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Are you a hospitality professional seeking new opportunities in Bhutan? Or perhaps you’re passionate about delivering exceptional culinary experiences and eager to explore the catering landscape in this beautiful country. Then, you’ll want to read on! This article on Catering jobs in Bhutan offers valuable insights into the current state of Bhutan’s catering sector, the latest job openings, and what you need to know to succeed in this field.

The rising demand for premium food services and Bhutan’s expanding appeal as a travel destination are fueling the country’s catering sector. Prominent organizations in the field, such as lodging facilities, event coordinators, and caterers, are on the lookout for qualified individuals just like you.

Regardless of your level of experience, this post will walk you through the most recent job openings, necessary qualifications, and market-competitive pay in Bhutan’s catering industry. Now let’s get started and discover all of the fascinating opportunities this fascinating nation has to offer!

Catering job opportunities in Bhutan

Here are a few career options in Bhutan for caterers:

  1. Hotel Catering Manager: Hotels in Bhutan often seek experienced catering managers to oversee banquet and catering services, ensuring high-quality food and service delivery.
  2. Event Catering Coordinator: This role involves planning and coordinating catering for events, which could include weddings, conferences, and other large gatherings.
  3. Catering Sales Executive: Catering companies may hire sales executives to manage client relationships and drive sales for catering services.
  4. Culinary Instructor: With the growing hospitality industry, there might be opportunities for culinary instructors to teach catering and cooking classes.
  5. Food and Beverage Supervisor: In this position, one would supervise the food and beverage operations within a catering company or a hotel’s catering department.
  6. Qatar Aircraft Catering Company (QACC) is recruiting for various positions such as Kitchen Agent/Assistant, First Commis, Second Commis, Chef De Partie, and more during their recruitment event in Bhutan.
  7. Drukair Corporation Limited has announced a vacancy for a Catering Assistant. Interested candidates need to apply with the required documents before the specified deadline.
  8. QACC is also looking for Dining Services Agents and Assistants, highlighting opportunities for those with experience in 5-star hotels, cruise ships, or airlines.
  9. Additionally, QACC is seeking Loading Assistants and Equipment Operators, which could be relevant for individuals interested in the operational side of catering services.

Qualifications and skills required

To work in the catering sector in Bhutan, certain qualifications and skills are typically required:

1. Educational Qualifications:

A high school diploma or equivalent is often the minimum requirement. Higher positions may require specialized training or degrees in hospitality or culinary arts.

2. Professional Training:

Vocational training in catering or hospitality, which can be obtained through programs that align with the Bhutan Vocational Qualifications Framework (BVQF).

3. National Competency Standards:

Adherence to the National Competency Standards as set by the Department of Occupational Standards in Bhutan is important for ensuring quality and consistency in the industry.

4. Culinary Skills:

Proficiency in cooking, baking, and food preparation is essential. Knowledge of specialized Bhutanese cuisine can be an advantage.

5. Customer Service:

Excellent customer service skills, including the ability to interact positively with guests and handle complaints gracefully.

6. Communication:

Good verbal and written communication skills, often including proficiency in English, which is commonly used in the tourism and hospitality industry.

7. Teamwork:

Ability to work well within a team, often under pressure and in a fast-paced environment.

10. Flexibility:

Willingness to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, as catering events can occur at various times.

11. Physical Stamina:

Catering jobs can be physically demanding, requiring long periods of standing, lifting, and carrying heavy items.

12. Hygiene and Safety:

Knowledge of food safety and hygiene standards is crucial to preventing foodborne illnesses and ensuring a safe dining experience for customers.

Average salary ranges for different catering roles in buhtan

The average salary for catering roles in Bhutan can vary depending on the position and the size of the enterprise. Here’s a general overview based on the available data:

1. Catering Trainer:

The salary information for a Catering Trainer in Bhutan is not explicitly detailed in the sources.

2. Chefs in Public Catering and Restaurants:

  • In micro enterprises (up to 15 employees): $150 per month.
  • In small businesses (up to 100 employees): $230 per month.
  • In medium-sized companies (more than 100 employees): $280 per month.

3. Food and Beverage Server:

The average monthly salary is about USD 290, with a range between USD 240 (lowest average) to USD 330 (highest average).

4. Food Service Sales:

Typically earns around 29,700 BTN per month, ranging from 15,200 BTN (lowest) to 45,800 BTN (highest).

What are the working hours for catering jobs?

The working hours for catering jobs in Bhutan typically adhere to the country’s labor regulations, which define a standard working week as 48 hours, spread over six days. This translates to an eight-hour workday, from Monday through Saturday.

How can I apply for these positions?

To apply for catering jobs in Bhutan, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Prepare Your Documents: Ensure you have an updated CV, cover letter, and any relevant certificates or references ready.
  2. Online Job Portals: Utilize Bhutan’s first-ever online job portal, Job-a Job-a, which allows for immediate job applications online. You can create a profile, list your skills, and apply for vacancies that match your interests.
  3. Company Websites: For specific companies like Drukair Corporation Limited, you can download their employment application form from their website and submit it along with the required documents before the deadline.
  4. Email Applications: Some institutions, like Royal Thimphu College, accept CVs via email. Make sure to include complete contact information and references.
  5. Government Portals: If you’re looking to hire foreign workers or apply for such positions, you can seek approval online through the Labour Net at the Department of Labour’s website

Are there any specialized cuisines in Bhutan?

Bhutanese cuisine is rich and varied, and known for its unique flavors and ingredients. Here are some specialized dishes that are central to Bhutanese culinary tradition:

  1. Ema Datshi: This is the national dish of Bhutan, a spicy mix of chilies and local cheese called ‘datshi’. It’s a staple that you’ll find in almost every meal in Bhutan.
  2. Jasha Maru: A flavorful spicy chicken stew, seasoned with ginger, garlic, and chili, offering a comforting and aromatic experience.
  3. Phaksha Paa: Pork cooked with spicy red chilies, radishes, and spinach, combining rich flavors and textures.
  4. Momos: Tibetan-style dumplings that have become a favorite in Bhutan. They can be filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables.
  5. Kewa Datshi: A dish made with potatoes and cheese, similar to Ema Datshi but with a comforting potato base.

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