How to check Macy’s gift card balance – Check Macy’s card balance here

Are you searching for way to check your Macy’s gift card balance? We have a solution for. if you found a Macy’s gift card sitting around with a few cash left on it. You don’t have to toss away the card simply because you think the few dollars on it are insignificant.

If you’ve spent your Macy’s gift card but feel there’s still money on it, you should check the amount. You can do so in three ways, according to the company

Here you will learn how to check your Macy’s gift card balance, how to redeem your Macy’s gift card, understand how Macy’s gift card works, and much more.

What are Macy’s gifts card

Macy’s gift cards are preloaded debit cards with a certain amount of money that may be redeemed at any of the Macy’s retail locations or on the official Macy’s website.
Macy’s Physical and E-gift cards are the two main types of gift cards available.

How to check your Macy’s gift card balance

This is essential because you will know when the amount on your card is running low and you will need to refill.

There are three ways to check your card’s balance:

In store

To check your balance, scan your Macy’s gift card with any price scanner. Before scanning, make sure to scratch off the security code. You can ask any employee in the store for assistance if you need

By phone

If you want to find out how much money is left on your Macy’s gift card over the phone, do the following:

  • Customer assistance for gift cards can be reached at 1-800-511-2752
  • Give the representative the number on your gift card.
  • Give your CID number to the representative.
  • Keep an eye on their response


Follow these procedures to check how much money is left on your Macy’s gift card online:

  • Visit the Macy’s website for more information
  • To check the balance of your gift card, go to the Gift Card Balance page
  • In the supplied field, enter the 15-digit gift card number
  • Enter the CID number, which is three or four digits long (you can find it on the back of the card)
  • Solve the captcha puzzle.
  • Choose View Balance from the drop-down menu.

You won’t be allowed to try again for 24–48 hours if you make more than two tries to access the gift card balance

How Macy’s gift card works

Macy’s gift cards can be used to make purchases at Macy’s shops.
They are an ideal gift for loved ones whose gift preferences you are unsure of. 
A Macy’s gift card is a prepaid gift card that can be used to make payments in Macy’s stores instead of cash or debit or credit cards.

Do Macy’s Gift cards expire?

These physical cards have no expiration dates. The E gift cards, on the other hand, may expire

Are Macy’s Gift cards reloadable?

Yes, you can reload real gift cards in-store..

How Can I Redeem My Gift Card ?

Gift certificates can be redeemed both online and in person.


  1. Go to checkout
  2. At Checkout, choose Apply Gift Cards
  3. In the Card Number box, enter the 15-digit gift card number as it appears on the back of your card, and on the CID field, enter the 3- or 4-digit security number without spaces
  4. Select the Apply Gift Card button after typing the characters given

In person

When you’re ready to check out, simply show your gift card to a store colleague.

What happens if I forget where I put my gift card?

All you have to do is show proof of purchase, and Macy’s will give you a new card with the current balance on it.
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