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Top shopping malls in Malawi 2023! Are you planning to visit Malawi, the warm heart of Africa? Do you want to know where you can find the best malls in Malawi? Would you like to know how to shop online from Malawi shopping malls? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you.

Malawi is a beautiful country with diverse cultures, landscapes, and wildlife. It is also home to some of the most modern and vibrant shopping malls in Africa. Whether you are looking for local crafts, imported goods, fresh foods, or entertainment, you will find something to suit your taste and budget in Malawi’s malls.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top shopping malls in Malawi in 2023. We will tell you what they offer, and where they are located. You will also get to know how to shop online from Malawi shopping malls.  So, let’s get started

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What are the best shopping malls in Malawi in 2023?

The best shopping malls in Malawi 2023 are:

  1. Old Town Mall in Lilongwe, has 18 shops that cater to different needs and preferences, from fashion and accessories to electronics and groceries. It also has a couple of great restaurant options, such as vegetarian and Italian.
  2. Chichiri Shopping Centre in Blantyre has a variety of shops, a food court, banks, pharmacies, etc. It is one of the oldest and largest shopping malls in Malawi.
  3. Pacific Parade in Blantyre, which is a new and modern shopping mall that offers a range of products and services, such as clothing, footwear, beauty, health, electronics, furniture, etc
  4. Century City Mall, which is one of the newest shopping malls in Lilongwe and its biggest tenant is LORDS, a furniture shop. A wide range of other shops are also opening up in the mall, making it an exciting place to shop in the future
  5. Gateway Mall is a modern and spacious shopping mall that offers a variety of products and services, such as clothing, footwear, beauty, health, electronics, furniture, etc. It also has a cinema, a food court, and a children’s play area
  6. City Mall is a convenient and accessible shopping mall that has 24 shops, including supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, etc. It also has a parking lot and a security system

These are some of the top shopping malls in Malawi 2023 that you can visit and enjoy. You can also check out other shopping destinations in Malawi, such as La Caverna Art Gallery, Lizulu Market, Craft Market, etc

How to get to Old Town Mall in Lilongwe?

To get to Old Town Mall in Lilongwe, you can use Google Maps to find the best route and directions. The mall is located off Paul Kagame Road, near the Old Town Post Office and the Lilongwe Golf Club. It is a small mall with about 10 shops, but well well-maintained and excellent for buying local gifts. You can also enjoy some restaurants and cafes in the mall, such as Eden Estates Restaurant & Bar or Koko Bean Cafe & Gourmet Sandwich Shop. The mall is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays, and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekends.

What are the services and entertainment options at Chichiri Shopping Centre?

Chichiri Shopping Center is one of the premier shopping centers in Malawi, located in Blantyre, the second-largest city in the country. It offers a variety of services and entertainment options for its customers, such as:

  1. Shopping: You can find a wide range of products, from groceries and household items to clothing and electronics, at the mall’s anchor tenants, Shoprite and Game You can also browse through other shops, such as stationery shops, boutiques, utility providers, and more
  2. Food: You can enjoy a delicious meal or a snack at the mall’s food court, which has several restaurants and cafes to choose from. Some of the popular places to eat include Kips African Diner and Chicken Cottage, which serve chips, ice creams, and other food. You can also try Eden Estates Restaurant & Bar or Koko Bean Cafe & Gourmet Sandwich Shop, which are located in the mall.
  3. Banking: You can access your money or perform other transactions at the mall’s banking services. There is a National Bank branch and an FDH Bank branch in the mall. You can also find ATMs for the National Bank of Malawi, NBS Bank, and Standard Bank in the mall.
  4. Dentist: You can take care of your dental health at Hope Dental Care, which is located in the mall3. They offer professional and affordable dental services for adults and children
  5. Entertainment: You can have some fun and watch a movie at Cine City Cinema, which is located in the mall. They show the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies in a comfortable and modern setting.

Chichiri Shopping Centre is open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm on weekdays, and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekends. It is a safe and secure shopping environment, with ample parking space and friendly staff. It is a great place to spend a day with your family or friends, or to buy some souvenirs for your loved ones.

Where to find the Pacific Parade in Blantyre?

Pacific Parade is not located in Blantyre, but in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi. It is a shopping and dining complex that has a number of restaurants, cafes, and bars as well as Sana supermarket, a well-stocked wine shop and boutiques. It is a great place to dine and have a good time with your friends and family.
Pacific Parade is located on Tsoka Road in Area 10, near the Lilongwe Golf Club and the Old Town Mall. You can use Google Maps to find the best route and directions to get there from your location. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or a minibus to Area 10 and ask for Pacific Parade. It is a well-known landmark in Lilongwe.


How to shop online from Malawi shopping malls?

Shopping online from Malawi shopping malls is similar to shopping online from anywhere else in the world. Here are the steps you can follow to shop online in Malawi:

1. Internet Access:

Ensure you have a reliable internet connection. You can use a computer, smartphone, or tablet to access online shopping websites.

2. Create an Account:

Most online shopping platforms require you to create an account. You’ll need to provide your contact information, shipping address, and payment details.

3. Browse Shopping Websites:

Visit the websites of Malawi’s shopping malls or popular online marketplaces. Some of the popular online shopping platforms in Malawi include Jumia, Mybigorder, and others. You can also shop from international websites that ship to Malawi.

4. Search for Products:

Use the search bar or browse categories to find the products you want to purchase.

5. Product Selection:

Click on the product you want to buy to view details, prices, and customer reviews. Add the item to your shopping cart.

6. Shopping Cart:

Once you’ve added all the items you want to purchase, go to your shopping cart. Here, you can review your selections, make changes, and proceed to checkout.

7. Checkout:

At the checkout, you’ll provide your shipping address, choose a shipping method, and select a payment option. You can usually pay with credit/debit cards, mobile money, or other accepted payment methods.

8. Review Order:

Double-check your order, the shipping address, and the total cost. Make sure to apply any available discounts or coupon codes.

9. Place the Order:

Confirm your order. You may receive an order confirmation email with the details of your purchase.

10. Payment:

Make the payment using the chosen payment method. Be cautious about sharing your financial information and ensure that the payment is made on a secure and trusted payment gateway.

11. Delivery:

Wait for your order to be delivered to your specified address. Delivery times may vary, so check the estimated delivery date.

12. Track Your Order:

Some online retailers offer order tracking. You can use this feature to monitor the status and location of your order during the shipping process.

13. Returns and Customer Service:

If you encounter any issues with your order, contact the customer service department of the online store for assistance. Understand the return policy and procedures in case you need to return an item.

14. Feedback:

After receiving your order, you can leave reviews or feedback on the products and the shopping experience.

Remember to shop from reputable websites and be cautious of potential scams or fraudulent online stores. It’s also essential to be aware of the shipping and customs regulations that apply to imports in Malawi, as these may affect the cost and delivery time of your order.

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