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Recruitment Agencies in Denmark for foreigners and citizens 2023/2024! Danish recruitment firms offer access to a sizable database of competent and skilled job candidates from a variety of industries that might fill your company’s available positions with relative ease.

Recruiting and screening applicants from a variety of platforms is a skill possessed by staffing consultants who work for Danish staffing companies. For their candidate sourcing activities, they have access to the greatest and most well-liked online job portals, business networking websites, and social media platforms.

One of the best places to go while looking for a career is recruitment firms. You can find out more about the leading employment agencies in Denmark in this post, along with a brief summary, their contact information, and areas of expertise.

Top Danish recruitment agencies for foreigners and locals in 2023/2024

Finding the ideal employment in Denmark can be difficult, especially for foreigners. Knowing where to look for jobs in Denmark is crucial for this reason. The primary reason we’ve compiled this list of Denmark’s top employment firms:

1. Temp Team

One of the top temporary staffing firms in Denmark, Temp Team, hires workers for over 500 permanent roles and more than 15,000 temporary jobs each year.

Based on your requirements and preferences, this recruitment agency finds the ideal solution for you.

Contact information

Email:, Phone: +45 70 10 09 44.

2.Nigel Wright Group

In Europe, Nigel Wright is the top headhunting and recruitment firm for the FMCG and consumer products sectors.

Leading FMCG and consumer goods companies from around the world have been hired by this corporation, and many of these businesses have worked together on long-term projects.

Contact information

Office Address 1: Nybrogade 12, 1203 Copenhagen, Denmark, ; Telephone: +45 7027 8601

Office Address 2: Ny Banegrdsgade 55, 8000k Aarhus, Denmark; telephone: (45 21 35 10 54

3. Hudson

For more than 20 years, Hudson has brought together 30 brilliant and motivated individuals from the Nordic region who are dedicated to advancing the careers of leaders and specialists and helping clients from various industries locate, coach, and develop outstanding leaders.

Contact information

Office Address: Straedet 13, 1208 Copenhagen, Denmark; phone: +45 70 27 77 33.

4. Global Search

One of the top executive search firms in the online world is Global Search.

They have aided in the founding and growth of numerous Danish and foreign businesses.

Global Search has been locating and luring the most qualified people for employers for more than 30 years.

Contact information

Office Address: Forbindelsesvej 12 1.TH 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark Phone: +45 70 25 08 25, Email:

5. Human Power

A recruitment agency called Human Power finds the best employee for a business and the best career move for an employee.

They offer coaching, interim HR services, outplacement services, and recruitment services.

Contact information

Email:, Office Address: Linnesgade 26, St. TV 1361 Copenhagen, Phone: 7020 63 72

6. JKS

Finding personnel concepts that guarantee optimum alignment between people and work requirements is the aim of this recruitment agency.

JKS is committed to offering personnel service and aims to fulfill every one of your personnel needs.

Contact information

Telephone: +45 70 15 07 50, Office Address: Lillelundvej 10, 7400 Herning, Denmark, Email:

A network of seasoned professionals, industry and professional experts, and management consultants from Denmark, Next Recruitment operates on a streamlined hiring philosophy.

7. Next Recruitment

The agency Next Recruitment has several associated consultants and permanent staff members who have a track record of success in recruiting and will see to all of your recruitment needs.

They provide general recruitment, which includes managing your recruitment needs, providing coaching and counseling, providing recruitment services for all types of organizations, and much more.

Contact information

Office Address: Laskedalen 83 8220 Brabrand, Denmark, Phone: 40 28 25 26, Email:

8. Profile Partners

With more than 25 years of expertise in the market for headhunting and hiring of managers, experts, and generalists, Profile Partners is a top recruitment firm in Denmark.

Many different Danish and foreign businesses use the services of Profile Partners to fill job openings.

Contact information

Email:, Office Address: Birkerd Kongevej 81 DK-3460 Birkerd, Telephone: (+45) 43 43 40 60

Other Recruitment Agencies in Denmark

  • Kelly Services Denmark
  • Medicolink
  • Unique Human Capital
  • Randstad Denmark
  • Compass Human Resources Group
  • Hays Denmark
  • ISG Denmark
  • Adecco Denmark

What are the fees for a recruitment agency?

Typically, staffing companies want 25% to 100% of the new employee’s salary. As an illustration, if you and the employment agency have decided on a markup of 50% and the new hire makes $10 per hour, you will pay the agency $15 per hour for their labor.

You can be required to pay additional costs for filling the position or contract buyout costs if you decide to hire a temporary worker permanently in addition to the markup you’ll pay.

Is it worthwhile to use a recruitment agency?

Your company can save time and money by using a recruitment agency to discover skilled workers. A staffing firm serves as a liaison between businesses and job seekers, assisting in the matching of competent applicants with organizations that have openings.


How to Send a CV to a Recruiter via Email

When attempting to impress potential employers, first impressions are critical because they happen rapidly. Your email requesting a job may be one of the first things a recruiter sees from you. Due to technology improvements, postal CVs and cover letters are becoming less common, thus it’s critical to comprehend email communication.

It’s crucial to understand how to email a CV because it will probably be the first thing an employer sees when you apply for a job. The greatest email address to select is one that seems professional, such your first and last name. Avoid using a nickname since it can come across as unprofessional to the recruiter. In order to email a CV, do the following:

  • Identify the recipient’s business email address and enter it.
  • In the subject line of your email, state why you are sending your CV.
  • In the email, greet the person by name, introduce yourself, and explain why you are giving them your CV.
  • Leave a gracious closing and include your full name.
  • To pick and upload your CV and cover letter, use the ‘attach’ option in your email’s interface.
  • Before submitting, make sure everything is in order.

I’m sure you are aware of the top Danish recruitment firms by this point. These employment services will assist you in finding the best personnel and assisting you in choosing the best career path.

Make sure you sign up with a recruitment firm that specializes in your industry if you are a job seeker or employer.

To stay informed of any updates, bookmark our site and feel free to post any additional queries in the section below.

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