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Are you looking for recruitment agencies in Ireland for foreigners? They’re many recruitment agencies in Ireland and they would be useful for foreigners seeking jobs there.

As a foreigner job search might be very difficult going around looking for vacant positions from one company to another. Before talking about recruitment agencies in Ireland for foreigners, Does Ireland employ foreigners? How do you move to Ireland and get a job?

Ireland is one of the countries that makes up the United Kingdom.Ireland is open to foreigners especially those who would love to come and start a new life there.

Finding a job in Ireland is quite difficult and even though with the help of recruitment agencies it is not all that simple, because there are a lot of recruitment firms in Ireland, foreigners find it difficult to determine which is best for them. Not just that, they also find it difficult to get in touch with these agencies if they don’t know how to locate them.

That is why we have compiled a list of the top recruitment agencies in Ireland other relevant information relating to securing a good job in Ireland.. Even more helpful, we have included the contacts of these agencies.

Does Ireland employ foreigners?

For foreigners outside European Economic Area, Switzerland and UK, you need to apply for working permission. There is a total of nine specific permits available.

Non-EU citizens also need a visa to work in Ireland. This is available online at the Irish Nationalisation and Immigration Service (INIS).

Top best recruitment agencies in Ireland for foreigners 2023

Below is a list of top recruitment agencies in Ireland. The easiest way of getting a job in Ireland is through recruitment agencies we have compile list of top recruitment agencies in Ireland and their contact Details below:

1.Sigmar Recruitment
Sigmar recruitment is one of the most popular recruitment agencies in Ireland and across Europe. Sigmar recruitment has five locations in Ireland with one being in the capital Dublin, while the other locations are Athlone, Cork, Galway, and Tralee. Their areas of focus include:

  • Accountancy
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Construction & Property Services
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • HR
  • Insurance
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Multilingual
  • Office Support
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain

Contact Details

  • 13 Hume St, Dublin D02 F861, Ireland.​
  • Tel: + 353 1 4744 600
  • Fax: + 353 1 4744 641
  • Email: [email protected]

2. Osborne Recruitment Agency
Osborne is awards winning recruitment firm and it is also available in countries like Canada. Osborne undergoes temporary recruitment services, and their areas of specialization include Accounting & Finance Office, Secretarial & Customer Service, IT, Technical & Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Executive, HR & Legal Appointments.

  • Contact Details
  • Address: 13 Fitzwilliam Square East,
  • Dublin 2,
  • Ireland
  • (P)+353 1 638 4400
  • (F)+353 1 638 4444
  • [email protected]

3. Hays Ireland

Hays is a top international recruitment agency and it has four locations in Ireland namely Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Limerick. Their areas of specialization include:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Banking
  • Construction and Property
  • Engineering
  • Executive
  • Facilities Management
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Office Support and Administration
  • Procurement
  • Technology

4. Approach People
Approach people is a global recruitment ageny. They offer career advice, their areas of specialization include:

  • Digital/IT
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business Support
  • Multilingual
  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Life Sciences
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Retail
  • Luxury

5. Recruiters
Recruiters is one of the best IT recruitment firm in Ireland and their specialties include:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technology and Project Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • HR and Business Operations

Address: 63 Lesson Street Lower in Dublin City Center.

6. Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group
They have six offices locations in Ireland and they are very active on social media.

7. Eoalas Recruitment Limited

Eoalas recruitment agency is mainly specialized in IT recruitment services and the name Eoalas means information in Ireland. They have a lot of job offers under the different available categories on the website. Some of the categories available include Accounts Technician, Analyst programmer, and IT business analyst.

  • Address: Eoalas Contact details
  • Eolas Recruitment Ltd
  • Bray Business Park
  • Southern Cross Road
  • Bray
  • Co. Wicklow
  • A98 Y6W0


How to move to Ireland and get a job

To successfully relocate to Ireland, you will need a good level of spoken and written English. Being fluent in another language can also be a real advantage for work with multinational companies. Those with skills in the technology, science, finance, HR, and healthcare areas are in high demand.

After getting all your required qualifications ready you can then apply for a job in any of the recruitment agencies in Ireland. This way it’s more advantageous because some of this firms might help you in visa process.

If you get a job offer, the next step is you get a work permit. In Ireland you’ll need to get a work permit to be able to work there as a foreigner.

How much does recruitment agencies in Ireland charge?

The charge varies between the two types of contract, we have permanent and temporary contracts.
1. Permanent Contract

If you were searching to fill a permanent contract (1 year +)  on average you will be charged between 17.5-25% of the 1st year’s salary. The average charge is usually 17.5-20% but hard-to-fill roles a could seek up to 25% of the first years’ salary.

2. Temporary Contract

For a temporary one-off contract (6 months) on average you will be charged between 10-20% of the 1st year’s salary.

Ireland is one of the best countries to live in Europe, when considering traveling to work there or looking for a job there it’s often important to be armed with the appropriate information.

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