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Recruitment Agencies in Kyrgyzstan for foreigners and citizens 2023/2024!Central Asia’s Kyrgyzstan, also known as the Kyrgyz Republic, is a landlocked nation. Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the People’s Republic of China all border Kyrgyzstan on its northern, western, southern, and eastern sides, respectively. Bishkek, the country’s capital and largest city.

One of your first ideas after opting to expand to Kyrgyzstan is probably about hiring and recruitment of persennels. Your most valuable resource is your workforce, therefore you need to hire smart people to make your new site successful. See more about recruitment Agencies in Kyrgyzstan below.

Finding the time to hire applicants, adhere to employment compliance regulations specific to the Kyrgyz Republic, and onboard new employees might be difficult.

This page will provide information on the recruitment agencies in Kyrgyzstan for foreigners and locals 2023/2024, as well as the employment laws, recruiting practices, and onboarding procedures in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Kyrgyz Republic’s hiring procedures.

All employees must be hired in accordance with the Kyrgyz Republic’s employment compliance legislation. Depending on the role, you may utilize an indefinite or fixed-term contract; however, fixed-term contracts are only valid for a maximum of five years. All contracts must be written in the native tongue and include details on benefits, pay, entitlements, termination terms, and other things. Ensure that Kyrgyz Som, not any other currency, is used for all payments such as compensation, salaries, and financial bonuses.

Recruitment Agencies in Kyrgyzstan for foreigners and citizens 2023/2024

The bulk of the difficulties you may encounter when landing your ideal job can be overcome by knowing the appropriate recruitment agencies in Kyrgyzstan when applying for an international job or as a citizen.

The following is a list of Kyrgyzstan’s employment firms.

  • Sayakat Konsalting
  • Vostok Taym
  • Ak-Emgek Kompani
  • Job Aurora HR Consultants & Recruitment
  • Employment Services inc
  • Reliable Recruitment Corporation
  • Ultimate HR Solutions
  • Malta International Recruiting Agency Ltd

The Kyrgyz Republic’s onboarding process.

You must onboard the ideal personnel from the Kyrgyz Republic after you have hired them. Every business has unique objectives that influence how they wish to onboard new employees. For instance, you might want to offer more thorough job training if you’re selecting candidates for highly technical positions. You can take the following actions to help employees feel at ease during the onboarding process:

  • examining the employment agreement and other papers the employee must sign
  • providing job training that is relevant to the employee’s role
  • personally welcoming new hires in the Kyrgyz Republic on their first day or during their first week
  • arranging social gatherings for all newly hired employees

Employment Laws in the Kyrgyz Republic

All employment compliance rules of the Kyrgyz Republic, particularly those governing working hours, must be adhered to by your organization. The country’s legislation establishes daily, weekly, and monthly maximums for working hours and divides labor into three categories: regular hours, temporary work, and part-time work.

Normal working hours are limited to 40 hours per week, but short-term working hours vary per employee category. Part-time workers should receive compensation commensurate with the number of hours they put in, and you should specify those hours in the employment contract.


Kyrgyz Republic recruitment

Since Russian or Kyrgyz is more frequently used in the workplace than English, recruiting can be challenging in the Kyrgyz Republic. To converse with potential employees if you don’t speak either language well, you’ll need to hire a translation. Due to the difficulty of this for foreign nationals, most businesses tend to look among the local population. The majority of foreign nationals in the nation are employed by NGOs or the UN (U.N.).

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