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If you are looking for a place to shop in Gambia in 2023, you might be wondering what are the best shopping malls in the country. Shopping malls are large buildings that contain many different shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. They are convenient and comfortable places to buy various goods and services, as well as to have fun and relax. In this article, we will introduce you to the top shopping mall in Gambia based on the ratings and reviews of travelers who have visited it. We will also give you some information about what you can find and do in this mall, such as shops, food, entertainment, and more.

Gambia, often referred to as the “Smiling Coast of Africa,” is not just known for its stunning landscapes and friendly people; it’s also home to some remarkable shopping malls. In 2023, these malls are thriving, offering a diverse range of products, from traditional Gambian crafts to high-end fashion and modern electronics. Are you searching for a traditional Kente cloth, handcrafted jewelry, or the latest tech gadgets? Our mission is to provide you with all the details you need to make your shopping experience enjoyable and unforgettable.

Throughout this article, we will introduce you to the must-visit shopping malls in Gambia for 2023. Whether you’re seeking luxury items, local handicrafts, or simply a cozy spot to enjoy a cup of coffee, Gambia’s malls have something for everyone. So, if you’re ready to embark on a shopping journey in Gambia, keep reading as we unveil the top shopping destinations you won’t want to miss in 2023.

Top Shopping Mall in Gambia


Best shopping malls in Gambia 2023

The best shopping mall in Gambia in 2023 is Nomm Gambia, located in Banjul. It offers over 400 top brands, including groceries, babies, health and beauty, toiletries, and more. Nomm Gambia also provides entertainment options like a cinema, arcade, and food court with various cuisines, making it a great place to spend time with family or friends.

Other notable shopping destinations in Gambia include:

  1. Classic Curves, Fashion house in Banjul, offering Gambian fashion, accessories, an art gallery, and a factory outlet for quality products at lower prices.
  2. Brighton Xpress, a department store in Banjul selling a variety of goods, including clothing, electronics, and unique gifts.
  3. Sakura Art Studio, an art gallery in Banjul showcasing local artists’ works, including paintings, sculptures, jewelry, home decor, and stationery.

These are some of the top shopping spots in Gambia, but there are more options to explore based on your preferences and budget.

What are the opening hours and prices of Nomm Gambia?

The opening hours of the shopping mall are as follows:

  1. Monday to Thursday: 09:00-18:00
  2. Friday: 9:00-13:30 and 15:00-18:00
  3. Saturday: 9:30-14:00
  4. Sunday: Closed

The prices of the products and services in Nomm Gambia may vary depending on the brand, the category, and the quality. However, you can expect to find competitive prices and excellent customer service at Nomm Gambia. You can browse their online shop to see some of the products and prices that they offer. You can also contact them by phone at 762 4756 or by email at for more information.

List of shopping malls in Gambia

Here are a few places where you can shop in Gambia:

  1. Kairaba Shopping Center – Located in the heart of Kololi, it offers a range of shops, boutiques, and restaurants.
  2. Bakau New Town Shopping Centre – Situated in Bakau, it’s a popular area for shopping and has various stores.
  3. Westfield Junction – This is a bustling area in Serrekunda with numerous shops and vendors.
  4. Senegambia Craft Market – While not a mall, it’s a well-known market for traditional African crafts and gifts
  5. Albert Market – Found in Banjul, this market offers a variety of goods from clothing to spices
  6. Serrekunda Market – One of the largest and busiest markets in Gambia, offering a wide range of goods.
  7. Latrikunda Sabiji Market – A vibrant market located in Latrikunda Sabiji with an array of stalls.
  8. Brusubi Turntable Shopping Centre – A shopping area known for its convenience and variety of shops.
  9. Bakoteh Market – A local market where you can find fresh produce, clothing, and household items.
  10. Fajara Craft Market – A market known for its handicrafts and African art.
  11. Serekunda Craft Market – A popular market for traditional crafts and souvenirs.
  12. Palma Rima Shopping Centre – Located in Kololi, it offers a mix of shops and services.
  13. Gambia Telecommunications and Multimedia Institute (GTMI) Shopping Centre – Features various stores and services in the Kanifing area.
  14. Bijilo Market – A local market where you can shop for fruits, vegetables, and other essentials.
  15. Serekunda Mega Centre – A complex in Serrekunda with various shops and services.

What are the safety and security tips for shopping in Gambia?

Here are some safety and security tips for shopping in Gambia:

  1. Avoid large gatherings, which can turn violent. Stay updated through local authorities and the media.
  2. Be vigilant against theft and pickpocketing, especially in crowded areas, hotels, and on beaches. Lock your hotel room even when you’re inside.
  3. Beware of ‘bumsters’ – young men who may approach tourists, often using romance to solicit money or help. Politely decline their advances.
  4. Protect against credit card fraud by keeping your card in sight when shopping and regularly checking your statements.
  5. Be cautious of online scams originating in West Africa, including The Gambia. Meeting people you’ve met online can pose risks, such as kidnapping or robbery.
  6. Support the local community by purchasing local products, using local services, and dining at local restaurants.
  7. When shopping, avoid buying items made from endangered species, such as ivory, reptile skin, fur, or tortoise/turtle shell.

These tips will help ensure a safer and more enjoyable shopping experience in Gambia.

Dining options in Gambia’s shopping malls

In Gambia’s shopping malls, you’ll discover a variety of dining options to suit different tastes and preferences. They includes:

1. Calypso:

Located in Nomm Gambia, Gambia’s largest mall, Calypso offers delicious grilled fish, snacks like prawn spring rolls, paninis, an African dish of the day, and a full English breakfast. You can also enjoy live music and karaoke nights.

2. Butcher’s Shop:

An elegant eatery in Brighton Xpress, this restaurant is owned by Moroccan celebrity chef Driss. It features dishes like lamb tagine, couscous, pastilla, burgers, steaks, and salads.

3. Tropic Cafe:

Situated in Tropic Shopping Centre in Kololi, this cafe and bakery offers fresh bread, pastries, cakes, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and a variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, smoothies, and juices.

4. Sakura Art Studio:

Located in Banjul, this unique establishment is both an art gallery and cafe, showcasing the works of local artists and designers. You can find various creative products, from paintings and sculptures to jewelry and home decor, while enjoying a drink or snack.


What are the visa and currency requirements for visiting Gambia?

Visa and currency requirements for visiting Gambia are as follows:

1. Visa:

Most visitors from the UK, Commonwealth, EU, the US, and other countries with a bilateral relationship with Gambia don’t need a visa for stays of up to one month. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a 28-day stamp in your passport, extendable for another 28 days at the Immigration Office in Banjul or Tourist Police Stations. For longer stays exceeding three months, obtain a visa from the Gambian High Commission in London or your nearest Gambian embassy or consulate. Required documents include a valid passport, a completed visa application form, two passport-sized photos, an invitation letter or hotel reservation, and proof of sufficient funds.

2. Currency:

Gambia’s official currency is the dalasi (GMD), with 100 bututs to a dalasi. As of September 2023, the exchange rate is approximately 1 GBP = 66.67 GMD and 1 USD = 51.00 GMD. You can exchange foreign currency at banks, hotels, or authorized exchange bureaus. ATMs also allow you to withdraw dalasi with your debit or credit card, but check for foreign transaction or currency conversion fees. Avoid the illegal black market for currency exchange, and retain receipts for unused dalasi for conversion when leaving the country.

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