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Hungary top cities 2023! Do you love exploring new places and cultures? Are you looking for a destination that offers a rich history, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and natural beauty? If so, you might want to consider visiting Hungary, one of the most fascinating countries in Europe.

Hungary is located in the heart of the continent, bordered by seven other nations. It has a diverse landscape, with low mountains, plains, rivers, and lakes. It also has a vibrant culture, influenced by various invaders and settlers throughout the centuries, such as the Romans, the Ottomans, the Habsburgs, and the Soviets.

There are many cities in Hungary that are worth visiting, each with its own charm and attractions. Whether you are looking for a cosmopolitan capital, a historic town, a spa resort, or a wine region, you will find something to suit your taste and budget. In this article, we will introduce you to 20 of the best cities in Hungary to visit in 2023.

Top cities Hungary

Hungary top cities 2023

The following are list of  Hungary top cities 2023:

  1. Budapest: Capital allure, UNESCO wonders, vibrant nightlife.
  2. Debrecen: Calvinist heritage, Great Church, cultural landmarks.
  3. Szeged: Paprika capital, sunny charm, diverse attractions.
  4. Esztergom: Ancient elegance, grand basilica, Danube views.
  5. Eger: Wine haven, Baroque beauty, historic landmarks.
  6. Győr: Baroque beauty, industrial charm, cultural gems.
  7. Pécs: Ancient wonders, UNESCO site, diverse architecture.
  8. Sopron: Loyal history, medieval allure, renowned wine.
  9. Kecskemét: Kodály’s hometown, cultural fusion, vibrant markets.
  10. Miskolc: Industrial legacy, natural wonders, festival hub.
  11. Veszprém: Coronation charm, historic treasures, cultural festivals.
  12. Székesfehérvár: Royal history, modern vibrance, cultural richness.
  13. Szentendre: Artistic haven, Danube charm, bohemian allure.
  14. Hévíz: Thermal oasis, wellness retreat, tranquil beauty.
  15. Tokaj: Wine capital, UNESCO heritage, sweet nectar.
  16. Balatonfüred: Lakeside retreat, cultural promenade, wine festivities.
  17. Hollókő: UNESCO charm, traditional allure, vibrant festivals.
  18. Kaposvár: Artistic hub, Rippl-Rónai legacy, botanical beauty.
  19. Nagykanizsa: Industrial history, Baroque elegance, gateway charm.
  20. Tihany: Lakeside peninsula, abbey serenity, echo enchantment.

What is the best city to work in in Hungary?

The best city to work in Hungary depends on various factors like job opportunities, industry, lifestyle preferences, and personal priorities. Budapest, the capital, is a popular choice due to its vibrant job market and cultural attractions. Debrecen and Szeged also offer good opportunities in certain industries. Consider your profession and lifestyle preferences when making a decision.

What are the 4 major cities in Hungary?

The four major cities in Hungary are:

  1. Budapest
  2. Debrecen
  3. Szeged
  4. Miskolc

What is the richest city in Hungary?

Budapest is generally considered the wealthiest city in Hungary. It serves as the economic and financial hub of the country, attracting a significant portion of business and investment.

What are the best things to do in Budapest in 2023?

Explore Budapest in 2023 with these highlights:

  1. St. Stephen’s Basilica: Hungary’s largest church, housing St. Stephen’s relic. Don’t miss the 360-degree city view from the observation deck.
  2. Buda Castle: UNESCO site on the Danube’s Buda side, with museums like the Hungarian National Gallery and breathtaking views of Pest.
  3. Thermal Baths: Rejuvenate in Budapest’s famous baths like Széchenyi, Gellért, Rudas, or Király, offering warm waters, massages, and even night parties.
  4. Chain Bridge: Walk the iconic 19th-century bridge connecting Buda and Pest, enjoying stunning river and city views.
  5. Parliament Building: Hungary’s largest, with Gothic Revival architecture. Explore its interior, featuring the Hungarian Crown Jewels and House of Lords.

What are the most famous thermal baths in Szeged and how much do they cost?

Szeged’s renowned thermal baths:

  1. Anna Thermal Bath: A historic center bath with pools, wellness, sauna, and a restaurant. Adults: 2,500 HUF; Children/Seniors: 1,500 HUF.
  2. Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged: A modern water park by the Tisza River with pools, slides, spa, and more. Adults: 4,900 HUF; Children/Seniors: 3,900 HUF.

Experience relaxation and rejuvenation in Szeged’s thermal waters.

Where to stay in Győr for a weekend getaway?

Discover Győr’s charm with top hotels:

  1. ETO Park Hotel: A modern 4-star gem by Győr Stadium and ETO Park Shopping Center, boasting spacious rooms, wellness facilities, and an 8.60 rating.
  2. Hotel Wesselenyi: A cozy 3-star in the city center, offering vibrant rooms, a restaurant, sauna, and an excellent 8.60 rating
  3. Hotel Klastrom: A historic 3-star in a former monastery near the National Theater, featuring rustic rooms and a serene courtyard with an 8.50 rating

Explore more options for a delightful stay in Győr.


What are the main attractions of Pécs and why is it a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Explore Pécs, Hungary’s captivating city, featuring:

  1. Pécs Cathedral: Hungary’s largest church with Romanesque design, housing St. Stephen’s relic and stunning frescoes by Bertalan Székely.
  2. Sopianae Early Christian Mausoleum: A 4th-century Roman burial site, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcasing biblical frescoes.
  3. Mosque of Pasha Qasim: A 16th-century mosque turned Christian church, preserving Ottoman architecture and design.
  4. Zsolnay Cultural Quarter: Built on the historic Zsolnay porcelain factory grounds, featuring museums and exhibitions.
  5. Széchenyi Square: Pécs’ main square, surrounded by baroque buildings, hosting the Mosque Church, City Hall, Trinity Statue, and Zsolnay Fountain.

Pécs is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting the Early Christian Necropolis, a unique testament to diverse cultural traditions in the Roman Empire. Explore burial chambers, chapels, and mausoleums reflecting Mediterranean and Pannonian influences.

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