eligibility for a credit card:

  • Age Requirements: You must be at least 21 years old and no older than 65.
  • Residence: You must have a legal residential address and be an Indian citizen.
  • Income: You must earn at least the minimum amount required by the bank, which is often between $15,000 and $20,000.
  • Employment: You must have a stable income as a salaried or independent worker.
  • Credit rating: To be eligible for an HDFC credit card, you must have a strong credit rating, often 750 or higher.

Some HDFC credit cards may have extra conditions, such as a specified job profile or minimum net worth, in addition to these fundamental eligibility standards.

Being eligible does not ensure immediate acceptance for an HDFC credit card, therefore it’s crucial to remember that. When assessing your application, the bank may also take into account additional elements including your credit history and past repayment behavior.

HDFC credit card fees and charges.

Depending on the exact card, different HDFC credit cards have different fees and charges. The following are a few of the standard fees and charges for HDFC credit cards:

  • Upon first applying for the card, there is a one-time joining fee.
  • Annual charge: An annual fee you must pay to keep using the card.
  • Interest rate: The annual percentage rate (APR) applied to any outstanding card balance.
  • A cost assessed if you don’t pay using your credit card by the deadline is known as a late payment fee.
  • When you use your card to make an ATM withdrawal, you will be charged a cash advance fee.
  • Overlimit fee: A fee assessed if your credit limit is exceeded.
  • A charge for transactions done in foreign currencies is known as a foreign transaction fee.

Which HDFC credit card is ideal for employees on a salary?

Which HDFC credit card is best for salaried workers would depend on their individual requirements and spending patterns. For salaried workers, some popular HDFC credit cards include:

  1. The HDFC Regalia credit card comes with a long list of perks, including access to lounges, dining privileges, and reward points.
  2. The HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card is a special credit card for millennials that gives rewards and discounts on lifestyle and leisure products.
  3. A number of advantages are available with the premium HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card, including access to airport lounges, meal discounts, and high reward points.

Before selecting a credit card, it is advised that a person examine the features and perks provided by several cards and select the one that best fulfills their needs.

Payment using an HDFC credit card

Payments can be made with an HDFC credit card in a number of ways:

1. Online Payment:

You can use the bank’s net banking or mobile banking services to make a payment with your HDFC credit card online.

2. Auto Debit:

If you enable the auto-debit feature on your HDFC credit card, your savings account will be automatically debited each month for the minimum amount due.

3. NEFT/RTGS Transfer:

From any bank account, you can send money via NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) or RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement).

4. Drop Box Payment:

You can deposit a check in the HDFC Bank drop box, which is available at many of its branches all over the nation.

5. PhoneBanking:

You can use the HDFC Bank’s PhoneBanking service to make a payment.

6. Cash Payment:

You can pay with cash at any HDFC Bank branch or at a payment location that has been approved by HDFC Bank.

To prevent late payment fees and to keep your credit score high, it’s crucial to make your credit card payment on time or earlier than the due date.


What HDFC credit card is the best for people with low incomes?

A credit card with a lower annual fee and interest rate would be the ideal choice for people with limited incomes. The following HDFC credit cards can be appropriate for people with low incomes:

1. HDFC Bank Freedom Credit Card

The HDFC Bank Freedom Credit Card is an entry-level card with a low annual fee that provides rewards and savings on a range of merchandise.

2. HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card

The HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card is a special credit card for millennials that gives rewards and discounts on lifestyle and leisure products.

3. Credit card from HDFC Bank Regalia First

This premium card has a low annual fee and provides perks including access to lounges, dining privileges, and reward points.

Before selecting the HDFC credit card that best satisfies your needs and matches your budget, it is advised that you evaluate the features and costs of the various cards.

If you have any further questions or would like to share your thoughts about the best credit cards offered by HDFC, please feel free to leave a comment below.