How to convert Sephora gift card to cash | turn gift card to cash

Did you receive a Sephora gift card and you’re looking for how to convert it to cash?. Even though gift cards are the best gift option for loved ones but you may receive a Sephora gift card from someone but you need cash so you prefer to exchange it for cash instead.

Sephora gift card is one of the best and most popular gift cards that offer a variety of product selections such as skin care, make-up, Cosmetics, Fragrance, etc. You can’t return your Sephora gift card to them for cash or return it to the person that gave you. We’re going to show you how you can turn this gift card into cash that you need.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the simple ways you can turn your Sephora gift card into cold cash.

How to turn Sephora gift card into cash.

List your Sephora gift card on e-commerce sites

One of the fastest ways to convert your Sephora gift card to cash is by listing your gift on the marketplace such as ebay, craigslist, Facebook marketplace etc.

This website have hundreds of thousands of potential buyers who might be interested in buying your card. To make the process faster you may have to sell it slightly lower than the value of the gift card

Buy items and flip for cash

This option if you are not in need of urgent cash you might consider buying items from Sephora and resell them to other people or on other marketplaces. Sephora offers variety of products ranging from cosmetics, fragrance, beauty tools, body lotion, haircare etc.

You can buy this products at a discounted price then resell them to others with higher price. This option you can make profit if only you can put in effort. The easiest way to resell the items is by listing them on other marketplaces such as Facebook marketplace.

Buy stuff for friends, family member and ask for reimbursement in cash

This option is valid. In one way or other you will surely have a family member, friend who needs Sephora products such as skincare, make-up Cosmetics, Fragrance, beauty tools, most commonly body lotion and haircare this are items and almost everyone needs. Purchase them using Sephora gift card for someone then ask them to give you cash.


Selling the Sephora gift card to reseller website

Some websites like MyGiftCards+, Giftcard Zen,Prepaid2Cash and Cardpool, will buy your Sephora gift card in exchange for cash.if your gift card is a digital card , some websites will buy it immediately. If the gift card is physical these websites will send you prepaid postage that you can use to send the gift card to them. To do this You have to make sure you do research and search for reviews about the website before accepting to make a deal with them.

Buy items from Sephora, return later and ask for a refund.

This is tricky but it’s still a valid option to turn you gift card into cash. However, let me explain how this can work but it is not as easy as you might think, and you would need to put in the work. The trick behind the refund, in this case, is that you would have to purchase products from Sephora whether it’s beauty tools, body lotion or whatever, return it later and request a refund.

if you have a Sephora gift card, you would need to purchase a product slightly higher than the gift card balance as that is the only way it would be considered as a cash transaction. For example, if your Sephora gift card balance is $100, you can decide to buy something worth $110. That means you would use the gift card balance and give them extra $10 cash.

Then After, you will get a receipt for the transaction, and you need to safely keep the receipt and the item safely for some days, and return them.

So, if Sephora has to give a refund, they will give you cash since you paid some amount in cash. This option will actually be good and work perfectly for people who are not in urgent need of cash.

Generally, Sephora does not accept a return of their gift card for cash so if you’re looking for a way on how to convert Sephora gift card to cash you can try any of the above options. To Exchange Sephora gift card for cash will be easy if you try any of the ways.

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