How to turn Walmart gift card in to cash | Convert your Gift Card

Sometimes people receive Walmart gift card instead of cash and might be looking for how to convert Walmart gift card in to cash. Whether you want to turn the gift card into cash or use the remaining funds on the card or you might want to know how to exchange your Walmart gift card for cash, you can do it with a few simple ways.

Walmart doesn’t offer the option to return the gift card for money or get the leftover balance in cash. But the good news is, there are other ways to convert the gift card into cash.

In this article, we’ll explain the best ways to convert Walmart gift cards into cash, how you can exchange your gift card for cash, how to transfer your gift card balance to bank account, you might also want to know how to transfer Walmart gift card balance to Paypal we will take time to explain all.

How To convert Walmart Gift Card into Cash

If you don’t want that Walmart gift card somebody gave you as a gift, you can try the following ways:

Selling the gift card online

Many websites can help you sell your gift cards. But you should know that the process is far from simple since you will have to:
Find a reliable website
Be willing to lower the price significantly
Have patience since the procedure may take some time

Buying items for your friends and family

Many of your loved ones may need items from Walmart. You can make the purchases with your gift card and then ask for the money in cash
Selling the gift card to someone close
your friends or relatives might needs a Walmart gift card, you can sell it to them. You will almost certainly get a much better deal from them than a stranger

Through A Refund

One of the few ways you can turn your Walmart gift card to cash is through a refund. However, allow us to explain to you that it is not as easy as you might think, and you would need to put in the work.

The trick behind the refund, in this case, is that you would have to buy something from Walmart and later have to return it and request a refund. So if you have a Walmart gift card, you would need to buy something a bit higher than the gift card balance as that is the only way it would be considered as a cash transaction. For instance, if your gift card balance is $500, you can decide to buy something worth $530. That means you would use the gift card balance and give them extra $30 cash.

Then After,you will get a receipt for the transaction, and you need to safely keep the receipt as you would need it when you decide to do a refund. Then, you would keep the item safely for some days, but you most ensure to return it within 14 days. So, if Walmart has to give a refund, they will give you cash since you paid some amount in cash. This option will actually be good and work well for people who are not in urgent need of cash.


How Can I Transfer A Walmart Gift Card To PayPal?

It is impossible to do such a transaction through a Walmart store or platform. However, you can do such a transaction with a reselling platform if they offer it.

Can I Turn A Walmart Gift Card Into Cash?

No, Walmart cannot help you turn its gift card into cash. However, you can do so if you use any of the methods we have talked about.

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