Recruitment Agencies in Serbia for foreigners 2023/2024 and Citizens | See Job Agencies Here

Are you looking for an ideal job in Serbia? Do you desire an international job in Serbia that could accommodate you as a foreigner in Serbia?  Well here are Recruitment agencies in Serbia for Foreigners and Citizens.

Serbia is rich in different industries and also known for their exportation of products such as automobile electrical machinery,drugs,clothes,etc and provide lots of job opportunities. The recruitment agencies Available for Job Vacancies are provided here.

Securing a job as an International expats in Serbia or as a citizen in Serbia has just gotten easier. With the help of different International recruitment agencies in Serbia, jobs in Serbia for foreigners can be accessed with easy. We will be exploring these agencies soon.

Here will be compiling the best job recruitment agencies in Serbia that renders affordable services and provide recent jobs for Citizens and foreigners in Serbia. We will also take a look at frequently asked questions on Jobs in Serbia for Citizens and International Expats.

Best Recruiting Agencies in Serbia for Citizens and Foreigners 2023

There are Top best recruiting agencies in Serbia that offers the best recruiting opportunities for Serbia Job portal and they include:

  • Oman Agencies
  • Adecco Serbia
  • Procrew Recruitment Agency
  • Morson d.o.o Beograd
  • Walton international Search Associates
  • Kouzon Recruitment Serbia
  • Trenkwalder
  • Manpower Group
  • Uspinjala Posao Belgrade Serbia
  • GI Group HR Solutions
  • Kaka Lounge Employment agency
  • Feron Employment
  • Boss World Duo.
  • Safe Cruise Agency
  • Stanton Chase Executive Search Belgrade, Serbia
  • Primus Group HRM d.o.o
  • Omnes Group
  • Workforce Serbia

Requirement for Job Recruitment for International expats and Foreigners in Serbia.

As a foreigner in Serbia seek employment,there are major requirements you will be needing

  • Valid working permit- it is issued by the government for a specific duration( between 3 -12 months depending on the nature of job) and takes a minimum of 2days to complete the process.
  • Certification for the required position
  • A residence permit
  • A good communication skill which is essential for interaction.


Is it hard to get a job in Serbia?

Jobs in Serbia are not easy to get. Most easy jobs are itinerant jobs but they are hardly very lucrative

Which jobs are in Demand in Serbia?

Serbia jobs in high demands include sale job,computer science, mechanical engineering, administration and electrical engineering,warehousing,etc Construction and Transportation jobs also top the list.

Can a foreigner work in Serbia?

Serbia is a nation open to foreigners and international expats. It is also less expensive to live . So as a foreigner seeking greener pastures,you should try considering Serbia as it affords working opportunities for Foreigners.

What is the Most paid Job in Serbia?

In Serbia, one of the most paying jobs for both Citizens and foreigners is Engineering. Professional Engineers in Serbia earn about $34000 per year compared to jobs like Accounting which earns $6800 per year.

With a growing economy like Serbia’s ,it is no wonder that it is becoming quite sought after by international Expats, foreigners and Immigrants seeking greener pastures.

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  1. Is it posible to get a job in chicken factory or poulty farm,or as a vectinary.

  2. Is it posible to get a job in a chicken factury ,chicken farm or poultry farm.

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