Best places to visit in Turkey 2023 – tourist attractions centres in Turkey

Turkey is a patchwork of natural beauty and cultural heritage! Travelers are drawn to this enchanted nation, which is perched at the nexus of civilizations, by its alluring fusion of colorful customs, rich history, and stunning scenery. With a diverse range of experiences to suit the interests of every visitor, Turkey remains a treasure trove of sights in 2023.

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and a metropolis that deftly bridges the gap between Europe and Asia. Here, the domes of ancient palaces and the minarets of medieval mosques dominate the famous skyline. Take in the vivid pandemonium of the Grand Bazaar, where the appeal of handcrafted trinkets and the aroma of exotic spices combine to tell a centuries-old story of trade.

This article will answer frequently asked questions, provide information on Turkey’s top 10 tourism destinations in 2023, and list the best locations to vacation in Turkey in 2023.

Best Turkey holiday destinations for 2023

  1. Istanbul: A captivating blend of East and West, offering iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the bustling Grand Bazaar.
  2. Cappadocia: Known for its surreal landscapes, hot air balloon rides over fairy chimneys, underground cities, and rock-carved churches in Göreme Open-Air Museum.
  3. Antalya: A coastal gem with beautiful beaches, historic sites like Aspendos Theatre, and the scenic Düden Waterfalls. It’s also a gateway to the ancient ruins of Perge and Termessos.
  4. Pamukkale: Famous for its striking travertine terraces and the ancient city of Hierapolis, offering the chance to bathe in natural thermal pools.
  5. Ephesus: Explore the well-preserved ancient city of Ephesus, home to the Library of Celsus, Temple of Artemis, and the House of the Virgin Mary.
  6. Bodrum: A resort town with a vibrant nightlife, historical sites such as Bodrum Castle, and stunning beaches along the Aegean coast.
  7. Gallipoli Peninsula: Visit the historic battlefields, cemeteries, and memorials of the Gallipoli Campaign, offering poignant insights into World War I history.
  8. Troy: Delve into the legendary city of Troy, known for its association with the Trojan War as depicted in Homer’s epic poems.
  9. Kuşadası: A resort town near Ephesus, providing access to beaches, water parks, and the lively Kervansaray Nightclub.
  10. Ankara: Turkey’s capital with museums like the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Atatürk Mausoleum, and the Citadel of Ankara showcasing the country’s history.

Turkey travel guide 2023

When planning your trip to Turkey in 2023, consider the following tips:

  • Weather: Turkey experiences diverse climates. Spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) offer pleasant temperatures across most regions.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Respect local customs and traditions, especially when visiting religious sites. Modest clothing is appreciated in these areas.
  • Transportation: Turkey has an extensive transportation network, including domestic flights, buses, trains, and rental cars. Plan your inter-city travel accordingly.
  • Cuisine: Explore the rich and diverse Turkish cuisine. Don’t miss trying various kebabs, mezes, baklava, and traditional Turkish tea or coffee.
  • Safety: Turkey is generally safe for tourists, but it’s always wise to be cautious and follow local advice and guidelines.

Top 10 places to visit in Turkey in 2023

  1. Istanbul
  2. Cappadocia
  3. Antalya
  4. Pamukkale
  5. Ephesus
  6. Bodrum
  7. Gallipoli Peninsula
  8. Troy
  9. Kuşadası
  10. Ankara

These destinations offer a mix of historical, cultural, natural, and recreational experiences, catering to a wide range of interests for travelers visiting Turkey in 2023.


What is the most visited destination in Turkey?

The most visited destination in Turkey is Istanbul. With its rich history, stunning architecture (including the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque), vibrant culture, and the Bosphorus strait dividing Europe and Asia, Istanbul attracts millions of tourists each year.

Where should I go for the first time in Turkey?

For a first-time visit, Istanbul is an excellent choice due to its blend of history, culture, and modernity. Other places like Cappadocia with its unique landscapes, Pamukkale’s terraces, or the coastal town of Antalya are also popular options.

Which part of Turkey is beautiful?

Turkey boasts diverse and beautiful regions. The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts offer stunning beaches and historical sites, while Cappadocia’s surreal landscapes captivate travelers. The Black Sea region with its lush greenery and the Eastern Anatolia region with its unique cultural heritage are also incredibly beautiful.

Are there any specific tourist attractions in Turkey?

Certainly, Turkey is rich in tourist attractions. Some must-visit places include the ancient city of Ephesus, Pamukkale’s travertine terraces, the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, the ruins of Troy, the Gallipoli Peninsula, and the impressive Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

Which city is the most crowded in Turkey?

Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey. It’s a bustling metropolis that bridges two continents and is known for its energetic atmosphere and diverse population.

Which month is best to visit Turkey?

The best time to visit Turkey depends on your preferences and the regions you plan to visit. Generally, the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) months offer pleasant weather across the country. Summers can be hot and crowded, especially in coastal areas, while winters can be cold in central and eastern regions.

What is one of the most famous sites that was found in Turkey?

One of the most famous archaeological sites in Turkey is Troy, known for its legendary association with the Trojan War as described in Homer’s Iliad.

Is Turkey a cheap place to visit?

Turkey can be an affordable destination compared to many European countries. Prices for accommodation, food, and transportation vary depending on the region and the level of luxury desired. Generally, it offers a good value for travelers.

What is famous food in Turkey?

Turkey is renowned for its delicious and diverse cuisine. Some famous Turkish dishes include:

  • Kebabs: Various types of grilled meat, such as shish kebab and doner kebab.
  • Baklava: A rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.
  • Mezes: Small dishes served as appetizers or side dishes, including stuffed grape leaves (dolma), hummus, and eggplant dishes like baba ghanoush.
  • Köfte: Turkish meatballs made with minced meat, spices, and herbs.
  • Pide and Lahmacun: Similar to pizza, pide is a boat-shaped flatbread with various toppings, while lahmacun is a thin, round flatbread topped with minced meat, vegetables, and herbs.

What area to stay in Istanbul?

Istanbul offers various neighborhoods to stay in, catering to different preferences:

  • Sultanahmet: Ideal for history enthusiasts, as it’s close to major attractions like the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace.
  • Taksim: A vibrant area known for its nightlife, shopping, and dining options.
  • Beyoglu: Adjacent to Taksim, known for its trendy bars, cafes, and art galleries.
  • Kadikoy: On the Asian side of Istanbul, offering a more local and laid-back atmosphere, yet still filled with great food and cultural experiences.

What is the money used in Turkey?

The currency used in Turkey is the Turkish lira (TRY). It’s advisable to exchange your currency to Turkish lira for transactions within the country. Major credit and debit cards are widely accepted in tourist areas, but having some cash on hand is recommended for smaller establishments and local markets.

How to Plan a Trip to Turkey in 2023

  1. Set Travel Dates: Decide on the time of year you’d like to visit based on your preferences for weather and events. Consider spring (April-June) and autumn (September-November) for mild weather and fewer crowds.
  2. Research Destinations: Explore the diverse regions of Turkey. Consider visiting Istanbul for its historical sites, Cappadocia for its unique landscapes, the Aegean coast for beaches and ancient ruins, Pamukkale for its travertine terraces, and more.
  3. Create an Itinerary: Plan a rough itinerary based on the places you want to visit. Consider the duration of your stay in each location, transportation options, and any specific activities or attractions you don’t want to miss.
  4. Book Accommodations: Reserve accommodations in advance, especially during peak seasons or in popular tourist areas. Options range from hotels, hostels, boutique guesthouses, to Airbnb rentals.
  5. Arrange Transportation: Decide on transportation options between cities or regions. Turkey has a well-connected network of domestic flights, buses, trains, and rental cars available for travelers.
  6. Prepare Necessary Documents: Ensure you have a valid passport and any required visas for your nationality before traveling to Turkey.
  7. Pack Accordingly: Pack appropriate clothing for the season and region you’re visiting. Comfortable footwear is essential, especially if you plan to explore historical sites or natural landscapes.4


What to see and do in Turkey in 2023

  1. Explore Istanbul: Visit iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar. Take a Bosphorus cruise to witness the city from the water.
  2. Discover Cappadocia: Experience hot air balloon rides over the unique rock formations, explore underground cities, hike through valleys, and visit Göreme Open-Air Museum.
  3. Visit Ancient Ruins: Explore ancient cities such as Ephesus, Troy, Hierapolis, and Pergamon to immerse yourself in Turkey’s rich history.
  4. Relax on the Coast: Enjoy the beautiful beaches and turquoise waters along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Visit towns like Bodrum, Antalya, or Fethiye for beach relaxation and water activities.
  5. Experience Pamukkale: Marvel at the stunning white terraces of Pamukkale and the ancient city of Hierapolis.
  6. Taste Turkish Cuisine: Indulge in the diverse and delicious Turkish cuisine. Don’t miss trying traditional dishes like kebabs, baklava, mezes, and Turkish tea or coffee.
  7. Engage in Local Culture: Interact with locals, participate in cultural events, and shop at local markets (bazaars) to experience Turkey’s vibrant culture firsthand.

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