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Looking for Visa Sponsorship jobs in Finland for foreigners? Do you wish to discover the best positions in Finland that can sponsor a visa? Are you a foreigner looking for the best firms in Finland that employ foreigners? The procedure for obtaining a visa for the destination country is a crucial consideration while seeking for work abroad. It’s usually a good idea to start by looking for a job that will give employment with visa sponsorship as an added benefit. The best visa-sponsored employment in Finland is featured in this article.

Visa sponsorship is the act of supporting another person’s visa on someone else’s behalf. As a result, having a visa sponsor means someone is fighting for your visa and backing your admission into the new nation.

In this post, you will learn about the best visa-sponsored employment in Finland, how to discover a firm ready to sponsor your visa, the best employers of foreign nationals in Finland, the state of the Finnish economy, and much more.

About Finland

With 5.5 million inhabitants, Finland is a Scandinavian nation. Despite the modest population compared to the size of the nation’s land area. However, this has little impact on how well the nation operates. They have some of the top manufacturing and technology in the world.

The work-life balance is excellent, and the working conditions are likewise excellent. The Finnish people continuously make decisions and implement regulations to promote better work conditions because they feel that there is more to life than simply work.

Finland’s Economy 

The economy of Finland is highly industrialized and has a per capita GDP that is greater than those of nations like Germany and Belgium.

Since their exports account for one-third of their GDP, international commerce is crucial. Wood, metals, engineering, telecommunications, electronics, and technology are among the exports they make.

Finland also has an extremely low unemployment rate due to its relatively tiny population and robust economy.

Finland’s cost of living is likewise rather high. Depending on where you reside in Finland, it will cost you between 808€ and 1,580€ a month to live there as a single person.

Finland is the eighth-most expensive country in the world to live in, with an average cost of living that is 3.12% greater than that of the United States. The high personal income tax rate of 56.95% in the nation does little to improve these figures.

The excellent level of life, first-rate healthcare, and steady economy make up for the comparatively high tax and expense of living. The inhabitants of Finland are among the happiest and safest in the world.

Are There Foreign Job Opportunities in Finland?

Yes, there is employment available in Finland for foreign nationals. Finland has a tiny population, and this fact is seen in the labor shortage that exists in certain of the country’s businesses. Therefore, it is usual to see foreigners working in fields like nursing and healthcare.

Older workers make up the majority of the labor force in Finland. Because the younger generation is underqualified to fill these positions, there is a need for foreign labor, which contributes to the aging worker population.

These factors, together with Finland’s highly industrialized economy, provide a situation where immigrants are needed. In Finland as of 2018, there were 402,600 foreigners or 7.3% of the total population. This is negligible in comparison to other European nations, yet it should be emphasized that immigrants often have greater unemployment rates than natives do. As a result, there are lots of foreigners working in specialized fields or occupations.

How to Find a Company Willing to Sponsor Your Visa

There are just a few additional steps involved in finding a job that sponsors a visa then there are in obtaining standard employment.

To start, you must choose your job-search strategy. You would almost certainly be conducting your employment searching online since you are not in Finland. Use one of the websites for the Finnish job agencies if you want to be effective.

These employment/recruitment services may assist with job searching, allowing you to be specific about the type of position you want. Your job description should also specify if the position comes with visa sponsorship.

If you have a family in Finland who is assisting with the search, ask them to keep looking for jobs that will sponsor your visa.

Additionally, you want to think about seeking employment in fields where foreign workers are frequently employed.

Top Companies That Hire Foreigners in Finland 2024

  1. Supercell is a game corporation with a global appeal and a presence in nations such as the United States and China. As they expand, they will continue to hire both foreigners and locals.
  2. Ikea: another Finnish corporation with a global reach and a prominent online furniture shop. And the condition of the country’s workforce is one of the reasons they hire so many foreigners.
  3. Analyse2: is a commercial consultant who helps businesses increase revenue, promote category development, and much more. Typically, their clients are.
  4. Fingrid: Fingrid is Finland’s power transmission and distribution company. They are important participants in the growth of the Finnish market.
  5. Cisco: Cisco is a network business based in the United States with a presence in Finland. They create, manufacture, and market networking gear, software, telecom equipment, and other high-tech services and products..
  6. Relex: They empower retail businesses with artificial intelligence to enable autonomous, adaptive planning.

Top Jobs In Finland With Visa Sponsorship 2024

  • Sales representative: Companies like Cisco are looking for highly skilled individuals with this specialty. Sales professionals are steadily rising in demand, and as a foreign nationals, they nearly always come with visa sponsorship.
  • Account manager: Foreigners, particularly those who speak Finnish, typically fill the position of account manager. Like many other companies seeking employees in this area, Ecolab is currently actively recruiting for one, and their employment comes with a Visa sponsorship.
  • Engineer: Given that Finland’s industrial sector contributes significantly to its economy, engineering is a popular career choice there. Engineers are wanted by RELEX Solutions, FGR Technology, and Nigel Frank International, and all of the positions come with sponsorship for a foreign worker’s visa.
  • Software developers: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that positions in this field are in high demand given that Finland’s largest export is information technology. Companies like Jefferson Frank are actively hiring for this position and they also sponsor foreign nationals for visas.
  • Data Engineer: Another position in the IT sector is a data engineer. RELEX Solutions is looking for one right now and is willing to sponsor their visa.


Industries in Finland Where Foreigners Can Easily Find Work

  • Nursing and healthcare: Because there aren’t enough Finnish nurses, many immigrants wind up working in the nursing field.
  • Manufacturing: Foreigners seeking employment in the nation may simply fill the many openings in this sector.
  • Information and communication: Because this sector does not need language proficiency, it encourages the hiring of qualified foreigners.

Requirements to Obtain Finland Work Visas

Each employee needs the following in order to apply for a working visa in Finland:

  • A contract of employment
  • A valid passport, as well as a passport photo
  • An application for a residence permit for a working person
  • Medical documentation

Application Process

The procedure starts when the employee accepts a job offer from a Finnish firm. To legally reside and work in Finland, you must have a written employment contract.

The employee must apply for a residence permit online using the Enter Finland program before traveling to Finland. The employee is required to visit a Finnish diplomatic post or embassy within three months of applying and deliver original copies of the application appendices, including fingerprints and supporting documentation. If an employee is unable to apply online, they may print the application form from the website of the Finnish Immigration Service and submit it in person, along with any appendices, to the nearest Finnish diplomatic post.

The Employment and Economic Development Office will judge the application’s merits. After confirming that the worker satisfies all conditions for a residence visa, the Finnish Immigration Service, or Migri, will make the final determination. The decision will be sent in writing to both the employee and the employer.

The Finnish embassy will issue the worker a residency permission card after it has been accepted. In Finland, the first permission can be renewed at a neighborhood police station for another year.

Top Job Search Websites in Finland with Visa Sponsorship

1. Finnward: Their target clients are immigrants to Finland, and they provide not just jobs but also an easy program to assist foreigners in learning the language.

2. Adecco: One of Finland’s leading recruiting firms that assist foreigners looking for work. Their websites list employment openings in a variety of Finnish businesses.

3. Opportunities in Helsinki: For foreigners with English as their first language, Jobs in Helsinki provides English-speaking jobs in Finland.

4. Indeed: You may search for jobs on their website using particular keywords such as job titles, business names, and even locations. You may also sign up to get alerts when jobs that match your requirements become available.

5. Monster: A well-established Finnish employment firm with a reputation for connecting people with the perfect opportunity to advance their careers.

6. Rekrytointi: An revolutionary recruiting agency that allows professionals to interact with amateurs in order to connect. They also provide training for people looking to advance their careers.

7. Tip Top Job: You may locate several visa-sponsored employment in Finland here. They offer a versatile and adaptive job network that can accommodate whatever your demands are, no matter how unusual they may be.

One of the simplest methods to enter Finland without the hassle of applying for work visas and other formalities is to find a job with visa sponsorship. With the assistance of a reputable recruiting firm, you may discover one of the skilled positions with Visa sponsorships that are listed on these websites and that matches your skill set.

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