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Hey there, savvy shoppers and mall enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on a retail adventure like no other? If you’re in China, you’re in for a treat because we’re about to unveil the hottest and trendiest shopping malls that 2023 has to offer. Get ready to explore a world of fashion, food, and fun right at your fingertips.

China has always been known for its bustling markets and incredible shopping experiences, and 2023 is no exception. It’s a year of exciting new additions and transformations in the world of shopping, and we’re here to guide you through the must-visit shopping destinations. From mega malls with a dazzling array of stores to places that blend shopping with entertainment, we’ll take you on a tour of the shopping scene that you will definitely love.

So, whether you’re a fashionista on the hunt for the latest trends, a foodie looking for delectable bites, or simply seeking some good old-fashioned retail therapy, these malls are the go-to places. Let’s dive into the captivating world of shopping and discover the top shopping malls in China for 2023. It’s time to shop ’til you drop!

Top Shopping malls in China

Best shopping malls in China 2023

If you are looking for the best shopping malls in China in 2023, you have many options to choose from. China has been having a mall construction boom in recent years, and some of the biggest and most luxurious malls in the world are located in China. Here are some of the top malls that you might want to visit:

  1. New Century Global Center, Chengdu: The world’s largest mall with a water park, IMAX theater, and more.
  2. IFC Mall, Hong Kong: A luxury mall with stunning harbor views, fine dining, and high-end shopping.
  3. Landmark Mall, Hong Kong: Home to top women’s luxury brands like Gucci, Tiffany & Co., and more.
  4. Harbour City Mall, Hong Kong: Hong Kong’s largest mall with 700 shops and waterfront views.
  5. Citygate Outlets, Hong Kong: Great for bargains on international brand name clothing and shoes.
  6. Luohu Commercial City, Shenzhen: A vast shopping complex known for tailor-made clothing.
  7. COCO Park, Shenzhen: Modern mall with popular restaurants and international brands.
  8. Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou: Stylish mall with luxury brands like Chanel and Prada.
  9. City of Dreams, Macau: A resort complex with high-end shops, a casino, and more.
  10. Elements Mall, Beijing: An upscale mall with themed zones and international brands.

These are some of the best shopping malls in China that you can visit in 2023.

How to get to the New Century Global Center, the biggest mall in the world, in Chengdu?

The New Century Global Center is a huge building in Chengdu that has many attractions and facilities for visitors. There are different ways to get to the New Century Global Center, depending on your starting point and preference. Here are some options:

  1. By taxi: You can take a taxi from the city center or the airport to the New Century Global Center. The fare is about 30-100 RMB, depending on the distance and traffic.
  2. By metro: You can take the Chengdu metro line 1, and get off at Jincheng Plaza station. The exit A, B, or C is close to the New Century Global Center. You can see the metro map here.
  3. By bus: You can take one of the many buses that stop near the New Century Global Center, such as bus 19, 76, 111, 115, 147, 166, or 236. You can check the bus routes and schedules here

Which malls in Hong Kong have the best views and restaurants?

Some of the malls in Hong Kong that have the best views and restaurants are:

  1. IFC Mall: In Central, it offers Victoria Harbour views, designer brands, and diverse dining. Connected to Hong Kong Station and the Airport Express for convenience.
  2. Cityplaza: Located in Taikoo Shing, it features shops, restaurants, and entertainment, including an ice rink, cinema, and a rooftop garden with panoramic views.
  3. Elements: Found in Tsim Sha Tsui, it’s divided into zones representing Chinese elements. Enjoy luxury and lifestyle brands, various dining choices, an ice rink, cinema, and a rooftop garden with magnificent views of Victoria Harbour.

Where can I find discount outlets for international brands in China?

If you’re looking for discount outlets and ways to shop for international brands in China, here are some options:

  1. Florentia Village: A luxury designer outlet mall with branches in several Chinese cities. It offers over 200 international brands at discounts of up to 80%. The architecture is designed to resemble an Italian town.
  2. An online platform that features flash sales and discounts on luxury and fashion brands, including international and Chinese brands. They also have a loyalty program for additional benefits.
  3. Sogo Shanghai: A department store in Shanghai offering a variety of international brands, often with discounts of up to 50%. It’s conveniently located in the Jing’an district near Jing’an Temple metro station.
  4. Cheapest China Wholesalers: This website lists some of the most affordable China wholesalers, providing products in various categories with worldwide shipping options. Some well-known wholesalers include AliExpress, DHgate, LightInTheBox, and Chinabrands.

These options should help you find the best deals on international brands in China.

What are the most popular malls in China in terms of sales and visitors?

Some of the most popular malls in China in terms of sales and visitors are:

  1. IFC Mall in Central, Hong Kong, offers designer brands, dining options, and convenience for travelers with a link to Hong Kong Station and the Airport Express.
  2. SKP Beijing is a luxury department store in Beijing, known for its annual sales turnover of $3.73 billion and a wide range of international brands.
  3. Harbour City Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, is the largest mall in the city with diverse shopping, entertainment, and scenic waterfront views.
  4. New Century Global Center in Chengdu is the world’s largest mall and building, featuring attractions like an indoor beach, water park, IMAX theater, and hotel accommodations for a self-contained experience.

What are the most popular products sold in these malls?

The most popular products sold in these malls vary depending on the location, the customer preferences, and the brand offerings. Here are some general trends and examples:

  1. In IFC Mall, popular products include luxury items like bags, watches, and clothing from brands such as Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, catering to high-end shoppers and tourists.
  2. SKP Beijing features fashion products like apparel, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics from brands like Armani, Burberry, Coach, Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Gentle Monster, targeting young and trendy consumers.
  3. Harbour City Mall in Hong Kong offers consumer goods such as electronics, toys, souvenirs, and books from shops like Adidas, Chanel, Dior, Nike, Zara, Apple Store, Lego Store, Muji Store, and Page One Bookstore, attracting diverse and family-oriented customers.
  4. New Century Global Center in Chengdu focuses on leisure and entertainment goods like swimwear, sunglasses, snacks, and tickets for indoor beach, water park, IMAX theater, and hotel rooms, appealing to fun-loving and adventurous visitors.


Which mall has the most affordable shopping options?

Here are some of the most affordable shopping options in China:

1. Citygate Outlets in Hong Kong:

This mall features 80 international brand name factory outlets, where you can find clothing, shoes, accessories, and more at discounted prices. It also has a large low-priced cafeteria and a cinema. It is located near the airport and the Ngong Ping cable car station.

2. South Bund Soft Spinning Material Market in Shanghai:

This is not a typical mall, but a huge market where you can buy fabrics, tailor-made clothes, accessories, and more at bargain prices. You can find everything from silk to cashmere, from suits to dresses, and from traditional to modern styles. You can also negotiate with the vendors for the best deals.


This is not a physical mall, but an online shopping site that calls itself the most economical online shopping site in China. They have everything from cosmetics to clothing, watches, jewelry, sports goods, tools, and the entire range of smartphones and electronics from leading Chinese brands. They also offer free shipping worldwide on most items.

These are just some of the options you can explore if you are looking for affordable shopping in China.