Top shopping malls in Mauritania 2023 | Luxury Shopping and More

Mauritania, a country known for its vast deserts and unique culture, is also home to some of the most exciting shopping experiences in West Africa. In 2023, its shopping malls have evolved into vibrant hubs of commerce and leisure, attracting both locals and tourists alike. In this article, we will explore the top shopping destinations in Mauritania, showcasing the diverse retail landscapes that have emerged in this captivating nation.

Mauritania’s shopping scene has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, reflecting its expanding economy and the changing tastes of its consumers. From Nouakchott, the bustling capital, to other major cities like Nouadhibou and Rosso, these shopping malls offer an array of goods, from traditional Mauritanian crafts to high-end international brands.

Each shopping center has its unique charm, making them essential stops for anyone looking to indulge in retail therapy or immerse themselves in the local culture.


Mauritania’s popular malls for shopping

Mauritania is a country in West Africa that has a rich and diverse culture. One of the ways to experience this culture is by visiting some of the popular malls for shopping in Mauritania. Here are some of the best places to shop in Mauritania:

1. Marche Capitale:

Located in Nouakchott, this flea market offers a diverse range of clothing, accessories, and local crafts.

2. Marche aux Khaimas:

Explore traditional tents (khaimas) in various colors and sizes near the Nouakchott airport.

3. Marche Turc:

Shop for men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing, along with shoes and accessories, in Nouakchott. Visit their website for product browsing.

4. Artisanal:

Discover Mauritanian artistry in Nouadhibou, featuring pottery, jewelry, carpets, and more, available on weekends.

5. Marché 5 Ème:

Find a variety of goods, including clothing, electronics, books, and street food, near Nouakchott’s 5th district.

6. Galerie Zeinart:

Explore local art, from paintings to handmade soaps, at this gallery near the French Cultural Center in Nouakchott.

Immerse yourself in Mauritanian culture through these shopping experiences.

Luxury shopping in Nouakchott 2023

If you are looking for luxury shopping in Nouakchott in 2023, you might want to check out these places:

1. Galerie Zeinart:

This is a gallery that displays and sells the works of local artists. You can find paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more. You can also buy some handmade soaps, jams, preserves, and vegetables here. This gallery is in Nouakchott, near the French Cultural Center

2. Marche Turc:

This is a department store that offers clothing for men, women, and kids. You can find both casual and formal wear, as well as shoes and accessories. This store is also located in Nouakchott, and has a website where you can browse their products.

3. Marche Capitale:

This is a flea market that sells a variety of items, from clothes and accessories to fruits and electronics. You can find both traditional and western styles of clothing, as well as some local handicrafts and souvenirs. This market is located in the center of the capital city, Nouakchott, and is open every day.

These are some of the best places to shop in Nouakchott.

Shopping and entertainment in Nouadhibou

Nouadhibou is a city in Mauritania that is known for its fishing industry and its ship graveyard. It is also a place where you can find some shopping and entertainment options. Here are some of the places you can visit in Nouadhibou:

  1. Carrefour: Downtown supermarket with a wide range of goods, both local and imported.
  2. Monaco: A top restaurant offering seafood and international cuisine with a bay view.
  3. Centre de Peche Sportive et de Loisirs: Enjoy fishing, boat rentals, and leisure activities near the airport.
  4. Marché Artisanal: Weekend market for local crafts, souvenirs, and gifts.
  5. Galerie Zeinart: Gallery with local art, including paintings, sculptures, and handmade products.

These are some of the places you can shop and have fun in Nouadhibou.

Rosso’s top malls for tourists 2023

Nestled along the Senegal River, Rosso, Mauritania, offers a blend of history, culture, and shopping. Check out these top tourist-friendly malls in 2023:

  1. Rosso Mall: A modern hub on Avenue du President Moktar Ould Daddah, featuring shops, dining, cinema, bowling, and more.
  2. Marche Central: Immerse in local culture at Avenue de la Republique’s traditional market, offering fresh produce, spices, and souvenirs.
  3. Rosso Plaza: A cozy mall on Rue de la Paix with fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, and cafes for relaxation.

Local crafts markets in Mauritania

If you’re into local crafts markets in Mauritania, check out these spots:

  1. Marche Capitale: Located in Nouakchott, it’s a daily flea market with traditional and Western clothing, local crafts, and more.
  2. Marche aux Khaimas: Near the airport in Nouakchott, this market specializes in colorful traditional tents (khaimas).
  3. Artisanal: In Nouadhibou, Mauritania’s second-largest city, this weekend flea market offers pottery, jewelry, and more.
  4. Galerie Zeinart: Find local artwork, including paintings and handmade products, near Nouakchott’s French Cultural Center.

These are some of the best places to shop for local crafts in Mauritania.


Mauritania shopping trends and experiences

Explore Mauritania’s rich culture through its shopping experiences:

1. Local Crafts:

Discover pottery, jewelry, leather goods, and more at markets like Marche Capitale, Marche aux Khaimas, Artisanal, and Galerie Zeinart.

2. Khaimas:

Experience traditional tents at Marche aux Khaimas, where you can buy and learn about their significance.

3. Fashion:

Find a blend of traditional and western clothing, plus unique local styles, at Marche Turc, Marche Capitale, and Carrefour.

4. Entertainment:

Enjoy movies, bowling, and games at Rosso Mall, dine with a view at Monaco, or explore water activities at Centre de Peche Sportive et de Loisirs.

These trends and experiences offer a glimpse into Mauritania’s vibrant culture.

Mauritania’s shopping tip

When shopping in Mauritania, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind:

1. Bargaining:

Bargaining is a common practice in local markets and souks. Be prepared to negotiate prices with vendors.

2. Local Crafts:

Mauritania is known for its unique handicrafts such as jewelry, leather goods, and textiles. Look for these items as souvenirs.

3. Dress Modestly:

Mauritania is a predominantly Muslim country, so it’s advisable to dress modestly, especially in more conservative areas.

4. Currency:

The currency used in Mauritania is the Mauritanian Ouguiya (MRU). It’s a good idea to have some local currency on hand for small purchases.

5. Hydration:

The desert climate can be extremely hot, so stay hydrated while shopping by carrying water with you.

6. Souvenir Selection:

Consider purchasing traditional items like Tuareg jewelry, Mauritanian tea sets, or beautifully woven mats as unique souvenirs.

7. Language:

While French is the official language, many locals speak Arabic, Pulaar, or Wolof. Learning a few basic phrases can enhance your shopping experience.

Remember to respect local customs and be polite when haggling or interacting with vendors.

Enjoy your shopping experience in Mauritania! Do well to share this article with others.