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The United States of America (U.S.A. or USA), sometimes known as the United States (US) or America, is a transcontinental republic largely located in North America. A federal district, five main unincorporated territories, nine small outlying islands, and 326 Indian reservations make up the country. It is the third-largest country in terms of both land area and total area.

The states of the United States are all very diverse from one another. As a result, it is not surprising that their population estimates varied greatly. And, as the United States resident population has grown, state demographics are shifting all the time.

Do you want to know the number of states in the United States, whether it is 52 or 50, the list of states in the United States, and the safest states in the United States? Then you should read this article.

How many states are there in the USA?

The USA is divided into fifty states (United States of America). Every state is different and has its own particular environment, history, and culture.

An area is ideal for you whether you want a large metropolis or a little hamlet. from Florida’s beaches to Colorado’s mountains In the USA, there is something for everyone. Every state has its own history, way of life, and even topography. There is something for everyone in the USA, from the wild coastlines of Maine to the hot beaches of California.

Are there 52 states in the US, or are there 50?

It’s a common query that is challenging to respond to. The USA has 50 states, however depending on the state you’re referring to, there may be more or less.

For instance, 52 would be the total if you included all of the territories and other foreign nations, such as American Samoa, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Even though they don’t have representation in Congress or a say in who becomes president, these states are nevertheless considered to be a part of the US.

This implies that it might be difficult to estimate the number of states when looking at those in America and other nations!

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States in the United States in 2022

The list of states in the USA is shown below:

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. Arkansas
  5. California
  6. Colorado
  7. Connecticut
  8. Delawar
  9. Florida
  10. Georgia
  11. Hawaii
  12. Idahoo
  13. llinois
  14. Indiana
  15. lowa
  16. Kansas
  17. Kentucky
  18. Louisiana
  19. Maine
  20. Maryland
  21. Massachusetts
  22. Michigan
  23. Minnesota
  24. Mississippi
  25. Missouri
  26. Montana
  27. Nebraska
  28. Nevada
  29. New Hampshire
  30. New Jersey
  31. New Mexico
  32. New York
  33. North Carolina
  34. North Dakota
  35. Ohio
  36. Oklahoma
  37. Oregon
  38. Pennsylvania
  39. Rhode Island
  40. South Carolina
  41. South Dakota
  42. Tennessee
  43. Texas
  44. Utah
  45. Vermont
  46. Virginia
  47.  Washington
  48. West Virginia
  49. Wisconsin
  50. Wyoming

The safest states in the United States

The following are the safest states in the United States:

1. Maine

Maine is the safest state in the United States, with a score of 66.02. Maine leads the nation in Personal & Residential Safety, Road Safety, and Emergency Preparedness. Maine has the fewest attacks per capita of any state in the US. Maine has the lowest total violent crime rate of any state, as well as the fourth-lowest property crime rate.

2. Vermont

With a score of 65.48, Vermont is the second-safest state in the country. Vermont is ranked second in terms of personal and residential safety and eighth in terms of financial safety. Vermont boasts one of the country’s lowest unemployment rates, the third-lowest number of uninsured persons, and the second-fewest assaults per capita. Vermont has a violent crime rate of 1.7 incidences per 1,000 inhabitants, which is two points lower than the national average.

3. Minnesota

Minnesota is the third safest state in the United States. The overall score for Minnesota is 62.42. Minnesota is ranked first in Workplace Safety, third in Road Safety, and fourth in Financial and Workplace Safety. Minnesota has the fourth-highest percentage of adults with rainy-day savings and the fourth-lowest population share of uninsured persons. Furthermore, the state has the second-lowest number of deaths per 100 million car miles traveled. Lakeville, Plymouth, Eden Prairie, and Maple Grove are among the safest cities in Minnesota.

4. Utah

With a score of 61.71, Utah is ranked fourth among the safest states. Utah is ranked fourth in the nation for workplace safety, sixth in emergency preparedness, and seventh in road safety. Utah has the lowest unemployment rate with North Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and Iowa. Utah has the fourth-lowest overall damage from climatic catastrophes per capita in the US, as well as the lowest rate of drunk driving deaths. Law enforcement praises the community for watching out for one another and participating in keeping the town secure.

5. Wyoming

Wyoming is the fifth-safest state in the United States, with a score of 59.21. Wyoming is ranked sixth in terms of personal and residential safety. Wyoming has the third-highest per capita number of law enforcement officers, at 2.3 per 1,000 inhabitants. Wyoming has a low violent crime rate of 2.1 occurrences per 1,000 inhabitants. Wyoming has the country’s smallest population, therefore tiny populations tend to have low crime rates. Residents claim that you could leave your car keys in the ignition and not worry about it being stolen. Everyone gets along well and looks out for one another.

6. Iowa

With a score of 59.21, tied with Wyoming for the fifth-safest state is Iowa. Iowa is ranked fourth for road safety, third for personal and residential safety, and third for financial safety. Iowa is tied for the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and has the fifth-lowest percentage of uninsured persons in its population. Iowa, which ranks 44th overall, lags behind in emergency preparedness. Sioux Center, Norwalk, and Eldridge are some of the wealthiest and safest cities in Iowa.

7. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the seventh-safest state in the country, with a score of 58.98. Massachusetts is #1 in financial security and second in road safety. Massachusetts has the highest median household income in the country, at $85,843, and is the most educated state. As a result, the state has the third-highest percentage of individuals carrying emergency money. Massachusetts has the fewest fatalities per 100 million car miles traveled and the lowest percentage of uninsured residents.

8. New Hampshire

New Hampshire ranks seventh in terms of safety, with a score of 58.82. New Hampshire is ranked seventh in terms of personal and residential safety and fourth in terms of emergency preparedness. New Hampshire has the second-lowest number of attacks per capita in the country. The total violent crime rate is 1.7 incidences per 1,000 people, which is tied with Vermont and two points lower than the national average. In addition, North Dakota, Vermont, Utah, Hawaii, and Iowa all have one of the lowest jobless rates in the country.

9. Connecticut

Connecticut is the ninth-safest state in the United States, with a score of 58.81. Connecticut is ranked fourth in terms of personal and residential safety. Connecticut has its share of hazardous areas; nonetheless, Weston, Ridgefield, Easton, New Canaan, and Madison are among its safest cities. The violent crime rate in these cities is 3.0 or less per 100,000 inhabitants.

10. Rhode Island

With a score of 58.15, Rhode Island comes in at number 10 on the list of safest states. Both personal and residential safety and road safety rank Rhode Island sixth and eighth, respectively. The second-fewest fatal occupational injuries per total employees and the fourth-fewest deaths per 100 million vehicle miles of travel are both found in Rhode Island. Both the state’s violent crime rate (2.19 occurrences per 1,000 residents) and property crime rate (16.6 incidents per 1,000 residents) are lower than the national average.

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