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Are you someone who loves exploring shopping malls and spending a day out shopping? Would you like to know the top 10 shopping malls in Syria that you must visit? Do you want to know how to find the best deals and discounts in Syrian shopping malls? If yes, then this article is for you. Shopping malls in Syria offer a mix of international and local brands, amazing food courts, and entertainment options.

Syria has a rich culture and history, and it’s an excellent destination for tourists. Apart from exploring the various historical sites, visitors to Syria should not miss visiting the top shopping malls here. These malls are a perfect place to unwind, relax, and indulge in some retail therapy. Some of these malls have also become popular tourist attractions due to their grand architecture and unique shopping experiences.

Visitors to Syria can expect a diverse range of shopping options – from high-end luxury brands to affordable street shops, catering to all budgets. A day spent shopping in these malls can be combined with experiencing the local culture, enjoying some delicious local food, and exploring the city. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top shopping malls in Syria that you should visit in 2024.

Top shopping malls in Syria

What are the best shopping malls in Syria?

Here are some of the best shopping malls in Syria that you might want to visit:

1. Shahba Mall in Aleppo:

This is one of the largest and most modern malls in Syria, with more than 125,000 square meters of space that includes fashion stores, electronics stores, supermarket, restaurants, cafes, an indoor amusement park, a carting circuit, cinema and a four-star hotel. This mall is a destination for families, friends, and tourists who want to enjoy a day of shopping, dining, and entertainment in a safe and comfortable environment.

2. Takiyya Suleimaniah Souq in Damascus:

This is one of the oldest and most traditional markets in Syria, dating back to the Ottoman era. It is located near the Umayyad Mosque in the old city of Damascus, and it is famous for its silver jewellery, rugs, mosaic, art galleries, and antique shops. This souq is a place where you can experience the authentic Syrian culture and heritage, as you can see the historical monuments and buildings, listen to the street musicians, and taste the local delicacies.

3. Damascus City Center Mall in Damascus:

This is one of the newest and most modern malls in Syria, opened in 2020. It is located in the heart of Damascus, and it has more than 200 stores that offer a wide range of local and international brands, as well as a hypermarket, a food court, a cinema complex, a bowling alley, a kids zone, and a fitness center. This mall is a place where you can find everything you need under one roof, as well as have fun and relax with your friends and family.

The top 10 shopping malls in Syria that you must visit

Here is the list of top shopping destinations in Syria:

  1. Takiyya Suleimaniah Souq in Damascus: An ancient market showcasing Syrian culture and heritage with silver jewelry, rugs, and more.
  2. Souq al-Bizuriyyah in Damascus: A delightful mini Grand Bazaar featuring sweets, nuts, spices, and more.
  3. Aleppo Souk in Aleppo: A vast UNESCO World Heritage Site with diverse sections selling spices, fabrics, and more.
  4. Souq Saroujah in Damascus: A vibrant neighborhood souq for fashion, electronics, and leisure.
  5. National Center for Visual Arts in Damascus: An art gallery highlighting Syrian artists and culture.
  6. Dar Abdullah’s Gallery in Damascus: An Islamic art and calligraphy gallery.
  7. Khan al Wazir in Aleppo: A historic building turned shopping center with carpets, textiles, and souvenirs.
  8. Khan al Gumruk in Aleppo: A former customs house now selling jewelry and antiques.
  9. Khan al Sabun in Aleppo: A soap shopping center offering natural and organic products.
  10. Khan al Nahasin in Damascus: A copperware shopping center with durable home items

How shopping malls reflect the culture and heritage of Syria

Shopping malls in Syria offer insights into the nation’s culture and heritage through various means:

1. Tradition and Modernity:

Syrian shopping malls, like Takiyya Suleimaniah Souq in Damascus, showcase traditional aspects of Syrian culture, while newer malls like Damascus City Center Mall reflect the contemporary side of Syria. These diverse malls provide glimpses into the multifaceted nature of Syrian identity.

2. Resilience and Diversity:

The likes of Shahba Mall in Aleppo exemplify the resilience of the Syrian people. Despite war-related damage, it has reopened, serving as a safe, welcoming place for shopping, dining, and entertainment. This mall also highlights the diverse cultural elements of Syria, offering products and services from various regions and communities.

3. Culture and Heritage:

Syrian shopping malls, such as Takiyya Suleimaniah Souq in Damascus, located near historical sites like the Umayyad Mosque, emphasize the nation’s rich history. Others, like Damascus City Center Mall, incorporate cultural heritage into their design, like a replica of the Tetrapylon monument from Palmyra. These malls provide opportunities to explore and appreciate Syria’s cultural richness.

In these ways, shopping malls serve as a reflection of Syria’s multifaceted cultural and historical identity.

How to find the best deals and discounts in Syrian shopping malls

Finding the best deals and discounts in Syrian shopping malls can help you save money and enjoy your shopping experience. Here are some tips that you can use to find the best deals and discounts in Syrian shopping malls:

  1. Use shopping apps and websites like Shopkick, Shopular, and RetailMeNot to compare prices, find coupons, and get alerts.
  2. Check mall websites and social media for promotions, events, and exclusive offers.
  3. Join mall loyalty programs for discounts, cashback, and special privileges.
  4. Shop during off-peak hours or seasons like early mornings and weekdays to find better deals.

These are some of the tips that you can use to find the best deals and discounts in Syrian shopping malls.


How to enjoy shopping in Syria

Here are some tips on how to enjoy shopping in Syria:

1. Visit the souqs:

Souqs are the traditional markets of Syria, where you can find everything from spices and sweets to carpets and jewelry. Some of the most famous souqs are in Damascus, Aleppo, and Homs. You can explore the different sections of the souqs, admire the architecture, and bargain with the vendors. Souqs are also great places to experience the local life and culture of Syria.

2. Check out the art galleries:

Syria has a vibrant art scene, and you can find many art galleries in Damascus and other cities. Some of the art galleries showcase contemporary Syrian artists, while others display historical and religious artworks. You can admire the paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art, and even buy some as souvenirs.

3. Shop online:

If you prefer to shop online, you can use Harbuk, Syria’s first online shopping platform. Harbuk works by accepting cash on delivery, instead of online payment. You can browse through different categories of products, such as clothing, electronics, books, and more. You can also read reviews from other customers and compare prices.


1. Are these shopping malls easily accessible from major cities in Syria?

  • Yes, most of these malls are conveniently located within major cities and are easily accessible by public transportation or car.

2. Do these malls offer parking facilities for visitors?

  • Absolutely! All of the mentioned malls provide ample parking space for visitors, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

3. Are there any special events or promotions held at these malls?

  • Yes, these malls often host special events, promotions, and seasonal sales throughout the year, offering visitors exciting opportunities to snag great deals.

4. Are there any family-friendly activities available at these malls?

  • Certainly! Many of these malls feature family-friendly amenities such as play areas, cinemas, and interactive exhibits to keep visitors of all ages entertained.

5. Can visitors find a variety of dining options at these malls?

  • Definitely! Each of these malls boasts a diverse selection of restaurants, cafes, and eateries serving a wide range of cuisines to suit every taste bud.

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